Selena Gomez: 'Getaway' Trailer -- Watch Now!

Selena Gomez: 'Getaway' Trailer -- Watch Now!

Selena Gomez tumbles out of a fast moving car in the brand-new trailer for Getaway.

The Getaway follows Brent Magna (Ethan Hawke), a burned out race car driver who is thrust into a do-or-die mission behind the wheel when his wife is kidnapped.

With Brent’s only ally being a young hacker (Gomez), his one hope of saving his wife is to follow the orders of the mysterious voice (Jon Voight) who’s watching his every move through cameras mounted on the car Brent’s driving.

The film opens on August 30th.

‘Getaway’ Trailer
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  • claudia

    it looks really cliche unfortunately. i mean i was gonna give selena a chance but she hasnt really proved much here.

  • huh

    not a huge Ethan Hawke fan but I will pull through because of Jon and Selena

  • mxxm

    uh oh claudia is not impressed quick Selena ask Warner bros to redo the whole movie just for claudia..

  • Annie Vo

    wait for Aug 30 cuz of Sel

  • claudia

    @mxxm: uh oh somebody is getting upset that i have an opinion. quickly jared delete my opinion before its too late.

    i said she hasnt proved much here but i never said it was bad sheesh i will still give it a chance.

  • claudia

    and plus the trailer itself doesnt really give much and i know selena can act quite well so i was disappointed that it didnt show much. calm down mxxm

  • Midz


    I understand what you mean by cliche because this type of film has been done before and so it seems like it will be predictable, but who know! It looks like a mixture of films like taken, 12 rounds, drive the whole kidnapping, driving a car, and having to listen to the orders of a mysterious person!
    But it still looks good and i definitely will watch it

  • Annie

    @claudia: you are just a big Selena hater who think that know much and can judge Selena’s every movement .you and other haters are trying hard to omit Selena from attention and media by saying unreal things about her .lets calm down and dont attack her because you wont get any results

  • claudia

    @Annie: here is a quote from what i just said if you didnt see it
    “the trailer itself doesnt really give much and i know selena can act quite well so i was disappointed that it didnt show much.”
    is that something a hater would say?

  • freddy

    @Annie LOL she got a result already, you and “mxxm” (brilliant username by the way, probably took him/her/it a long time to come up with it) jumped to Gomez’s defence…
    Anyway, Selena Gomez has yet to prove she can do any other role besides Alex Russo. Would also help her credibility as a serious actress to drop that silly music “career” of hers for good.

  • Annie

    @freddy: lol you didnt understand what I said at just try to ruin her name and fame she got and gets in singing career but hey the only one who is ruined is you.I bet when you watch her performance you are seeking deeply to find even one flaw to come and say she can’t sing and one question why do you follow her music If she can’t sing? why?. Most of the people havent discovered the difference between singing and screaming and spend their free time on hating successful people

  • mxxm

    @freddy: nah took me about 5seconds to come up with it cause its something i use everyday.

  • Joe Chief

    We already have something like this guys. It’s Called The Transporter.

    You get a better lead anyways.

    Having said that, Selena Gomez shows that she can at least play more than one role. Even if its been done to death.

    But yeah. You’re better off just watching something like Taken or Taken 2. Even though Taken 2 sucked.

  • freddy

    @Annie are you 8 years old? Judging by the way you use (or don’t use) punctuation and ramble incoherently, you’ve got to be a little kid.


    @freddy: First of all don`t jump to conclusion without knowing anything about my nationality and origin ,second we are not here to insult each other but you haven`t realized it and piddle around to prove that I am uneducated or something to humiliate me. Shame on you that without having information of my education and my abilities dare yourself to call me a kid.
    Anyway I don’t mean to continue this useless discussion with you because we have a proverb in our language that says the response of idiots is just silence


    @claudia: I didn’t mean to sadden you I just said those things according to your other comments in other posts so I apologize to you because of misunderstanding you

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  • javi

    @Joe Chief: whaaaat!!!! dude taken 2 was good. not like the first one but it was good. and by seen the trailer i say its going to be a good movie. and i think warner brothers are going to get there money back becasue ethan hawk its been on a good streak. the purge is an awesome movie. selena is going to learn alot with these you have to love a movie where the bad guy is jon voight.even if it mostly his voice.

  • John

    I Found Official Trailer Here Watch it :

    Selena is a hacker in this film?

  • Taylor

    The film is just called Getaway not The Getaway.

  • Joe Chief

    You guys are aware that the BUDGET of a movie doesnt make a good movie a good movie right? Nor does how much money it makes back? There are a ton of financial theatrical “bombs” that have actually gotten some pretty good reviews. The lot of you are rather clueless and pretty stupid to say the least.

  • claudia

    @Joe Chief: blindside didnt make a lot of money but sandra bullock got nominated for an oscar (i cant remember if she won?) so i agree with what ur saying:)

  • javi

    @claudia: sandra bullock won her oscar.

  • claudia

    @javi: oh cool thanks for clearly that up i couldnt remember and i didnt want to google it lol :)

  • jasmin

    @mxxm: Hahaha

  • http://idonthave sahra

    I think that selena is not good for getaway movie i think that she’s really changed after breaking up with justin but i hope that she finally find her way i’m really sad for both of them but i’m huge selena tour anyway i love her like my old sister so i just say good luck pretty

  • http://idonthave sahra

    @javi: you should talk about selena not sandra bullock

  • David Conway


  • http://yahoo amy brackin

    I have the movie it’s awesome people say it’s the worst movie of the year but I think it’s the best I love it

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