Vanessa Hudgens: 'Frozen Ground' Trailer with Intro!

Vanessa Hudgens: 'Frozen Ground' Trailer with Intro!

Vanessa Hudgens gives an introduction to the trailer for her new film The Frozen Ground, in theaters and on demand August 23.

In the movie, which is based on actual events, the 24-year-old actress plays a young woman who escapes the clutches of a serial killer named Robert Hansen (John Cusack) and joins forces with an Alaska State Trooper (Nicolas Cage) to bring the murderer to justice.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Vanessa Hudgens in the trailer for The Frozen Ground?

Vanessa Hudgens & Nicolas Cage: ‘Frozen Ground’ Trailer!
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OK @ 9:40 pm on 06/07/2013

Hi cutie, I can’t wait to see this one.

april @ 10:32 pm on 06/07/2013


Warren @ 11:05 pm on 06/07/2013

Looks lke a great film for Vanessa. That’s an A-list movie.

dumb @ 11:25 pm on 06/07/2013

@Warren: if you think nic cage and john cusack are still a-list stars then you must be living under a rock

Dani @ 2:08 am on 06/08/2013

I’ve been waiting for this! So excited

alexia @ 4:53 am on 06/08/2013

excellent actress!i can’t wait for her work with this amazing actors!

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tammy @ 10:45 am on 06/08/2013

This actaually looks good

mags @ 11:03 am on 06/08/2013

sooo much better than the first trailer, now im excited to watch it!

claudia @ 11:49 am on 06/08/2013

interesting. i think vanessa and selena have the same problem which is that they can act, they just need the perfect role to prove it. i think this role for vanessa can work for her career. perhaps rudderless for selena we just have to wait and see.

Liberty @ 12:19 pm on 06/08/2013

Finally! A role which will show Vanessa’s acting chops.

hmmmm @ 2:34 pm on 06/08/2013

So she thinks that to make people see that she isn’t a Disney star anymore, the only roles she wants to get are gritty roles? that’s real versatile…. no matter what role she takes on, she will always be known a Disney star. of course, you have to break into something new, but similar roles in each movie? Jennifer Lawrence is an Oscar winning actress… she doesn’t take on the same roles each time… she managed to win an Oscar without doing gritty stuff to prove a point. as far as Vanessa’s acting goes, she won’t be able to prove that she can act by doing the same roles all the time. I think that it’s a good thing that she is exposing herself to different roles and exploring out of her comfort zone, but she doesn’t need to only do movies that have very similar roles to each other.

claudia @ 3:03 pm on 06/08/2013

@hmmmm: whos talking about oscars? cant a girl just enjoy what she loves to do? whatever her intentions are in choosing her roles whether its to increase shock factor, simple enjoyment, or to push herself, its down to her. jennifer lawrence is a great actress with an oscar and with no history of being a child star so i dont understand how u came to the conclusion of comparing their versatility. i still see anne hathaway as that girl from princess diaries yet here she is with a damn oscar.

JRDN @ 3:07 pm on 06/08/2013

Movie looks great, will def. go an see it. Love that she is growing in her craft.

Haters Suck! @ 8:00 pm on 06/08/2013

Wtf are you talking about man?

thetis @ 9:34 pm on 06/08/2013


Please open your mouth when you know what you are talking about. You can’t get any grittier than playing a woman with a bad loose rep (which she earned) who’s husband is dead – it’s called Silver Linings Playbook and Katniss isnt exactly Cinderella

thetis @ 9:35 pm on 06/08/2013


A damn oscar that should have gone to Amy Adams at that

evz @ 10:21 pm on 06/08/2013

Can’t wait to see this! So proud of V just looking at her name opposite Nic and John.

dameon @ 3:45 am on 06/09/2013

Hey cutie, want to go out sometime.

love @ 7:53 am on 06/09/2013

she can’t act at all she just must be so much more seriouslier and confuser about this role and its not her movie she just play a small role in this movie.

kelly martineau @ 11:53 am on 06/09/2013

Hopefully this movie will stay in the theathers longer then spring breakers was. Or shes wasting her time promoting this movie.

IMO @ 3:17 pm on 06/09/2013

This looks intense and from what I could see Vanessa is excellent. I can’t wait to see it and her introduction was awesome.

claudia @ 7:01 am on 06/10/2013

@thetis: a lot of oscars have been given to the wrong people. by now leonardo dicaprio NEEDS an oscar but its literally like they are taking the p!ss

tina @ 12:59 pm on 06/12/2013

@kelly martineau: Spring Breakers STILL in theaters. It has been over 12 weeks. The average time for a movie to stay in theaters is 4 to 6 weeks (note average some longer some shorter)Try to actually know something before you speak.

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