Crystal Reed Talks New Love for Allison in 'Teen Wolf' Season 3 (JJJ Interview!)

Crystal Reed Talks New Love for Allison in 'Teen Wolf' Season 3 (JJJ Interview!)

Check out our brand new interview with Crystal Reed!

The 28-year-old actress stars as Allison on the MTV hit Teen Wolf, which just kicked off its third season.

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JJJ sat down with Crystal to get the scoop on what’s coming up – including new love interests!

She also gave us some insight into the Argent family bond, boy crazy Lydia (Holland Roden), and Allison and Scott’s (Tyler Posey) complicated relationship.

Click inside to read our interview with Crystal Reed… Interview – Crystal Reed Hi Crystal! So this season was filmed in L.A. as opposed to Atlanta. Tell us about that transition.

Crystal Reed: Believe it or not, the first season, we had the most horrible winter. We were shut down for like a week of production. Usually it doesn’t snow in Atlanta, so it was weird, but it was cool because we were all slipping around on the ice in the streets. It was really fun. So definitely the weather. Also, we film at night a lot in the woods and it gets so cold, so here it’s a lot easier. Next season, they are going to build a forest on set.

JJJ: Cool! Last season, Allison as a character seemed to get some backlash from the fans because she was in such a dark place. Will we see her lighten up a little bit?

CR: Well, we ended the show and there was the summer, and now we’re back. I think she had an opportunity to think about everything and try to figure out who she wants to be in that regard. I think she’s much more mature. I don’t know if that means darker, but I think things are a bit more serious to her so she just never wants to make that mistake again. She wants to make sure she’s doing everything right. At the same time, she’s still a young girl and still wants to have fun. And the great thing about this season is we get to see her and Lydia’s relationship really flourish.

JJJ: Speaking of Lydia, she’s on the prowl for a new boy this year! Will she bring Allison along for the ride now that’s single too?

CR: Yeah, she finds somebody kind of soon in the season! She still knows Lydia’s a.. men-seeker. Lydia actually made out of Scott. Nobody remembers that (laughs). So when I think about all the things that they’ve been through, I think Allison just gives her the benefit of the doubt. You know those friends who… they really don’t know what they’re doing? I think she feels that way about Lydia. But you still really love them and you’d do anything for them. I think that’s how their relationship is. They’ve been through a lot together. And with the death of Allison’s mom and Jackson leaving to London, I think she needs a friend. And Lydia’s the only person she has.

JJJ: What can you tell us about Scott and Allison this season?

CR: You know when you break up with somebody and you’re like, “Oh they’re not going to get over me” and then you see that they are? It hurts you a little bit, even though you don’t know why. I think she has a little bit of that going on. She seems him and sees that he’s doing other things. And it’s like, “Oh, wow reality really sets in. This is over.” But at the same time, I really think she wants the best for him because she cares about him.

JJJ: So Allison does find a new love interest? She and Scott are over for good?

CR: I think they are definitely broken up and they still have feelings for each other, but they are definitely open to other things.

JJJ: Gotcha. It seems like she’s also hesitant toward Scott because he’s Derek’s friend and she thinks Derek killed her mom, right?

CR: Allison still doesn’t know what really happened with her mom. She thinks Derek just bit her, which killed her mom. So in her eyes, Derek killed her mom, which is why she went crazy. So she doesn’t know why. I think because she knows she doesn’t want to be involved in violence anymore, she tries to move away from it. She tries to keep her composure around him. When people talk about him and she seems him, it’s like, “I hate you, but I’m bigger than this and I’m not going to dive into it.” She does find out eventually, which motivates her even more to try and stay away.

JJJ: Allison’s relationship with her dad has also evolved a lot over the course of the show. What can you tell us about the family going forward?

CR: I think they’ve come together a lot during the hiatus, when they were in France. I’ve had a lot of conversations with J.R. [Bourne] about our relationship because it’s interesting at that age how you relate to your parents – the things you tell them and the things you don’t tell them, and the trust you have. But they’ve definitely become closer. As a family unit, they have. Allison recognizes that and she sees that, but she still doesn’t really listen to anybody. She still beats to her own drum. She takes people’s opinions into consideration, but she will still do what she’s believes is right.

Teen Wolf airs Monday nights @ 10PM on MTV!

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