Vanessa Hudgens & Austin Butler: MySpace Party Exit

Vanessa Hudgens & Austin Butler: MySpace Party Exit

Vanessa Hudgens hold hands with her boyfriend Austin Butler as they head out of the MySpace Launch Party held at the El Ray Theatre on Wednesday night (June 12) in Los Angeles.

The 24-year-old actress walked the red carpet earlier that evening.

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“So much fun tonight at the #myspace relaunch party w/ @ashleytisdale!” she tweeted.

The day before, V stopped by a local gas station to fill up her tank after attending a Soul Cycle class in Studio City.

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  • fan


  • debora

    Cute couple :)

  • tina

    I really like the way he allows her to walk the carpet by herself but is always there for her. Liking him more as time passes.

  • claudia

    they have lasted quite a while. i always saw her as a girl who likes to explore guys (not in a nasty way but just dating wise lol). at least their both happy

  • Xo

    I love them together <3

  • IMO

    They’re both looking so good. Love the outfits and they look like they’re having a good time.

  • tina

    @claudia: What in her past dating life lead you to believe this? She was with ONE GUY for 5 years, briefly went out with one more (I believe they were more friends than anything else), and has been with Austin for a year. Nothing to say she “like to explore boys”

  • Lawrence

    Nice to see the kids out and about. :)

  • minnie

    love her jacket :) <3

  • claudia

    @tina: calm down its just that when i see how she acts and all she reminds me of one of my best friends who has dated a few guys thats all

  • tina

    No matter how nice you pharse it, a girl who ” explores a lot of guys” is not a good thing. Basically you are calling her a slu t (you are calling your “friend ” one, also), based on”how she acts. ” Which i something you can’t possibly know unless you’re HER friend. How judgemental of you. This is how rumors get started.

  • kim


  • marcus

    @tina: lol. If someone else knows chances r everyone knows. She was a bee while dating dating both Austin n Zac. She spread her pollen as often n as frequent as she could. She has to stop because the men or boys don’t stop talking.

  • Nikita

    @marcus: Don’t you think that you know about her well…None of us knows who she really is

  • tina

    @marcus: One word “proof”. Not what you made up or dreamed about. No one, not even claudia, has ever said she dates around. NO ONE. Learn to read for understanding.
    Know this, even if she did she would be bothered with a boy (not man) who spreads lies on gossip sites. Oh and I have one word for you, liar.

  • claudia

    @tina: i didnt call her a slut, you just created that assumption based on your own understanding. my friend is not a slut and vanessa is not a slut. “exploring a lot of guys” in reference to dating. you know why i phrased it that way? because vanessa is such a free spirit she seems like the type that doesnt necessarily like to be tied down but explore various aspects be it careers, music, art and dating. YOU made the assumption that i called her a slut but i didnt even think of that because vanessa seems like a good girl.

  • claudia

    plus exploring men doesnt mean sleeping with them, you can date and remain celibate. unless…are you assuming that by me stating i thought she would “explore guys” this automatically meant that she would sleep with them?

  • Kylie

    I miss her and Zac together! :( they were the perfect couple.