Laura Marano: 'Austin & Ally' Interview

Laura Marano: 'Austin & Ally' Interview

Check out this brand new interview with Laura Marano!

The 17-year-old actress opens up to JJJ about the song she wrote for Austin & Ally, as well as her fans, her cast mates, and of course, her love for Rupert Grint.

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Click inside to read our interview with Laura Marano… Interview – Laura Marano Hi Laura! So we hear tonight’s episode is a good one! Tell us about it.

Laura Marano: Basically what happens is that Kira’s father is the head of Austin’s label – so awkward on that situation. Kira wants to use a song that Ally wrote, and Ally wrote the song about her stage fright and I’m really excited because I, actually in real life, got to co-write that song so yay! But Ally doesn’t want to give it to her because it’s her song that she wrote and it’s about her stage fright. It’s a very personal song for her and meanwhile, we see the studio that Kira’s recording her own album in and we’re kind of playing around, and stuff happens. When you get the Austin and Ally gang together, you know craziness is going to ensue. And we accidentally record really silly things over Kira’s track. So then Jimmy, who is Kira’s father and head of the record label, gets really upset and actually tells Austin that he wants Austin off his label. Lots of things happen!

JJJ: Tell us more about the song! Did they approach you about writing it or did you already have the song written? How did that work?

LM: I’ve been writing songs for as long as I can remember. Granted I feel like the songs I wrote when I was younger weren’t “good,” but I’ve continued to write and worked really hard on it. Basically, I’ve always had a little hope that I would be able to write a song for the show. So when I recorded “Don’t Look Down,” which was one of the first songs I sang on Austin and Ally and it was a duet, I met the writer of the song and we really clicked. And then his friend had also written songs for Austin and Ally before and he brought him over to our recording session and we clicked too. So we were like, “We should write a song together!” He’s from Canada, so the next time he came – he also wrote “You Can Come to Me,” which is the second song I sang on Austin and Ally as another duet – so when he came for that recording session we all got together and we wrote this song. Eeryone seemed to like it and then they used it and I was like, “Yay!” So it kind of worked in that way.

JJJ: Cool! So what’s the song about? Stepping out of Austin’s shadow?

LM: No, I wouldn’t say that. I would say that the song is about her stepping out of her own shadow. From the first season, she was so shy and so not confident and had this horrific stage fright. In the second season, you see her really come out of her shell and really become confident and get over her stage fright. The song is called “Finally Me” and basically it’s about just that, she’s finally herself. She finally feels confident and happy with where she is at that current moment. I think that we all have those moments, I mean especially as an adolescent, as teenager, as a child, but even throughout our whole lives. Of course, I’m not saying this out of experience because I am just a teenager, but you know we all have those moments where we’re not confident and when we’re just not happy with our current situation. And then when we have those moments when we are and we’re just feeling at the top of the world. And we’re just so happy in our own skin we kind of celebrate that fact. The song is kind of a celebration of like feeling confident in who we are.

JJJ: Is this going to foreshadow what’s to come? Are we going to see Ally making the transition to the stage more?

LM: I would say that might just be a possibility. And I might even venture to say that in the way Ally is as a songwriter for Austin’s career. So you know, just putting it out there. That question might occur in the season two finale, what?! (laughs). But I think it’s a little complicated because Ally loves writing songs for Austin and Austin loves having Ally be his writing partner. Actually, the episode that just aired, Austin tried to write a song by himself and he unfortunately failed miserably. So he kind of needs Ally in that way, but you know – putting this out here – I don’t know, Austin might experience some character arcs within himself and he might see that he can actually write songs, so that could happen. When it comes right down to it, Austin and Ally aren’t just songwriting and singer partners, and singer and songwriter duos, they are really good friends. Obviously, Austin as a singer wants Ally to continue to be a songwriter, but Austin as a friend wants Ally to go after her dreams of being a singer. So there’s a lot of things in the air, so we’ll see what happens!

JJJ: Do you think Austin and Ally are better off as friends for right now until they figure out everything or do you think they should be together?

LM: Oh, complicated question as well! I think definitely, I would love to see Austin and Ally together romantically, but it just does at the moment seem to get in the way. So I mean, it’s hard. I think they’re gonna have to figure it out and I don’t know how they’re going to figure it out, but they definitely still like each other, that’s definitely there. It really does complicate their friendship and their careers. Oh complicated Disney shows!

JJJ: We’re talking to Ross tomorrow, so we’ll see what he says!

LM: It’s so funny because whenever we’re asked the same question, either we say the exact same thing or we say the completely opposite thing. It’s never in the middle, so I’m excited to see what he says!

JJJ: Looking back at filming season two, what’s your favorite memory?

LM: It’s funny because I feel like we were all so close in the first season and somehow we managed in the second season to get closer. I felt like the whole cast bonded even more. I like to think of myself as I always want to be really professional and I always want to continue the scene. And in the first season, I would never want to make a mistake. I’m kind of a perfectionist in that way. In the second season, I relaxed more I would say, like we shared even more laughs on set. One time, I think in particular, was hilarious, Calum [Worthy] was supposed to lightly tap Ross in the stomach and do a boy thing, I don’t know. So we’re doing the scene and Calum does it, and doesn’t even know his own strength and it sounds like he just punched Ross in the gut. There was a very loud audible sound that came out of the tap that Calum was supposed to do on Ross’ chest. And so Calum just stops and is like, “Dude are you alright?” It was so funny! Everyone started laughing so hard and it was so hilarious.

We have those moments all the time even in the episode that’s coming up. I had to hit a piñata and we were filming that one in front of a live audience, so even more pressure, no big deal. And I had to hit a piñata. I have hit a piñata before, but for some reason that piñata and me were not the best of friends and we were not cooperating together. Every time I would hit it, I would miss it. It was pretty ridiculous and it was supposed to fall on the floor and then I kept really missing it on the floor. Like the piñata would be left and I would hit right. It was a problem (laughs). Just after a while, we just all started laughing because we were laughing at my lack of athletic ability. It was ridiculous.

JJJ: Let’s talk about your fans! They are pretty die-hard!

LM: They’re awesome, literally so awesome. They’re so committed. It’s crazy awesome!

JJJ: What is a typical fan encounter like for you?

LM: I think it depends on the age because when it’s a young fan, we’re on an Ally basis. Like I’m not Laura, I’m just Ally, which I think is adorable. We all talk about this as a cast and the question we get all the time is, “Where are the other cast members?” They’ll be like, “Where’s Trish, Dez, and Austin?” So when it’s a young kid, I’ll be like, “Oh Trish is currently getting fired from her job, Dez is filming videos and also playing video games, and Austin is on tour right now.” I don’t know if it’s a healthy thing to give into the idea that Austin and Ally is a reality, but I just feel like the fact that they call me Ally and know me from that, I don’t want to be like, “Well were not really our characters.”

So when I meet older kids, like 10 or 11, those kids are usually super shy when it comes to it. It’s so funny because parents will be like, “Oh, this so and so talks all the time and so and so is such a big fan.” I think that’s really adorable because you have to understand that I am so star-struck. I get really really star-struck when I meet other people. Like I met Rupert Grint and Tom Felton and I couldn’t talk (laughs). I went into a corner and couldn’t look at them, couldn’t talk, couldn’t do anything because I love them so much. So I kind of identify with that and I think it’s so cute. I usually tell them that I get star-struck too.

And then when I meet the tween teenagers, those are sometimes one of my favorites because they’re not scared to ask questions that you would think people wouldn’t want to ask. So they just make me laugh really hard and they’re so sweet. I guess in conclusion (laughs), as you can tell I always talk in paragraphs, it’s a problem. In conclusion, just meeting all of them is always an awesome experience. Also, it’s so odd because it’s a weird thought to think that you have someone that really looks up to you or someone that really watches you all the time, and really loves to hear you talk. That’s a crazy idea, it’s always weird to think that I have “fans.”

JJJ: But you could be someone’s Rupert Grint. You know?

LM: Oh my god, don’t say that! Even just saying his name my heart beats faster. It’s a problem (laughs).

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