Bella Thorne Visits Sparrow Village in South Africa!

Bella Thorne Visits Sparrow Village in South Africa!

Bella Thorne gets a ton of hugs from orphans in these photos from Sparrow Village, a Place of Hope and Caring for Children Suffering from the Effects of HIV/AIDS, in Roodepoort, South Africa on Monday afternoon (June 24).

The 15-year-old actress, with brother Remy and his girlfriend Bella Pendergast, stopped by the orphanage after wrapping filming on Blended for the day.

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“These children are my life.i can’t even begin 2 describe the pure joy that comes from their hearts,” Bella tweeted after her visit with a Mobli video. Check it out below!

20+ pics inside…

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Photos: Courtesy Sparrow Village Orphanage
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  • http://@ivanornelas2 Ivan ornelas

    Bella Thorne is an amazing person and I know she gave smiles to the South African children as much as they gave smiles to her. This trip meant a lot to everyone she met there and I hope I can do something like that someday.

  • diane

    i think she is going to be like angelina jolie or audrey hepburn and make changes in the world. i am happy to see someone my age doing it.

  • JEnna

    If she awas an amazing person she wouldn’t have made her MOM take all those pictures and Send it to justjared she just wants attention, publicity and people like you thinking she does this for good reasons . She wants to get into a good university and if you do voluntary work in another country you kind of gain points to get in.

  • CW

    i always thought there was a weird relationship b/w these 2 (a little extra close) but now he’s dating a girl named Bella??

  • Tiny

    Hey Jenna,,
    Stop being such a loser and hater. The photo credit is to Sparrow Village Who would care if she wants to get into a university? At least she is doing good unlike you that is spreading negativity.

  • JEnna

    i’m just saying that she is not doing that for the right reasons and saying those children are her life is a little much don’t you think…she wants attention and fame with it that is ALL

  • Tiny

    I doubt it’s for attention Jenna. She volunteered on her day off. She is seriously involved in charity plus she didn’t release the pictures the orphanage did. Maybe they all want to raise awareness. That’s a good thing.

  • nicole

    @JEnna: Yeah, I totally see where you’re coming from. I’m sorry, but I just don’t think this is coming from her heart.

  • Warren

    Beautiful Bella!

  • Fatima

    I love that Bella is so busy making a difference in the world. She is always spreading such nice messages and getting involved. I think it’ simportant that she brings attention to kids in need. How else would we know about it?
    I’m going to the website to see what I can do.

  • Jay

    Yep Nicole and Jenna, I much prefer to see the teens we idolize smoking, drinking, partying and blowing loads of cash…even better when they assault people on the streets. I think it is more fun to worship those teens. I think it is so smart to advertise violence, sex, drugs and a care less attitude in the music, tv, film, and press. Who wants to know what someone is doing when they are trying to do something positive in the world. Shame on the orphanage for trying to get help for their kids by using Bella’s pictures. Us teens are not interested in helping others that’s boring.

  • Kate

    @JEnna: She took those pictures for a SOUVENIR, she wants it to be a MEMORABLE MOMENT, if you did something heroic, wouldn’t you take a picture? Well that’s what she did, and who told you her mom sent then to JJ?? Maybe THEY’re the ones who asked her to send them, plus, EVERY SINGLE CELEBRITY has pictures when they visit kids in danger or whatever, so basically you’re just jealous of her for being famous, rich, flawless, nice, and gorgeous inside and out. She’s an angel and maybe you should get to know her before judging her.

  • JEnna

    @Kate do you know why every single celebrity takes pics when they visit kids in danger ? For publicity .For an example what was your reaction when you saw these pictures ?… ” Awwnnn Bella is such an amazing person .” That is exactly the reason they do this. And how do you know that she is nice YOU don’t even know her …

  • Phoebe

    Well, this is usually happen in Hollywood. When someone got a role in a film or television series, paparazzi or some organizations took photos because it would be perfect moment for an actor/actress who will be next top artist to help them rise attention. For me it’s okay, and about Bella saying that those kids are her life, nothing wrong, I would love to do that and say that if I can.

    And for an example, actress Madeline Carroll, this year she doesn’t have any upcoming movie yet, almost every week she does voluntary work to homeless people at LA, because she doesn’t have an upcoming movie, paparazzi didn’t snap her.

    Anyway Bella did a great job, remember she ask her followers where can she do voluntary work, and she really did, not just ask and comment. :)

  • bobi

    @Phoebe: u are right…she did ask on twitter where to volunteer in africa.