Kylie & Kendall Jenner: 'Arthur George' Campaign Photos!

Kylie & Kendall Jenner: 'Arthur George' Campaign Photos!

Kendall and Kylie Jenner rock socks in these new campaign pics for Arthur George!

“We are so proud of [our brother] Rob for creating this amazing sock line and we had so much fun at the photo shoot!” the girls wrote on their blog.

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They added, “There are so many styles available online and they’re coming out with even more at Neiman Marcus stores on July 1st!”

Last week, Kendall was spotted out shopping in New York City.

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Photos: Arthur George
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  • mxxm

    the male model <3

  • claudia

    these girls are so fame hungry and they are eating it all up. i see why pia mia has attached herself to them very strong because she went from bella to stella to the jenners.

  • mxxm

    @claudia: what is Stella famous for again?

  • dylan

    @mxxm: ‘

    For being related to Vanessa Hudgens duh! She’s as talentless as the Jenners.

  • mxxm

    @dylan: well atleast the jenners model and have a clothing line. stella cant even hold a job.

  • Erica S.

    I loove Stella and Im not hating, but I’ve never seen her in ANYTHING! I think she did a few commercials but that was when she was way younger. She says she acts but Idk. And she gets to hang out with all these famous people and have all these famour friends like Kylie ad Kendall but she doesn’t really do anything. The only reason she has the opportunity is because Vanessa Beautiful Hudgens is her sister!!! But like I said, I still love her, I just dont know what she does thats all!

  • Erica S.

    And this guy whos an actor was doing fan calls on twitter so I DM’d him my number. (he’s not like some Brad Pitt but he knows a lot of disney celebs cause he has some disney project going on) anyways, we started talkin about celebs and Pia came up and he said she’s reeaaallly annoying!

  • Warren

    Hot legs women all look hot and ready

  • claudia

    @mxxm: its not that stella herself was famous but it was helpful to pia to be attached to her because of her sister. apparently stella just works at a regular clothing store (a lot of people say they have seen her in it behind the counter) which i applaud since she isnt trying to milk her sister for fame…anymore…

  • claudia

    @Erica S.: stella was in a show as a kid but it was so bad it was cancelled not long after it went on air. she said that she postponed her own fame so that vanessa could do her thing but im not sure …on her imdb at one point there was a movie about a girl who was being bullied set to come out next year by a good director and then it disappeared. who knows?

  • mxxm

    @claudia: for that movie ‘bully’ she was replaced by some other girl i heard the producers were not confident with Stella (not sure about that).

  • claudia

    @mxxm: ohh kay :) i heard that rumor but i wasnt sure because not long after people said that her tweets (i dont have twitter) were like “so disappointed” and stuff which would make sense. but apparently she was quite depressed at the time so this might have been the best choice for her mental health.

  • Rosalie

    Pia Mia is always bouncing around from different celeb friend groups all the time. She was close to Bella Thorne, then she moved to Stella, and now Kylie; I wonder who will be next. She seems really fame hungry to me.

  • jamie

    @Rosalie: well shes got what she wanted. a few songs here and there, coachella nasty gal photoshoot and now this. if she really was all that talented she would have landed a record deal or a show by now seeing all her connections