Joe Jonas & Blanda Eggenschwiler: Meatpacking District Lunch

Joe Jonas & Blanda Eggenschwiler: Meatpacking District Lunch

Joe Jonas holds hands with girlfriend model Blanda Eggenschwiler while heading out to lunch in New York City on Sunday afternoon (June 30).

On their way, the 23-year-old musician snapped a pic of an abandoned Christmas Tree on the curb.

“June 30th is the best time to throw your Christmas tree away….” Joe captioned.

Earlier this month, Joe took home the O Music Award for Best Artist Instagram.

“I don’t think anyone has ever won an award for being on Instagram before, so it’s cool to be the first one,” he shared.

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Credit: Turgeon-Rocke; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • lola

    i hope they get married
    they seem perf 4 eachother

  • http://facebbok Anonymous

    fake relationship. You really think we are all stupid Joe? No, We are not. Only ass kisser can believe this(cause they are BLIND)We all know this is a fake relationship, a contract. You are lying to yourself and to us. All this is sad. I hope one day you find true love. Someone special, the right woman who loves you for who you are, not for FAME. Bye

  • cindy

    @Anonymous: Stop your stupid comments Kat. YOU ARE SAD

  • candice

    @Anonymous: what is it with fans coming up with deluded conspiracies about how their favorite boy band members have fake girlfriends and “beards?” Just let them do what they’re doing and live their lives while keeping up their end of the bargain (you know, the MUSIC), just like they were doing when they came out with their first album.

  • http://facebbok Anonymous

    ass kisser, you’re pathetic

  • http://facebbok Anonymous

    true, ass kisser are blind, They don’t see what is going on. This is FAKE RELATIONSHIP, a CONTRACT, but if you can’t see this.. I don’t care what you think because what you’re saying has not worth to me. bye bye ass kisser.

  • http://facebbok Anonymous

    Holding hands? gf? Model? Really?? HA HA HA HA HA. What a joke. What a FAKE RELATIONSHIP. We are not BLIND. We are not Stupid. Bye

  • http://facebbok Anonymous

    This, we are not stupid. We know the truth.

  • http://0 maria

    why is everybody against joe and his gf?

  • http://0 maria


  • http://facebbok Anonymous

    Because this relationship is FAKE. PR . Joe doesn’t loves her and she doesn’t loves him. We know it is not real, but if you don’t believed this. Who cares.

  • megan

    wow this hater needs Jesus

  • http://facebbok Anonymous

    We needs jesus because she is satan worshiper.

  • rikki

    joe jonas’ eyebrows are atrocious… and the girl is more manly than him!

  • cecilia

    this is really sad, if u guys were as great as jonas fans that u say that u are, u would do happy for joe or nick know matter who they decide to date. it probably extemly hard for them to find girls that can trust & love competely, its hard for anyone really. the bottum line we are there Fans that support there music, tv or movies they make. we don’t know them personally we don’t talk to them everyday about their feelings or what going on in their lives. they always let their fans know there doing through their MUSIC! which is what we all in to focus on. they do alot for their country and the world for that matter. they don’t desever to be judged badly like this on stuff that really has nothing to do with us fans.
    he is in love let him be in love.

  • nicole


    i don’t care if this woman is old, bisexual and looks like a man, i DON’T like her because she is such a bad influence, she and her friends are on drugs and they sell drugs to young people. That is their real business. She also belongs to a satanic cult or whatever. That is the new circle of friends of Joe. Plus she loves the attention, such a coincidence that she would walk by Harry Styles hotel where had a lot of paparazzis and 1D fans

    But beyond all these reasons, this woman and all her friends made ??fun of Joe, his family, the band and the FANS. Joe is a disaster since she appeared, even he doesn’t care more about his own career and the band and the new single.

    Joe changed a lot and for worse, after Ashley G., Joe began to relate to trashy hoes and drug addicts, first Natashia Ho and now Blanda. A total downgrade!!

  • mehran iran

    ilove you taylor swift ievery daywhit you you is very nice young

  • ally

    yall need to get life
    this is pathetic

  • Samantha

    CHILL PEOPLE! you are acting like you are JOE’S EX GIRLFRIENDS, which you aren’t… stop bashing on their relationship.. if you like them .FINE, if you don’t NO NEED TO HATE !

  • claudia

    whether or not she is a bad influence on joe, its a fake relationship or she sells drugs (which i doubt), joe is with her and he must either like her a lot or is not as innocent as we think. if she is in fact who people claim her to be then joe must know about it

  • Kary

    I love Joe, he’s happy so i’m happy for him.

  • http://same karen purchase

    i am so happy for my favorite singer Joe jonas he have a lovely girlfriend and she looks pretty.. i hope one day he ask her to married him because they are a hot couple.