Logan Lerman: 'Fury' Fort Irwin Visit

Logan Lerman: 'Fury' Fort Irwin Visit

Logan Lerman gets his hands on the big guns in this pic from his recent visit to the Fort Irwin National Training Center late last week in California.

The 21-year-old actor was joined by Fury co-stars Brad Pitt, Shia LaBeouf, Jon Bernthal, Kevin Vance, and director David Ayer for a visit which allowed the actors and crew to speak with soldiers about their shared experiences and the intricacies of being a part of a tank crew.

Fury takes place in 1945 as the Nazi regime collapses and the five-man crew of an American tank called Fury battles a desperate German army.

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  • claudia

    logan is going to be huge i can see it. hes already getting the chance to work with brad pitt and shia lebouf. i am a fan of zac efron and this is why i think he needs to step up his game and work with a huge actor (like leonardo dicaprio cuz he knows him) because kids like lerman are taking all the best roles.

  • Andrew

    [quote: "kids like Lerman are taking all the best roles"~claudia ] is because Logan Lerman earns those roles. It’s not like he’s just another pretty face because there are plenty in Hollywood. Logan is getting the best roles because he’s shown what an incredible young actor he is. He’s shown his acting chops in many of his movies but I think his amazing acting in The Perks Of Being A Wallflower has finally got him the notice he deserves from critics and directors alike. He’s the “new Leo DiCaprio” and I’m sure we’ll be seeing much more of this talented young man in the future.

  • Stephanie

    Logan makes my insides tingle. Sorry, I shared that with you all but it’s true. He has the most perfect symmetrical features I’ve ever seen on a face. His face had to have been carved by God himself. Don’t believe me? Just watch him in The Perks Of Being A Wallflower and when they show close-ups of his soulful puppy eyes and angelic face, you’re guaranteed to let out an unintentional cooing sounds and sighs. Oh, and yes of course, he’s a great actor too.

  • Nichole

    Whoa! Logan holding a big war gun makes him even sexier. You can take me prisoner anyday, Logan. I love try out your “big gun.”

  • Jonathon

    With all the horny fangirls after this kid, I’m surprised he hasn’t gotten raped yet. It would be nice to read an article about him without reading fangirl comments fawning over him. I like the kid, I like his movies and I think he’s a talented young actor. Looking forward to seeing this one with one of my other favorite actors Brad Pitt. He rocked it in WWZ. Everyone should go check that movie out. It was thrilling.

  • H

    Logan Lerman showed depth and talent even as a child actor in A Painted House (although the film itsel was maudlin and cheesy in parts), Butterfly Effect (those swear words), and the TV series Jack and Bobby. I’m not surprised by the recent inroads he’s made after Percy Jackson and Perks. Got to see him in Stuck in Love (formerly Writers) with an advance screening of the film and though it’s not a big role, he showed versatility by playing the opposite of his Charlie character in Perks – confident, smart, witty. Glad to see him join A-listers like Brad Pitt and great character actors like Michael Pena and Bernthal in a gritty film. and Iike Jonathon – WWZ was good and Pitt is great in it

  • Alistair

    The first film I noticed Logan Lerman’s talent was in the western 3:10 to Yuma where as a 13/14 year old actor he held his own with Russell Crowe, Christian Bale, Peter Fonda and a host of other talented cactors. I hope he does more of these types of films in the future after finally graduating from franchise teen roles like Percy Jackson. Someone posted he’s the new Leo di Caprio. I think though that he’s closer to a young Bale or Matt Damon. Either way, he’s one of the best young actors out there who isn’t into the whole hollywood scene. Looking forward to seeing him in Fury and Noah

  • tehe

    I’m glad to see intelligent comments on this page! I couldn’t have agreed more with every single one (even the fangirls)! He is so talented and I know that in the future he will be even more successful and more people will recognize his contributions to films. I know that he wants to be a director, frankly, I think he will be amazing! Not only is he humble, but he isn’t one sided and desiring fame. I am excited to see all his new projects in the upcoming years!

  • Anon

    @tehe agree with you other posters know talent when they see it. logan lerman is one of the most underrated young actors in hollywood i guess bec he’s rarely in the young hollywood scene. Plus he didnt go the usual disney nickelodeon teen fame route, that will serve him well in terms of longevity. He also comes across as being smart and mature for his age.

  • Nomat

    Remember when Selena Gomez said he is going to be big? I do.

  • claudia

    @Andrew: so true and by the way im a fan of his. i didnt mean he was taking the roles and didnt deserve i meant that he is so talented people like zac need to work hard because he has some serious competition

  • claudia

    @Nomat: its funny because apparently people want him to star in a movie called 13 reasons why which selena pretty much bought the rights to so she can star in it and the writer wants logan to play the male character. maybe she is much more aware of his potential and how it can boost her own fame.

  • Anon

    @claudia the author is practically campaigning for him to be in that film but i doubt he’ll take on any more teen YA roles after Perks and outside of the Percy franchise. He’s moving on to more adult projects as he should. You dont want to be trapped in standard teen roles forever

  • claudia

    @Anon: very true. the author is really pushing for him to be in it but its a movie that has been on the shelf for so long that i dont even know if they will start filming since selena is the only confirmed actress. if he had wrapped things up earlier like sets, actors, extras etc. then i think logan could have taken it on with more confidence. now, hes gone on to bigger and better things.

  • Anon

    @claudia: and that’s the right direction same path matt damon di caprio and other former young stars took efron should also avoid anything too young at this point and really go for prestige projects with good directors

  • claudia

    @Anon: completely agree. it was such a disappointment to see him in the nicolas sparks adaption the lucky one. although it brought in a great deal of money it didnt exactly broaden his fanbase it just made young to middle aged women notice him more. this equals to just more eye candy. paperboy was ok and at least a push. at any price was more for critics but the critics struggled to understand the concept . and then theres his future movies, townies , are we officially dating and parkland. u see parkland has already sparked a certain contreversy that could either turn into a hit or a BIG miss depending on how the kennedy conspiracy is presented. AWOD seems like another rom-com i view as a minor fun project that will come and go. and townies, u see ive never liked seth rogen but u never know he might go the route of james franco and not so much dicaprio

  • sammy

    You know what I love about Logan with his physicality and personality? He’s so handsome yet awkward and he’s not the usual confident, buff beefcake type of actor. Logan’s more like the boy next door, and it makes him more relatable and likeable with the audience. He’s the all around humble, sweet nice guy that you can help but love. He’s played a wide range of versatile characters that has helped prove he can play comedic, action and dramatic roles. Despite his shyness in real life, he is able to become every character in his movies even if that role is out of his comfort zone. Being a huge fan of Logan’s and knowing his shy personality in real life, I was amazed he was able to do the Rocky Horror scene in Perks. I kept asking myself “OMG! Is this really Logan in that tiny gold speedo and that lingerie with the pink ruffles? But then I said to myself, “No, it’s Charlie.” because Logan became that role. He emerges himself in every role and makes you believe the character is real. I agree that he’s the most underrated young actor but all that is changing because already he’s established a huge loyal fanbase, the “Lermaniacs”, and he’s getting more attention from the media as well. Directors are demanding him in their films and he’s got a good reputation in Hollywood. He was just named one of the top actors under 25. I can see him becoming very huge soon.

  • Kay

    Selena Gomez should date Logan

  • wally

    @Kay: um why? cant just match up strangers. plus i dont think logan would go for selena being that it could tarnish his image. he is very serious and focused. she claims to be focused but all this pr says otherwise. and im not criticizing her at all she is lovely and sweet, but career comes first for most in hollywood.

  • Michelle

    Logan is soooo pretty! Congrats on your face, Logan!

  • David

    This kid blew me away in The Perks Of Being A Wallflower. My wife and I rented it over the weekend and when it was done, my wife was sobbing and ,I for the first time in my life, had tears in my eyes over a film. We loved it and were mostly impressed by the young Lerman’s riveting performance. We now are following his career so we can catch his talents in other films. We also seen 3:10 To Yuma and loved him in that as well. He managed to hold his own with the likes of Russell Crow and Christian Bale. It’s interesting to read he’s re-teaming with Crow in the upcoming biblical film Noah. They had great chemistry and we’re looking forward to seeing them play father and son who are in constant conflict with each other. And this film, The Fury, is sure to be good since it has Lerman, well respected director David Ayer and Brad Pitt. Lerman has had some great luck and opportunities working with A-list actors and directors. I wish him all the best of luck in the future. My wife, in her own words says, he’s “such a little cutie-pie and she wants to take him home and feed him a nice home-cooked meal and her famous apple-pie.” haha

  • Alistair

    @David: in a recent interview a journalist commented that Lerman’s ace is his being relatable in many of his roles. Audiences identify with hiis Characters bec they seem real. Guess that’s what your wife felt while,watching Perks. He was also great in 310 to,yuma, my one and only and i would recommend stuck in love – supporting role but shows his versatility

  • Mia


    The author campaigned for him to be in that movie since 2011, when he was not yet so famous. And Selena admitted to a crush in 2010 – if they do get him for the movie then wait a while and you will hear all the Selena – Is – A – Famewhore comments.
    He could do it, as it is not just a teen story but a suicide one which people tend to take seriously but I doubt he will- Selena was cool and focused in around 2009/2010 now she is just way too media centered and all over the place. People say dating Justin got her fame but I know a lot of older actors who probably would have worked with her won’t now because of that fiasco. Poor girl.

  • Alistair

    @Mia: my thoughts exactly on the selena thing – quite unfortunate

  • David


    Yeah, while watching Perks, my wife kept commenting on Logan’s innocence and his awkwardness and said “awww, he so precious. I want to just take him home and take care of him. Give him a home cooked meal and make him my famous apple-pie” so yes Logan played Charlie so believably that my wife believed he was this vulnerable little soul that’s been through so much in his young life. Thank you for his other movie recommendations. We’ll check out both those films you mentioned. My wife wants to see Stuck In Love anyways because she heard what it’s about and that’s her type of film and she likes Jennifer Connelly. I myself, am anticipating Noah and Fury, probably because those are “manly” films and that’s my type of movie. haha

  • Leslie

    All the other girls can have Justin Bieber, One Direction, Zac Efron, Taylor Lautner, Robert Pattinson, Josh Hucherson and Dylan O’brien because none of them compare to Logan in my eyes.

  • Alistair

    @David: then you will like 3:10 to yuma with lerman bale crowe fonda alan tudyk kevin durant ben foster and dallas roberts. Noah actually looks like a mini-310 to Yuma reunion with crowe lerman and durant

  • David


    I appreciate the recommendation, but you must have overlooked in my comment #21 saying that my wife and I did see 3:10 To Yuma already. I did enjoy it immensely and surprisingly so did my wife, who usually doesn’t care for Western type movies. She loved the strange bond that formed between Crowe’s and Bale’s character and how in the end, Crowe shot all his crew in retaliation for them shooting Bale. We both thought Lerman was impressive in it. I read he was only 14 at the time of filming and he managed to hold his own against Crowe and Bale. In the mist of the many young actors who are so bubble-gum, Disney type, it’s refreshing to see a versatile, gifted young actor like Lerman.

  • claudia

    @Mia: my thoughts exactly youve got it completely right. selena doesnt seem to be making an effort to get away from the “jelena” drama. brad pitt however said he would work with her because his kids like her, but that still doesnt say much. the problem with this is that if she makes a child like movie shes back where she started and i dont think ive ever seen pitt in a movie as such. but if she does a really adult one it will throw child fans and their parents and may result in a decreased fanbase. around 2009 i had a lot of faith in selena thinking that she would do disney justice but now i cant see it. sure her music is doing well but what about her acting?

  • Alistair

    @David: sorry missed that. Its a great film one of the best 10 years

  • David


    I agree. Definitely worth a rewatch.

  • miffy

    Logan Lerman is the hottest Jewish boy ever.

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