Justin Bieber: 'Heartbreaker' Selena Gomez?!

Justin Bieber: 'Heartbreaker' Selena Gomez?!

Justin Bieber cozies up to Selena Gomez in this new Instagram pic.

The 19-year-old singer posted the new pic of the two on Instagram just in this afternoon, with “#heartbreaker” captioned.

“Bbq next few days then #OmahaMall time. @thatrygood where u at?!?” Justin tweeted just the day before, celebrating the holiday with his pals.

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In case you missed it, check out the details of Justin‘s new fragrance, The Key.

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  • mxxm

    i can’t keep up with these two i give up.

  • Pia

    is that actually Selena?

  • Jason

    I think these pictures are all old, he’s got a collection of them on his phone, and he’s just living in a deranged fantasy world where he and Selena are still together.

  • mxxm

    i think this is recent because in lil’twist’s picture she has her hair curled up just like this or maybe it is my eyesight.

  • LucyH

    Both need publicity…blah,blah,blah.Selena has an album to come out soon,and Bieber only wants attention,as always.These two faked their relationship,they never dated anyway…this photo is another photo op(publicity stunt) to promote Selena’s new album.I used to be surprised,but now their fake publicity stunts are not news anymore.I am almost giving up either…these two are pathetic.lol

  • javi

    @mxxm: lol

  • hahaha

    @mxxm: no youre right, it is from his video

  • hahaha

    @Jason: thats funny but she was seen in a video with them with her hair and everything like that

  • Maddie


    Totally agree!
    Sorry to all his fans but he looks like a douchebag in this pic then again lately he has been looking a douchebag, ever since he changed his appearance! He reminds me of Sl*t Cyrus where he acted all innocent in the beginning and then did a complete 180 when he became big enough! He might still be kind to fans and what not! But the way he has been acting and dressing is horrible! What happened to him saying his parents keep him grounded?!
    I mean look at selena she is changing slowly (in a mature growing up/older way) yet she stays grounded no matter what!

  • Ciara

    @Maddie: oh haters, haters everywhere

  • Lawrence

    You’d think she’d have more sense then to go back to that clown, oh well its her love life.

  • claudia

    whats with these two i cant keep up like mxxm said. plus im sick of hearing about their relationship status not only is it irritating but its ruining selenas rep.

  • claudia

    @Maddie: she “appears” grounded but im still not sure about her transition.


    I have one off- topic question why do people love Mileys new song more than Selena`s or even Demi`s? why do people love abnormal singers and their singles more than people who are really talented like Demi?

  • Andrea

    I don’t get it. Didn’t they say that Justin cheated on her and that’s why they broke up… why would she go back to him after what he did? Didn’t she said that she made him cry on TV? Why would he take her back after she obviously humiliated him?
    I’ve got a theorie… she needs publicity for her new album and he… well he just needs good publicity.
    And to answer @ANNIE ‘s question… I totally prefer Demi over them.

  • javi

    @Andrea: i think the cheating thing was a made up by gossip websites or magazines. maybe they never broke up.and they just where apart. you know for him to focus on his tour and music. and where she humiliated him? on letterman? he made the joke and in a funny way she responded. most stories about her dissing him comes from gossip websites or stupid bloggers. im thinking that they never broke up and both of them where apart to focus on her movies and music and him to focus on his tour.and cd. plus i think he needs the publicity too. most stories out there are about him behaving like a douche.

  • Manny

    they both are talentless. If this were the 90′s or early 2000′s they’d be teenie boppers w/ no singing talent or dance talent hovering in an industry w/ titans.

  • Dina

    i am so glad they are over for good. selena needs better