One Direction Speak Out Against Bullying - Watch Now!

One Direction Speak Out Against Bullying - Watch Now!

One Direction are speaking out against bullying in these new videos from their 1D+OD LIVE.LOVE.MOVE Together Against Bullying campaign with Office Depot!

The guys – Liam Payne, Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Zayn Malik, and Niall Horan – gave their individual thoughts on the controversial subject which affects children and teens all over the world.

“I think bullying is just such a huge problem I think that so many people over look,” Harry shared. “It’s kind of always been there and it’s always been kind of like an underlying thing. The bullies aren’t going to say that there is bullying happening, and then so many people being bullied are scared to say they are being bullied.”

Watch Harry‘s views on bullying below…

Click inside to see four more videos from 1D including Zayn, Liam, Louis, and Niall’s views on bullying…

Zayn Malik discusses Bullying

Liam Payne discusses Bullying

Louis Tomlinson discusses Bullying

Niall Horan discusses Bullying

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  • hana

    proud of you boys xxx

  • http://fanii_princesz fanii

    the irony of life they are doing a campaign against bullying but SOME of their fans are so rude to others fandomes and artist, one of them is such an idiot and a rude boy.

    I cant believe this irony!!

  • Regina

    ah, see? thay really care about bullying! even if they are doing it for publicity, at least they’re doing it! I love you guys! :D

  • Jackie Floyd

    It’s really nice to see that the biggest boy band in the world really do care. And it really helps because you do have facebook, tumblr, twitter, instagram and all these other social media. When i was getting bullied it started when i was in fourth grade so i was only 9 and then it went on for about 5 years. Mostly i never told anyone about it. And when the girl made me feel so unimportant i wanted to kill myself. and one day My mum was like “Jackie what’s going on at school” and i just told everything. all the mean side jokes. and everything. In school i wasnt very popular, i was a sporty girl more than the girly girl and mostly because i have brothers. But i wasnt like the other girls and i hung out with boys. and I got made fun of that. And when my parents told the school, they didnt do anything about it. Even though they made me feel so low about myself. and then one day they got me really upset and i just blew up. then i got to middle school. My 6th grade year. and i blew up and everyone was in awe. The princible threw her out the school and it stopped. ever now and then i get a few mean comments. But its never as bad. And bullying really does damage someone’s self-esteem. and bullying makes anyone feel low, unimportant and not worthy of anyone’s time. And sometimes it takes days,weeks,months and even years to build a persons self-esteem. And its been a two years and i still am trying to build my self-esteem. and when i see someone getting bullied i try my best to help and let them know to always stay positive and stay strong no matter how hard it gets. and knowing that the lads do really care. It’s amazing because they have helped and saved so many lives. And its amazing to know they really do care. -Jackie Floyd-