Noah Cyrus: Excited to be Back in LA!

Noah Cyrus: Excited to be Back in LA!

Noah Cyrus carries a blue cup and rocks a bikini top as she goes for a stroll on Thursday afternoon (July 4) in Malibu, Calif.

The 13-year-old younger sister of Miley Cyrus was joined by a group of gal pals at a Fourth of July party!

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“I AM SO EXCITED THAT IM BACK IN LA I MISS MY HOME!” the starlet wrote on Twitter just the day before.

In case you missed it, Miley recently hosted the iHeartRadio Ultimate Pool Party at the Fontainebleau’s BleauLive in Miami Beach, Fla.

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  • kaylee

    13 going on 20

  • obsessedxddd


  • yes

    wtf is wrong with this kid? she’s just a girl

  • hank hill

    she’s ugly as hell just like her sister

  • Ivana

    this girl is so ugly she looks like golum and she needs to put some clothes on.

  • Ivana

    more like 30 going on 60

  • http://website demisdabest

    right now im 13 and she is nothing like a 13 year old ur so right @kaylee and whats it with the no shoes policy it isnt the desserts here even if it was 4th of july she still needs some clothes on

  • peter

    wow she’s only thirteen but already dresses like a wh**e. well, her big sis can be really proud of her. her parents don’t really know how to raise a child properly as i can see… it’s sad though.

  • So..

    This young girl is so stupid like his sister Miley,
    want to grow so fast that after remaining in ridiculous.

    Moving on .. What did this girl to be famous?
    Oh of course, be sister -.

    She’s so small, only 13 years old and dresses like a 20

    In a few words.. wh0re

  • devil’s advocate

    Did anyone ever think she was at a Fourth of July festival or event alongside the beach? That clearly explains the no shoes and bikini. No? Too easy? If that were true, you wouldn’t have much joke material to go on? Well.

  • Love & War

    She looks like a stylish 13 year old. My gosh, she’s near the beach, wearing a bikini. It’s really not the end of the world. People need to grow up. How the heck is she dressing like a wh**e? Really people? Get over yourselves.

  • Sam

    Is she trying to look like a slut? I’m sorry. I don’t know her personal family situation, but what I do know is if I ever went out in public looking like that my parents would have killed me. Children these days are just taught the wrong things or just not enough. She might be 13 and a “teenager,” but she should have some respect more for herself and cover up. It’s always disappointing to see what a train wreck some child actors have become and I think her sister is on the verge of it, if no already doing so, and she could possibly be next.

  • Sam

    @Sam: ****? = sl*t?

  • claudia

    @devil’s advocate: good point. but her being spotted in bikinis is quite minor compared to what people have seen her do before which is probably why they are calling her all sorts of names. people need to remember she is still a child and not to blame her but her parents who let her act this way. just look at her brother trace and sister miley, clearly there is a pattern

  • DMR

    @claudia: What about Braison? He seems OK. And Brandi? And I don’t see anything wrong with Miley either. She hasn’t gone off of the rails. It’s silly to judge Noah now, and unfair to say she’ll be like her siblings. Remember Ali Lohan? She’s nothing like Lindsay now, she doesn’t look, dress, act or conduct her life anything like Lindsay though at 14 it looked like she would. When someone is so young they are impressionable. But when they get 16-18, they sometimes turn into their own person. You can’t tell yet with Noah, this is just a picture of her with her 3 friends and people shouldn’t read too much into it.

  • http://website demisdabest

    @DMR ur right and im wrong i shoulldnt judge people so quickly

  • http://RYNE RYNEBONE