Alexandra Chando: 'The Lying Game' Cancelled

Alexandra Chando: 'The Lying Game' Cancelled

Our Monday is officially ruined — The Lying Game has been cancelled!

Star Alexandra Chando, who played twins Emma and Sutton on the ABC Family show, wrote about the cancellation on Instagram for her fans.

“To our awesome #lyinggame fans, thank you for these two amazing seasons. Unfortunately, Abc Family has decided not to bring us back for a third season,” she wrote.

Alexandra added, “We so wanted to do 10 more for you guys! Thanks for your support and keep up with the cast to see what’s next for us! Xx”

WHAT DO YOU THINK of the show’s cancellation?

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  • Nicole

    NOOOOO. I have been waiting too long for this news. Hoping for a renew. Im never watching abc family again.

  • Brie

    I dunno if it was because of ratings or what, but it was really hard to get into the show since the first season wasn’t on dvd. I missed the first season and tried getting into it, but the dvd isnt anywhere!

  • sayre

    Nicole- I know what u mean, I feel the same way.. THeir “twisted” show is doing too well and theyv forgotten about their other shows in favor of trends. What about when oct comes around and they have no show to air?

  • sayre

    Bri, u gotta see season 1!! Ur totally missing out.. I would check online.

  • sayre

    @Brie: Bri, u gotta see season 1!! Ur totally missing out.. I would check online.

  • Jess

    I’d much rather have more Lying Game than Ravenswood or Twisted :(

  • Lacey

    This was honestly one of the few shows on ABC Family that I truly enjoyed. ABC Family is known for overly cheesy series, yet when they actually produce something truly enthralling, they cancel it? Tell me how that makes any sense at all. Well ABC Family, if it weren’t for Pretty Little Liars being renewed for another season you would be losing another viewer.

    I am extremely disappointed to hear that this show has been cancelled as the most recent series being produced this year are beyond ridiculous. I don’t know who is making the decisions up there, but maybe they should consider finding another network… or even a new career as they clearly don’t understand what the viewers want to see.

  • Queen

    same thing happened with Chloe was a good show & they canceled it to focus on Switched at birth..they should have kept it going, it was such a good show.

  • http://@mzericajennings ericaj

    BRI, the first season is all over the internet including on Netflix and MOP Video. It’s pretty easy to find.

    Queen, networks go where the money is & shows with more viewers is where the money is. it’s not about how good the show is, it’s about the ratings. ABC Family shows that stay close enough to 2 million viewers CONSISTENTLY are usually safe. The Lying Game stayed close to 1.3 million a week. Therefore, it got cancelled.

    Take the CW’s Supernatural. Dawn Ostroff (the old boss of the network) kept trying to cancel it to focus on other shows she felt was better for the network but ratings were too good. That meant money for the network. Season 8 and Supernatural is still ticking!! Shows don’t get cancelled to focus on other shows if their ratings are up.

  • Maddie

    Seriously wth the ratings were actually fine and as i recall at the time of season 2 airings they said it was the number 2 show after pretty little liars! They should do what they did with Make it Or Break It and finish it off with season 3 (10 final episodes) especially because they kinda of left it at a cliffhanger! Lets do a petition and hope they agree just like Make It or Break It!

  • Anisha

    They still shouldn’t have cancelled The Lying Game because if you look at Melissa & Joey and Baby Daddy’s rating they suck so bad and as each week passed it kept going down and they hardly make it to the million mark this season whereas The Lying Game never went under one million views. I don’t understand why they would promote PLL like crazy, i would see advertisements on every website!! & their would be absolutely nothing for TLG. PLL is still pathetic and they still won’t tell us half of the answers to the secrets on the show. I literally can’t believe they did that. I am 100% done with ABC Family.

  • Alex

    Well now the only show on ABCFamily worth watching is Switched at Birth. None of their new shows seem interesting so hopefully they might bring a last season of TLG or a Chole King movie.

  • Catherine

    WHUUUUUT WHY IS THIS HAPPENING TO ME… Favorite show on ABC Family!!! They definitely deserve another season AT LEAST to tie up all the ends…

  • Sam

    ABC Family continues to lose viewers. The Lying Game was one of the better series on the network along with Jane By Design. The network continues to disappoint me and The Secret Life of The American Teenager was a great series that was ruined by poor writing towards the middle/end. I hope Pretty Little Liars and Switched At Birth keep their ratings up and ABC Fam won’t end up cancelling them too.

  • http://facebook Courtney

    I cannot believe you guys cancelled the lying game on us its so messed up that you ABC family are going to ruin such a great show by ending it and the fact that you ended it the way you did is so wrong you could’ve at leastgive us closer there is one thing I can promise I will never watch any new series that come on ABC family ever again why get people so involved to just cancel. Besides the shows I already watch switched at birth and pretty little liars I truly will never watch ABC family and I will spread the word to everyone I know telling them to also boycott ABC family you shouldn’t do that to such dedicated fans there Is no reason why you can’t do one more season and tie up all loose ends I don’t even want to watch switched at birth anymore cause Blair Redford belongs on lying game as Ethan not switched at birth I am truly forever disappointed in ABC family which was my most watched station but def not anymore it is so wrong how you do fans you want us for ratings and to watch your shows and the. You turn around and don’t even attempt to give back to the fans if it wasn’t for the fans you wouldn’t have anything so why treat fans that way by not even doing a proper ending lying game got amazing ratings but yet you keep less popular shows on longer its ridiculous.


    WHY ABC. I CAN’T I LOVE THIS SHOW. :’((((((((((((((((( I CAN’T JUST CAN’T

  • http://facebook Courtney

    Twisted and the fosters is so stupid the lying game is a million times Vetter than those shows and the cast is def better the lying fame had the best cast with such great chemistry I cannot believe this ABC family reallydoes need to get rid of the people making these stupid decisions or or you will end up with barely any viewers and one of those channels that people only put on when there is nothing else to watch if pretty little.liars ever gets cancelled or any of the main characters get cut off you will def be in big trouble with ratings. I hope and pray a different channel decides to take up the lying game and I wish pretty little liars also honeslty any other writers that produce such amazing shows like that like pretty little liars and the lying game I suggest they go to a different channel like cw at least the cw knows how to keep shows on for years to one tree hill cause they don’t cancel shows people like so hopefully all future shows that are really worth watching will never go to ABC family cause they will just screw ur show over to put on crappy New series apparently ratings.and fans don’t.matter to ABC family which is completely wrong where would anyone be fans

  • Kathy

    abcfamily sucks
    they keep creating more shows that they will eventually cancel as well
    they dont even give us a proper ending they always leave us hanging
    i have seen too many shows get cancelled and they dont give us any closure
    after pretty little liars im never watching abcfamily again
    and the lyinggame had great ratings more than most shows

  • An Australian Tlg fan

    I loved the Lying Game in the first season, however, I got lost in the second. The writers of the show really needed 10 more episodes to finish the series off, but with the ratings of Twisted, it was hard to compete with. However, I do believe that ABC Family should finish a series off (with more than 2 seasons) before making a new series, especially with this show and Jane by Design. It loses viewers and makes them angry.

    -An Australian TLG fan

  • Joey k

    Am shocked. Hoped the mystery would have been solved.

  • Mary

    they should have let it stay on air. its a goood show

  • Morgan

    REALLY? that sucks! Can they atleast tell us how it might end?
    Of course they cancel my favourite show EVER! >:’(

  • Bo

    This is my last straw for ABC Family. First my beloved Jane By Design which was nothing but wholesome, hilarious, and beautiful. NOW my own cousins show. I have lost all hope that all ABC Family wants to promote to us teens that sex, scandals and lies are what we need to be fed with. Not following your dreams like Jane By Design. Alex is my cousin and its heartbreaking that I won’t be seeing her on my television anymore. Not to mention a poor ending. Emma and Ethan forever….

  • Roxanne

    WTF! WHY?! I love this show! I even stopped watching Pretty Little Liars because its annoying with all these riddles after another. The Lying Game is one of my favorite show! WHY?! Can’t you atleast do it as a web episodes? GOSH ABC IS ANNOYING!!!!

  • http://@kaylatoddie michaela

    Maddie-Yes they totally should do a season 3 like they did for Make it or Break it. But honestly I didn’t like the way MIOBI ended, we didn’t even get to see them to to the olympics:( The Lying Game didn’t deserve to be cancelled! I hope whoever is in charge of renewing it sees how P.O.’d the fans are make a season 3!

  • Kristie

    Considering that the books doesn’t even have the same storyline. This really sucks.

  • http://intoning_pisces Nina

    This show sucked. I’m sorry. If you’ve read the books, you’d probably agree.

  • mommy

    I can’t believe they canceled this show but PLL still lives on. I like PLL but LOVED TLG – plus they are leaving us hanging and it’s wrong. They have plenty of room to keep this show. There is a petition on Change.Org. Please sign!

  • Laurie

    Honestly, I love TLG! I have read al the books and have already pre-ordered the newest one coming out. However, I left the country for three weeks and when I came back the first thing I found out was that TLG had been cancelled. This is honestly heartbreaking cause this is one of the best shows ABC family has ever had and they are just going to get rid of it like its nothing! I really want to see TLG to come back because its not too late. I suggest we start a online petition to bring it back! Anything is possible!

  • http://@prettylyinggame -A


  • leila

    I can’t believe…I am shocked. The lying game has a great story and Alexandra Chando is a awesome actress. Maybe the writers ruined the show?
    I was so tired of pretty little liars because I can’t understand what is going on the show and I am tired of figure out who A is and just lose my time because a lot of thing are not explained and I doubt they will have to make more 4 seasons to explain everything …So I decided to watch the lying game and now I have this disappointed news. So lame. Now I know why i saw Blair redford in switched at birth.
    The lying game deserved a season 2 and a new writer.

  • leila

    season 3 *

  • Kelli
  • Fpscholar126

    Upset…I love the lying game. No closure.I hate that new show twisted…it’s soooo slow.

  • http://Hateabcfamily Natassja

    So mad the lying game was Cancled it was best show I hate abc family for this they keep bringing new stupid shows and end the good ones I never been this hurt so pissed off

  • Vaselia

    wtffffffffffff. Abc family carries out some shows way past the point to where they’re good and cancels other shows left on a season finally cliff hanger. Honestly Abc family stop making new shows until you finish others. The new shows suck and aren’t even funny. I think they added to much twist to the lying game for their own good and they didn’t know ‘where to go to next’ while pretty little liars has gone on and keeps adding new plots for like, what, five seasons now? That’s the show that should finally come to an end. Like, come on now.

  • ashley


  • Vanityfloyd123

    They should not cancel the lying game series because they just left off will a horrible ending so thats no fair.

  • Kayla

    This totally sucks!!! This was the best show they truly disappointed!!



  • Eusebio

    It’s amazing the lack of respect that some TV stations have with their viewers!
    For the first time in my life, this is the teen series family that really stuck me in front of the TV with a history rich in romance, suspense, comedy, whatever … a series of complete success in every way.
    And now, viewers of the series stand toe sucking wondering what the end of it, is absolutely ridiculous.
    I would be very happy if another station bought the rights to the series and an ending that actually the same due to its huge success.
    I hope there is a twist in this whole predicament.
    Congratulations to the creators and producers of the series!
    We look forward to the return and the end of the series “The Lying Game”!
    We Brazilians fell in love with “The Lying Game”.