'Glee' Season Five Possibly Delayed Until November After Cory Monteith's Death

'Glee' Season Five Possibly Delayed Until November After Cory Monteith's Death

Glee fans may have to wait a bit longer to see Season 5 of the hit Fox show.

In light of Cory Monteith’s passing, NY Daily News reports that the network may be pushing the premiere until November, 2 months after it’s original airdate in September.

According to sources, there would be a delay in “production for about a month, to let everyone breathe.”

The new season, which would’ve put Cory‘s character Finn back at William McKinley High School as the Glee Club’s co-advisor and heading towards a teaching degree at the University of Lima, was set to premiere in September ahead of postseason Major League Baseball coverage.

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  • Leigh

    can’t believe he’s gone, don’t know how they’ll continue the show, I don’t think I have the heart to keep watching though.

  • http://twitter funbunn40

    It’s certainly understandable for the delay. The actors and writers must all be in shock and the task of writing will be so difficult and heartbreaking, especially having to deal with the cause of Cory’s absence. I’ve watched and enjoyed Glee since the inception and every season hoped that the incredibly exciting Adam Lambert would join the cast on a regular basis. That joyous news as wonderful as it is, pales in comparison to the tragic loss of Corey and how painfully devastating it must be for his family, Glee family and especially for Lea. I wish I could hug and comfort each of them. I’m a perfect stranger and it’s had a depressing, painful effect on me and I’m sure for Corey’s many fans. He was a talented and well liked man who will be missed. So, so sorry for this loss,

  • ok

    I was hoping they would delay it the right thing to do after such a tragic moment

  • Momof2

    This is so tragic. I really hope Lea and his family get through this. I have lost 2 younger siblings by a tragic unexpected event and it is a life altering moment.
    I’m glad they delayed production. I don’t know how the cast will be able to continue without him, emotionally, especially Lea. <3

  • teedogs


  • Rachel

    I don’t think I can watch ‘Glee’ anymore…I’m so sad. RIP Cory

  • mxxm

    i really am finding a hard time believing it. he was so young. my condolences really do go out to his family and friends.

  • Sylvia

    I can’t imagine how difficult must be to rewrite the storyline of the Glee show. And I can’t imagine where his partners, specially Lea, are gonna find the courage to make his job after this tragedy. R.I.P Cory. We’ll miss You.

  • Flor

    Oh its SO SAD! :( I will miss cory a LOT :’( And its gonna be so hard to everybody do Glee without him specially Lea<3

  • nate

    This is for the best tbh. Hopefully FOX goes through with this and lets the cast breathe a little. Also, fans shouldn’t just give up on the show. We all know Cory would have not wanted that. This is something he loved doing and wouldn’t not want it to be all of a sudden cancelled because fans just gave up on him, the cast and crew, and this show. I think we should watch it in his honor. We’re strong and we will get through this rough time together as Gleeks.

  • pants

    Am I the only one who finds it a bit suspicious that they want to air the first episode back after a lead actor’s tragic death…during November sweeps?

  • Maddie

    Honestly i think they should just cancel it because i mean Cory was one of the main reasons people watched it and without him it won’t be the same also who even knows if Lea will continue on without him. Its gonna be hard for her cause imagine her going back to where they both first met and all their memories together! Honestly if they do continue then just end it at the end of season 5 because the show had been going downhill (ratings wise) and now without Cory a lot of people have said they won’t watch it.

  • http://mytwitteris@beautythatsings Gigi

    I don’t know if it’s a good thing to delay or if they should just cancel it all together. Glee is nothing without Lea and Cory and Lea might not continue because of all of this. I have been crying for hours after finding out he’s dead. He was the most talented actor on Glee and right now it feels like 1 of my worst nighmares came true. I don’t think I can handle watching glee again. A part of me feels empty because he’s not there. He was one of my inspirations and so the light has gotten dimmer and part of me feels dead. I went through a lot and he was one of the many that inspired me to stay strong. He always wanted to be a husband and father and he wouldve been an amazing husband and father. I have already decided his birthday will be a day where we eat grilled cheese for lunch in respect of him. (based on the episode in glee called “grilled cheesus”) I have been crying a lot and I called one of my friends and we have cried while on the phone. R.I.P. Cory Monteith. We will always love you!

  • bruno

    They should cancell the show! it will be a disrespect without cory

  • http://readin2this.wordpress.com Nan

    Honestly, as hard as this is I agree with the person that said it would be a disservice to Cory to just end the show. To say that he was the only actor that was a talent is ridiculous as well; Chris Colfer is ridiculously talented as well as Mark Salling and others, not to mention Lea. As devastating as this is, I can’t imagine Lea quitting although she may not be in as many episodes this season because she is in mourning, it will take time to get over a loss like this. I lost someone who was very special to me in a tragic way as well and it takes quite a while for the pain to even begin to subside but with that being said, Lea is also very professional and wouldn’t want to let her fans down. I highly doubt that this is what Cory would have wanted either. He has had minor roles in quite a few things before Glee but this is what made him a star and he loved the show and his fans and honestly I believe would be sad to know so many people are just giving up because of this tragic event. Are we sad, of course; but there is something to be learned from this. Life is fragile and we all know that drugs kill but to think that it can’t happen to you (not saying that he thought that in anyway) is naďve. Hopefully if any fans of Cory’s are struggling with ANY type of addiction or ailment, they will at least TRY to do something about it right away in honor of him because we all know he would never want any of you to suffer the same fate that happened to him. To the person that is going to celebrate with the grilled cheese…that’s really sweet : )

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