Logan Lerman: 'Percy Jackson & The Sea of Monsters' Featurette!

Logan Lerman: 'Percy Jackson & The Sea of Monsters' Featurette!

Logan Lerman shows off Washington, D.C. to on-screen brother Douglas Smith in this new featurette for Percy Jackson & The Sea of Monsters.

In the new video, the cast including Leven Rambin, Alexandra Daddario, Brandon T. Jackson and more, explain just how the Gods work and live in the human world.

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In the upcoming flick, to save their world, Percy (Lerman), Annabeth (Daddario), Grover (Jackson) and Tyson (Smith) must find the fabled and magical Golden Fleece. Embarking on a treacherous odyssey into the uncharted waters of the Sea of Monsters (known to humans as the Bermuda Triangle), they battle terrifying creatures, an army of zombies, and the ultimate Evil.

Percy Jackson & The Sea of Monsters opens everywhere August 7th.

“Percy Jackson & The Sea of Monsters” Featurette
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  • Karen

    I’m so excited for this! It seems to have a lot of humor in it besides staying truer to the books. Tyson is so adorable and might I add Logan Lerman is looking mighty darn fine in that interview…Good Lord, he’s pretty!

  • Markmywords


    too bad Logan Lerman is breakin so many chics’ hearts tho cause he’s gay

  • ilene

    @Markmywords: Logan Lerman is not gay. There’s a picture out there of him kissing a woman, who is probably his girlfriend. He certainly does not look the least bit reluctant to be doing that, either.

  • Markmywords


    Hah, that photo don’t mean anything. He has an image he has to protect so that photo was probably for the purpose of just that, to give the “image” that he’s a ladies’ man when in fact he likes the d. Sorry to burst your bubble but your pretty boy is as gay as they come.

  • ilene

    @Markmywords: The picture leaked out and it wasn’t supposed to. If Logan wanted to show he is straight in the way that you speak, he would walk around in public holding hands with some random actress or something, and have those pictures spread around in the media, and he hasn’t done that.

    Anyway, what’s the point of making random claims without evidence? Anyone can just state that anyone is gay. It’s completely meaningless.

  • Cynthia


    Why is it every popular, good looking young actor has to be automatically gay? What? Just because Logan isn’t shoving it in our faces that he’s dating some girl, that makes him gay? He’s a private person and keeps his personal life under wraps which is very respectful in my eyes. He’s a very talented actor who deserves respect and not being the latest victim of being called gay. Leave him alone!

  • Cynthia


    I bet if Logan Lerman was average looking and not such a prettyboy you wouldn’t even care what I said about him. Truth is, it’s obvious he’s gay. The tell tale signs are there. You’re just too blinded by his looks to see. My gaydar is never wrong. I’m right about this one. You wait and see. Years down the road, Lerman will be the next actor to finally come out of the closet.

  • Markmywords


    Mark my words, the truth will come out someday soon.

  • ilene

    @Cynthia: “Truth is”, “its obvious”, “The tell tale signs”. I hate stuff like that, about anything. And by people who claim to be “progressives” and “liberals” and who knows what else, I assume.

  • Felicia

    This is on the top of my list of movies I want to see. It looks so awesome and well, I happen to love Logan Lerman so him being in it is a big plus. I also love Leven Rambin. She will always be Glimmer to me, though.

  • ilene

    @Markmywords: “Truth is”, “its obvious”, “The tell tale signs”. I hate stuff like that. And by people who claim to be “progressives” and “open-minded” and who knows what else, I assume.

  • kimberly

    I love Grover the best. He’s the funniest.

  • fangirling

    Logan Lerman is so hot! omfg

  • belieber

    I’m going to see this but it better not suck or I’ll be pissed!

  • http://ETERNALOZZIE.COM eternalozzie

    From everything i have seen it looks like Douglas Smith as Tyson is going to steal the show.

  • Natalie


    Meh…Not in my opinion. I’ve never heard of him before and he isn’t how I pictured Tyson at all.

  • Natalie

    Is it August 7th yet?!?

  • lenny

    It would be much more entertaining if Percy, Tyson and Grover had a threesome.

  • imabarbiegirl


    eww..that’s a sick thought! It would be much better if Logan Lerman has a threesome with me & my bff [who is crazy over him too], instead.

  • Heather

    Logan Lerman is a beautiful Jewish boy!

  • Cynthia


    Stop it! Stop impersonating me! I wouldn’t ever say those mean things about Logan. You should be banned from here. You’re nothing but a troll. Leave Logan and the rest of us alone!!

  • RIPCory

    This looks so good. I will be one that will be seeing this for sure.

  • Heroofolympus

    Logan has gone out with lots of girls, you just don’t know it because he keeps his life on the down low unlike other actors. He’s gone out with Carly Harley, Alex Melo, Frances Bean Cobain, and most recently Amy Vaver, whom he met through Emma Watson.

  • ilene

    @Heroofolympus: There is no evidence that Logan has ever even met Carly Harley, Alex Melo, and Frances Bean Cobain, much less that he dated any of them. Is Carly Harley even a real person? People just make stuff up and put it online, just like the “gay” thing.

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