Kat Graham: 'Power' Exclusive Single Artwork & Interview!

Kat Graham: 'Power' Exclusive Single Artwork & Interview!

Kat Graham is gorgeous in this new artwork for her single “Power,” given exclusively to JustJaredJr.com!

The artwork, shot by Tony Duran, perfectly channels her hot new single, which will be available for download on iTunes on July 30!

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JJJ caught up with Kat to talk about her music, her favorite artists, and what we can expect from her character Bonnie in the upcoming season of her hit show The Vampire Diaries.

And in case you missed it, check out the lyric video for the song!

Click inside to read our interview with Kat Graham…

JustJaredJr.com Interview – Kat Graham

JustJaredJr.com: We love the song! Can you tell us a little about it and what it means to you?

Kat Graham: The song is basically, it’s an anthem, but it’s also what you feel when somebody empowers you. It could be your family, it could be a relationship, it could be a best friend, someone who can see the best part of you and bring out the best part of you, and make you feel strong. I’m all about girl power and self-empowerment. I totally connected with the song. I’m just glad people are responding so well to it.

JJJ: Will we be seeing a music video soon?

KG: There will be a video. I’m going to be releasing some different content over the next few weeks for the fans until we shoot the video. It’s all coming together really well and I’m really proud of the song, and everything around it.

JJJ: Any ideas floating around about the concept for the video?

KG: I did a very fashion-forward, more literal take on the song. But that’s just an option, and if it might just be for the fans. As of right now, we haven’t figured out exactly because we’ve played with so many different ideas. We definitely want the vulnerability of what the song means, that there is power in being vulnerable and allowing yourself to come to love. We definitely want to make sure the director captures that.

JJJ: You’re so busy! But will we see a full album at some point?

KG: We’re talking about an EP, we’re talking about an album. I’ve recorded about 63 songs in my entire catalog and that includes “Put Your Graffiti On Me,” “Heartkiller,” and the stuff from the Against the Wall EP. We’ve got plenty to choose from, for sure. And “Power” is one of the best ones we have in the catalog and that was one of the ones I wanted out first. Definitely before the end of the year, we’ll get some more songs out to you guys.

JJJ: Do you think the album will have that same kind of theme?

KG: I’ve got to work with the amazing producers. It’s eclectic. We wanted to see what the single would be and now we base the album around what fits within that world sonically. I do think that the overall message is always about finding your power amongst the ash.

JJJ: When did you first start getting into music?

KG: I started off as a musical engineer. I started off as a DJ and I wanted to be a battle DJ when I was 14. I got into engineering and bought some equipment.

JJJ: Oh cool! So what are you currently listening to?

KG: I jump around. This past week, I’ve been listening to some 90s pop. I’ve been listening to a lot of Spice Girls, to be honest. Also, Swedish pop. I love Robyn. I love strong women and crazy beats. I really love Kendrick Lamar, Miguel, and R&B. So that’s what I’ve been listening to, but I also really really love old-school pop.

JJJ: Do you think you’ll be doing some more shows in the near future?

KG: Oh, yeah! I did a bunch of radio festivals. Getting to play these huge venues of thousands of kids has been so great and so rewarding. They are fans of the show and familiar with the music. I’ve been doing a lot of festivals. I haven’t done my own, full on set yet.

JJJ: And as for The Vampire Diaries, which we love, what can you tell us about Bonnie’s journey this season, now as a ghost? Will we be seeing a lot of her?

KG: You will see her. I’ve started! Nobody knows yet. I actually saw some stuff online where people were like, “Does anyone know if Kat’s on set?!” We left the season with the only person who could see me, which was Jeremy. And that’s kind of where we’re picking up. Bonnie trying to find her way and how she can be as much a part of the living world as this dead person, and really trying to find her way throughout it with Jeremy being the only person who can see her. She’s a bit limited, to say the least. But it’s very cool how they’ve been writing her so far. I like to stay a little bit vague because anything can change, but right now it’s very cool. It’s fun to be back on set with my girls and with the whole team.

Be sure to pick up Kat’s single Power” on iTunes starting July 30!

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Photos: Tony Duran
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