Selena Gomez Was 'Stressed Out' About Her Breakup With Justin Bieber

Selena Gomez Was 'Stressed Out' About Her Breakup With Justin Bieber

Check out this sneak peek at Selena Gomez‘ upcoming TV interview special with Ryan Seacrest!

The 20-year-old actress opens up about her tumultuous breakup with her longtime boyfriend Justin Bieber.

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“I’m sure you can see those pictures of me being way stressed out about it,” Selena said. “And it’s hard because it’s like, what do you do? Do you just sit in your house and hide, and not go anywhere?”

Ryan Seacrest with Selena Gomez is set to air THIS SUNDAY @ 10PM ET/PT on E! Watch the clip HERE!

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  • Donedonedone

    “i’m single. I’m so good.” “i met brad pitt i’m fine!” “i was way stressed out about it” LMAO FAKE ASS?!??!

  • Sarah

    I don’t even want to watch her E! special, because I’m sure she’s going to lie about it. Wasnt Selena Gomez so happily after the break up? She was feeling much better to stay away from the Biebs? The Biebs was having his meltdown,but she was here party all night, humaliating him, and now saying she’s ”way stressed out” about her breakup?

    Let’s not, because last time I checked she was in perfect statue. I Have not seen 1 photo or 1 video of her looking ”stressed” and ”down” or anything.

    Now I can’t wait for her to say: ”It hurts to see someone you care SO MUCH about, are going down hill and you want to help them!!!” about Biebs who had his depressed months at the beginning of this year.
    Now now now, Miss Gomez. You were the one who threw him under the buss press, made him look like he cheated on you, had his WORST week, but thought that wasn’t good enough and say you made him cry on national tv. Playing mind games with him; met him yesterday and cuddled with him, but then the next day you say you’re single on the radio. You don’t want to claim him, but you do go back to him OR let him go back to you whenever you need your promotions.

    Her E! special is 70% about her break up with Bieber. How sad.

  • ugh

    STRESSED ABOUT WHAT!? The non existent hate she got from the Media? She was enjoying every bit of it.

  • The Anti-Biebs

    The break-up was *so stressful* she proceeded to subject herself to another two or three of them.

    What a coincidence – all this tumult, just as she readies to release another over-produced-in-order-to-mask-her-vocal-mediocrity album.

    Truth be told – I feel badly for Justin. It is obvious to me she does not love him, is using him – and he seems pretty smitten.

  • jasmin

    Whoa whoa whoa! Calm down everyone. She says she was stressed and I have seen picture of her looking down and a bit sad. When she said she was fine and that she met Brad pitt, she probably was not stressed anymore at that time, because during that time she was rehearsing to perform her single come and get it for the 1st time. She’s moving on.

    So quick to judge but you guys don’t really know the truth. And I don’t really know it either but I”m not judging her. Just taking her word for it. Keep in mind that we do not know how LONG she had been stressed and this is just a clip from the interview not the whole thing. Maybe she explains it more. You never know.

  • Pia

    they’re back together, no i mean, they were never really over! i really am a Selena fan but yeah she seems a little bit fake about her on/off relationship with Justin.
    and of course Selena said “I’m fine” after the breakup. who on this planet would ever admit they feel awful after a breakup.
    and sometimes even I do think that Selena uses Justin because they’re always seen together when Selena either has a new album or a new movie coming out. it’s pretty suspicious.

  • Warren

    I can’t believe she ever dated him in the first place. Selena seemed way more mature than him. I thought she would have dated someone a little older and better looking.

  • Iris

    What an unbelievable liar she is.Poor Justin,he deserves so much better than her.She humiliates him and then gets back with him.Selena gomez has no limits and no feelings.She just wants to build a strong career and thats all,who can’t understand that is just stupid.I wish her all the bad luck cause i don’t want to see her big fat face on tv ever again.

  • lawoo

    I love Hailee steinfel so so match

>>>>>>> staging1