Ross Lynch on Zac Efron Comparisons: 'It's A Huge Compliment'

Ross Lynch on Zac Efron Comparisons: 'It's A Huge Compliment'

Ross Lynch takes the August 2013 cover of Glamoholic mag.

The 17-year-old Teen Beach Movie star chatted with the glossy about his new movie, Austin & Ally and more. Check it:

On playing Brady: “It was a blast to go back in time and play a character from the ’60s. I loved the music and the wardrobe. Plus, Brady is a surfer and I absolutely love to surf.”

On the new Zac Efron comparisons: “I suppose people will compare the two movies a bit, but that’s fine by me, because High School Musical was awesome. If people compare me to Zac Efron, I consider that a huge compliment. Zac is a great actor.”

On his music: “The entire tour was a lot of fun, and there were several favorite stops. It’s hard to choose [a favorite] but I’d have to say that LA and Chicago were stand outs.”

10+ pics inside…

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Photos: Emily Soto
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  • Kim

    That’s very sweet but I feel like HSM/Zac was lightening in a bottle. I just don’t see it happening twice for Disney.

  • Maire

    He is great.. but never like Zac, it’s just so funny how HARD disney is trying on finding the ¨Next Zac Efron¨

  • Kim

    @Maire: Its almost sad. They’ve been trying to find the next Zac and Selena since both left Disney. They should just accept it isn’t going to happen and move on to other stuff that doesn’t involve trying to find the “next” anyone. They’ve been trying to find the next HSM since forever.

  • OK

    There is only one Zac Efron ! Try all you want Disney there is only one.

  • pclain

    Actually Shia labeouf is the biggest that came from disney not Zac Efron.

  • claudia

    you cant get the next “zac efron” the same way u cant get the next “leo dicaprio” because although they may be similar, they can only be themselves and nothing more. disney has a hard time accepting this hence why they feel the need to constantly recreate a talent that cant be duplicated. selena gomez was moulded upon the mexican singer selena quintanilla but will never be as close to musical fame and admiration as the original deal. however selena g does acting therefore she is still very much unique

  • claudia

    @pclain: that is very true. although zac efron is big, shia, no matter how much people disagree, is much bigger and has worked with a great deal of big stars. he is currently working with brad pitt and logan lerman and i cant wait till zac gets to that point of working with huge stars.

  • mxxm

    Ross i love you but who compares you to Zac? if anyone is being compared to Zac it is Garrett Clayton even if Garrett himself will not be like Zac he is closer to the Zac mould.

  • OK

    Sounds like the old bait and switch game to me. They talk about how Ross is the next Zac , then after the movie the fan comparisons will be with Garrett. This way it looks like the fans “discovered” Garrett. Forget it, Disney would never do that.
    I’m sure both these guys are very talented and will stand on their own.

  • Maire

    @pclain: I didn’t even knew that Shia came from disney.. lol

  • Maddie

    Seriously already saw Teen Beach movie and there is no way on hell that it is the next HSM it was stupid and cheesy! But hey thats my opinion! Honestly no film from Disney Channel will ever top HSM no matter how hard they try! And ewww seriously comparing him to Zac Efron seriously?!


    Ewwww noooo no-one can be compared to Efron. There is no way Clayton is even close to Efron’s mould!

  • Kim

    @pclain: Shia only got true fame AFTER he left Disney. Disney doesn’t care about how famous you become once you leave the mouse house, they care about how much money you can bring in while you’re still a “Disney star” and I think its safe to say Zac was the biggest male talent they’ve had. Shia is doing very well for himself, but when he was a Disney star his show didn’t bring in the type of money/fame Zac/HSM did. So from a marketing standpoint, it makes sense they are trying to model him after Zac Efron. Plus, most of the young tweens who will be fawning over this boy where most likely either too young or not even born when Even Stevens was popular.

  • BO

    seriously , but why does anyone need to compare this boy to anyone amazes me .just let him be him .

  • kelly

    not because compared to ross lynch with zac efron because ross is much more beautiful than zac verily ross is beautiful zac only passable


    Ther’s only one Zac Efron and One High School Musical! This movie its never going to be like HSM.

    Zac is more beautiful than ross I cant believe that compares that…..

  • Kim

    Maybe its the simple fact that I’m in my 20′s now and therefore clearly no longer the target audience of Disney, but Ross just doesn’t seem to have the same heartthrob appeal as Efron. Zac Efron had a charisma about him (and still does) that I just don’t see in Ross. Maybe its also just the fact that I clearly am no longer attracted to a 17 year old kid lol.

    But best of luck to him. I hope Disney lets him have his OWN path instead of trying to mold him into Zac.

  • Ross

    Guys it’s ok if you compare me to Zac it’s a huge compliment