Ross Lynch: 'Teen Beach Movie' Premieres TONIGHT!

Ross Lynch: 'Teen Beach Movie' Premieres TONIGHT!

Ross Lynch sneaks a peek at the camera over his RayBan sunglasses in our exclusive JJJ Portrait Session.

You can catch the 17-year-old actor as Brady in Teen Beach Movie TONIGHT on Disney Channel!

The movie follows MacKenzie (Maia Mitchell) and Brady (Lynch) who find themselves literally transported into his favorite classic beach musical, set in the 1960s, about a rivalry between the surfers and bikers and a star-crossed teenage boy who likes a girl.

Check out the TBM album sampler below and read our interview inside…

“Teen Beach Movie” Album Sampler Interview – Ross Lynch

JustJaredJr: Let’s talk about Teen Beach Movie first! What can you tell us about Brady and how he compares to you and Austin [of Austin & Ally]?

Ross Lynch: He’s really laid back, go-with-the-flow surfer dude that kind of just takes life as it comes. He’s that kind of guy. I guess I can share that quality with him, you know the go with the flow personality. But I think he is way more laid back than Austin is, like Austin is like “My career, my music and I’m gonna be a huge rock star” and Brady is just like “Dude, I just want to surf that’s all.” That’s where they are different. Brady is like…he just takes life as it comes. That’s the best way to describe Brady.

JJJ: Did you actually get to do a lot of surfing?

RL: Yeah, actually a lot of our time in Puerto Rico was surfing. When we first got out there, they set us up with a surf camp, and that was dope because I love surfing. Surfing is really, really fun. When they started us off on foam boards obviously and then we worked our way to longer boards. Now I’m on short boards now and I’m shredding waves, it’s so much fun. Yeah, we went surfing a lot of the trip.

JJJ: What was it like working with Maia, Garrett Clayton, and Grace Phipps? Did you know them before or did you meet them on set?

RL: I spent a lot of time with Maia in Puerto Rico because we were in every scene together. Our characters were dating so we really had to bond and really become close to have the chemistry on screen. So I think Maia and I were the closest while we were in Puerto Rico, but everyone was super cool. I met Maia and Grace when we did the screen test for the movie and I actually met Garrett in the screen test too, but I didn’t get to read with Garrett. I got to read with Grace and Maia though. So when we went out there I met almost everyone in rehearsals. I think I met everyone right before we went out to Puerto Rico.

JJJ: How long did you rehearse for all of the singing and dancing sequences?

RL: Like two weeks before we went to Puerto Rico, we had all the dance rehearsals and we recorded all the songs before. The rehearsals were actually really fun because we all just messing around and learning all these 60s style moves and stuff and singing our hearts out. And when we went out there it just made our trip that much cooler.

JJJ: Cool! Now Austin & Ally is airing now as well. What can you tell us about what’s coming up?

RL: Well, when Ally starts to pursue her own career she has less time to really help Austin’s career so Austin starts to learn how to write his own songs – not to rely on Ally as much as he has in the past. Yeah, so it’s kind of like them stepping out on their own and their becoming their own artists. I mean, they’re still partners, but Ally has her own career now and Austin is starting to blowing up and writing his own songs so it’s getting to that level now on the show.

JJJ: Do you think it’s good that they’re just friends now, as they figure out their careers?

RL: Yeah, I think in the end that Austin and Ally are destined to be together; you know what I’m saying? But I think for now it’s good for the characters and to keep the show interesting because if they have the relationship so early in the show, where do you go from there? I think it’s good that they touched on it a little bit and then we’ll probably get back to that I think, I think because they’re destined to be together.

JJJ: What is a memory that stands out from filming the second season?

RL: The second season, oh gosh, there are so many funny moments on set where we were laughing and stuff. We experienced a lot of cool things that you wouldn’t get to experience on other shows since it’s a Disney show. We get to have lots of animals and lots of interesting things. Like on one episode, there was an animatronic bear, which is something that a lot of people don’t get to experience. But just a lot of cool stuff like that, we get to meet a lot of fun people, but overall it took us about seven to eight months to do all of season 2 so the whole experience was just a really good experience of learning and watching the directors and the producers and how they work and see their jobs and learn from everybody. And even learning from someone like Calum [Worthy] because he’s so amazing and Raini [Rodriguez], and Laura [Marano] and all of them.

JJJ: What is your usual fan encounter like?

RL: Depending on the age range, like if they are really little, I’ll just walk by them and they’ll stop walking and their face will drop. They will just scan my body and look at me and run up to their parents. Usually those are the ones that rarely come up to me unless their parents come up to me and are like, “Hey my daughter is too shy, can she get a picture with you?” But if they’re teenagers, they’ll be like, “Ross! Ross!” And they’ll yell at me and they’ll start a conversation. Yeah, so the older fans are more outgoing and want to talk to me and see what I’m like in real life. And the younger fans are just like “Oh my gosh!” It’s really funny.

JJJ: You’re busy with TBM and Austin & Ally, but you’re also recording with R5?

RL: I’m actually recording and writing our album with R5 right now. Four songs from the EP will be on the album, as well as six additional songs and bonus tracks. It should be out around like September or November.


Pictures #1, 4: TopMan shirt, Aldo shoes.

Pictures #2, 5, 6: Emporio Armani shirt, American Apparel shorts, RayBan sunglasses

Picture #3: Burberry Prorsum jacket, Aldo shoes.


Producer: Jared Eng (@JaredEng)
Photographer: Justin Campbell (@JustJustinNYC)
Stylist: Ashley Weston (@AshleyPWeston)
Grooming: Melissa DeZarate, Grace Phillips (@Grace_Phillips)

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