The Many Faces of Garrett Clayton -- JJJ Portrait Session!

The Many Faces of Garrett Clayton -- JJJ Portrait Session!

Garrett Clayton shows off his many facial expressions in this cool new shot from our JJJ Portrait Session.

The up and coming actor plays Tanner in Teen Beach Movie, opposite Grace Phipps, Maia Mitchell and Ross Lynch.

The movie begins on the last day of summer, where McKenzie (Maia Mitchell) and Brady (Ross Lynch) find themselves literally transported into his favorite classic beach musical, set in the 1960s, about a rivalry between the surfers and bikers and a star-crossed teenage boy who likes a girl, he is ecstatic for endless summer while she is eager to get back home to keep her promise to her family about her schooling.

Teen Beach Movie airs TONIGHT @ 8PM ET/PT on Disney Channel.

Click inside to read our interview with Garrett Clayton… Interview – Garrett Clayton What has been your favorite part about being a part of Teen Beach Movie?

Garrett Clayton: I loved being a part of a family. We’re all really close, I had a lot of fun.

JJJ: Were you intimidated about doing a musical movie?

GC: When I was growing up, I did a lot of musicals. If anything I think I was more excited than I was intimidated. I think the only intimidating factor was that, Disney has such a good history of making really good quality products so I just wanted to live up to that standard.

JJJ: Disney often makes sequels out of their musicals, do you think or hope there will be a Teen Beach sequel?

GC: Right now I’m trying not to have any expectations. If I’m honest with myself, I would love to do another one if the opportunity came my way. I think it would be fun to get back with my friends. Normally I’ve done a lot more movies than television, so I haven’t been able to be a character more than one setting usually. It would be cool to go back to a character and explore it after I’ve already started his story, to see where it continues.

JJJ: Did you and the cast hit it off right away?

GC: Yeah. They flew the four of us out first. We all knew that we really wanted to build chemistry and to do that you have to trust your scene partner. Grace and Maia talked about it a little bit and they got us all together. We went and swam out past the ocean to where we kind of had to like doggy paddle ourselves out, and we all told each other one secret. We all confided in each other and we built that trust out right off the bat, just to make sure that we all knew that we were there for each other and that we were ready to do this as a team.

JJJ: What’s your favorite musical number from the movie?

GC: I was lucky enough to be a part of a lot of them, but it’s so hard to choose because every one is so different. I had a lot of fun shooting “Surf Crazy” just because I was allowed to be such a big part of it. I got to do the beach ball section and then there’s a towel dance section, and these fun little catchy moments. I had a blast shooting “Surf Crazy” because it was so dance heavy. There’s two dancy heavy, two really dance heavy numbers in this movie, and that’s “Surf Crazy” and “Cruisin’” and I got to be a part of one of them. It was really fun.

JJJ: What is your favorite off screen moment from filming?

GC: We were up on a night shoot until 2 am. Me, Jess Keller, and a few of us were standing around. We were so tired that we got really slap happy. At some point, Jess, she plays Struts, and she wears these hot pink heels the whole movie, and she’s talking into one of her shoes and I’m talking into the other one and we’re hiding in a bush. We were literally acting like we were covert agents, hiding in a bush on the beach laughing, we were laughing so hard we were crying. They were shooting so we had to silently cry laugh, talking into hot pink shoes, hiding behind a bush. It was kind of crazy.

JJJ: Have you watched your co-star Maia Mitchell’s show The Fosters on ABC Family?

GC: Yeah, I have actually. I’m really proud of her. She’s worked really hard on that show and she’s really passionate about it. I’m really happy for her.

JJJ: What about Ross Lynch’s Austin & Ally?

GC: Yeah, Ross is so goofy on that show, it’s hilarious. I know Calum [Worthy] and Raini [Rodrguez] and Laura [Marano], they’re all so great, and I’m really happy for them that the show is going so well. And now Laura gets to perform her own songs so that’s even better.

JJJ: Your mom is one of your biggest inspirations, could you tell us about your relationship?

GC: Growing up, she was always the person who let me follow my dream. I was even talking about it with her today, ironically. She was always someone in my life who said, “If you want do something, do it. The only person stopping you is yourself.” Growing up, she’s always said, “Whatever you want to do, I love you no matter what. Whatever makes you happy, I support you. As long as it’s not hurting you mentally or something bizarre.” So in life I’ve lived like, if you want to do something, then do it. Ask all the questions you need to or figure it out yourself. There’s always ways to make what you want happen. And she worked really hard and was always there for me. But she always made sure that, when I wanted to get into this, she said, “As long as you keep your grades up and you don’t screw around, you’re allowed to do this.” So school always came first and that’s transferred over into my work ethic now. So she’s always been someone there for me and so welcoming and any bad day I’m having, she wants to hear what’s going on and then wants to help. She’ll work through any problem and she’s always there for me. And I’m always there for her. So we’re kind of a team.


Look 1: Penguin shirt, Vogue sunglasses
Look 2: TopMan shirt, Paul & Joe shorts, Converse shoes.
Look 3: Penguin shirt & shorts, Alexander McQueen for Puma shoes
Look 4: Penguin shirt.

Producer: Jared Eng (@JaredEng)
Photographer: Justin Campbell (@JustJustinNYC)
Stylist: Monty Jackson (@MrMontyJackson)
Grooming: Melissa DeZarate

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Photos: Justin Campbell for JustJaredJr
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