Ryan Murphy Talks Cory Monteith's Death, Calls Lea Michele a 'Strong Leader'

Ryan Murphy Talks Cory Monteith's Death, Calls Lea Michele a 'Strong Leader'

Ryan Murphy, the co-creater of Glee, has finally spoken out about the death of Cory Monteith and the show’s future.

“When you’re faced with something so sad and so shocking, what do you do? Do we cancel the show? Do we start shooting in January? What do we do?” Ryan explained to THR about the decisions he and the show’s producers were faced with after Cory‘s sudden passing.

“Ultimately, we decided the best thing for everyone is to get back to work and be around people who knew him and loved him so that everyone can grieve together.”

Ryan, who referred to Cory as an ‘older son’ during the interview, also discussed Lea Michele‘s strength and courage during this troubling time with E News.

“I’ve never met any 26-year-old person stronger than Lea. She’s really been the leader in this situation, which is very unfair in a weird way because this show has always been so complicated about characters merging into personal lives, merging into public identity, so it’s just all [bleeping] rough. It’s just rough and it sucks and there’s no right way to do it, but I just wanted people to know that there was nothing done without a lot of thought from a corporate level to a personal level, but ultimately, everyone involved made the decision, ‘OK, what does Lea want to do, what would Lea feel comfortable doing?’ This is what she wants to do.”

Ryan also shared that Cory‘s death will be written in to the third episode, following a two-part Beatles tribute episode for the season premiere. He has said Lea will be an integral part in figuring out the storyline and they will make sure she blesses each decision.

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  • Maddie

    Bull if anything they should end it after season 5! The ratings have been going down anyway and its gonna suck without him! If they do a season 6 as well then you know Ryan is doing it for the money! Most fans have even said it, they are not going to watch the show not only because its gone downhill but also because without Cory its no longer gonna be the same since he was one of the central characters!