Ashley Tisdale & Christopher French: Monday Shopping Sweeties

Ashley Tisdale & Christopher French: Monday Shopping Sweeties

Ashley Tisdale keeps close behind boyfriend Christopher French as they cross the street on Monday afternoon in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 28-year-old actress picked up a cool drink from Starbucks with Christopher, before heading to her fave boutique, Planet Blue.

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Over the weekend, Ashley and Christopher were spotted out at Runyon Canyon on a hike.

She also hit up Julianne Hough‘s 25th Flapper Themed birthday party.

20+ pics inside of Ashley Tisdale shopping…

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  • marc

    Cant wait for Left Behind shooting starts!

  • Susan

    It seems like all these young Hollywood girl’s do is walk around in legging’s and tanks all day long. Must be nice!

  • Whitney

    So is she ever going to do anything other than walk around getting her picture taken by paparazzi? Or has she just come to the conclusion that that is her only shot and keeping her fame?

  • Mll

    It seems like all she does is shop and pose for the cameras.

  • Jereme

    It seems like it is all she does because that is all she ever does anymore.

  • Jereme

    Her days really only consist of 4 things that she does anymore.

    1.) Going shopping every day like she needs to go shopping every dam day and like she really needs more clothes.
    2.) Going to the gym
    3.) Going to Coffee Bean to get Coffee.
    4.) Doing things with Chris

    You very rarely see her doing anything else than that. It really irritates the hell out of me when she posts things on twitter like when she goes places and says it is a much needed vacation. A much needed vacation from what? Walking around all day and hanging out with your boyfriend? Wow. Yeah that really does sound like she needs a vacation. She pretty much lives on vacation. There are a lot of people in the world who would kill to be able to do nothing but walk around. Other than Scary Movie 5 she really hasn’t done a damn thing since Hellcats ended.

  • Mary.

    First of all, you’re wrong, Jereme. That isn’t all she does.

    Ashley Has been working, even after hellcats ended. she doesn’t spend her time going on vacation, going to the gym, ect.

    so far for 2013-2015; She has 5 roles of projects coming out soon, 9 projects in her production company (she usually makes appearances in) that’ll be coming out, AND she has her 3rd album coming out soon.

    That’s a total of 14 projects (unless you count her album as one, which would be 15! )

    I’d say that’s a lot of stuff gong on..

  • Mll

    There’s no guarantee that all of those projects will come to fruition.

  • Jereme

    @Mary You say that Ashley doesn’t spend her time going on vacation, going to the gym, etc. but yet just about every time that we see any pics of Ashley she is doing exactly what I said she does plus going to the hair salon. So you don’t know what you’re talking about. As you have seen in the comments before mine I am not the only person who thinks that seems like all she does because it really does look like that is all she does.

  • someone

    @Jereme: That’s what YOU see! You don’t know what she’s been really up to.
    By just going to her IMDB page, you’ll realize that she has a lot of lined up projects, whether as an actress, a voice actress, or executive producer, and she’s also been preparing her next album.
    After finishing promotion for Scary Movie, I think (though not officially announced) that they started recording for “The Great Migration” (currently “filming” on IMDB). And in two weeks she’s going to start filming “Left Behind”. Not to mention her part in the upcoming ABC TV series “Super Fun Night”.
    All that mentioned, she has A LOT of work going on in Blondie Girl Productions.
    So “what it looks like” isn’t really what’s happening Jereme.

  • someone

    @Mll: True, but at least they’re existant. So there definitely are negotiations, meetings, scripts being given, etc… happening.

    Don’t be haters people. Get your facts straight.

  • S

    Excuse me.

    @Jereme: You forgot to mention that she also goes to the salon to get her hair done. That’s a pretty serious thing to mention.

    Funniest part of all? You used to wonder whether you were still a fan or not of hers but you only came here to talk sh*t about her. 1- Get a life (not as good as Ashley’s, but get one). 2- Honey, you’re just jealous of her. Accept it. 3- Keep on hatin… she’ll just spend more and more time on her vacation-style life.

    AND, people, as a matter of fact her whole day is not pictured in candids. You see what the PAPS do on their day (spotting celebrities and stuff). You DON’T see the rest of the day of these celebrities. Realize that.

  • Jereme

    @S I am not jealous of Ashley and I have no reason to be jealous of Ashley. Jealous of what? Jealous of somebody who got a boob job? Jealous of somebody who can’t stay in a relationship and doesn’t like to be single for very long when her relationships end? She goes straight from guy to guy which is why she has been in 5 relationships with 4 different guys in the past 4 years. Yeah I am so jealous of her. Note the sarcasm.

  • Caroline

    I’m a huge fan of Ashley .. but yeah I must admit she’s boring, only doing sport,shopping and cofee, since she’s dating Christopher French it’s horrible, that guy looks boring too , he’s a musician but he never do things “so musical” with Ashley. She needs to do more movies and cd’s .. Not only a CD every 4 years. She’s soon 30 years old. And we only remember her from HSM ! Wake UP Ashley !!!

  • kelly

    @Jereme: The fact that you waste your time on here saying false things about ashley is really stupid and immature. don’t you have anything better to do?

  • Jereme

    @kelly what exactly am I saying that is false?

  • Jereme

    @kelly I don’t see how anything that I am saying is false. I have been following Ashley for 6 years now and know her pretty well. I don’t say anything about Ashley that I think or that I know is false because that would be wrong and I wouldn’t do that.

  • claudia

    i just came here but i think that jereme is a former fan that was so dedicated that when things didnt exactly pan out for ashley (which i believe it didnt), it frustrated him and turned him into a “hater”. of course he has gone over the top and sounds very bitter towards ashley but some of his points, as well as others, are true. ashley hasnt done much since scary movie 5 and that didnt bring that much attention because it was terrible im sorry. hellcats was good but it got cancelled. the movies she has in pre production you cant really tell if they will be good or bad at this point but at least shes trying. i dont think we can comment on her relationships since its her personal choice, however i do feel that she has difficulties focusing on herself and is in need of love and attention a lot more than necessary. it happens im pretty sure vanessa started out that way especially after both broke up from their long-time boyfriends.
    in regards to her boobjob, well that was her personal choice. yes she did say she wouldnt get surgery again and although u should be careful what you put out in the media, its her personal choice and maybe she just changed her mind ??
    i always thought ashley would be the one to get furthest in comedy since she is so funny but she is fast approaching 30 with no true recognition apart from high school musical which a lot of people remember her from. zac efron is remembered for movies like paperboy (amazing btw) and charlie st cloud whilst vanessa is now remembered for spring breakers because it was a very controversial film. maybe ashley will get heer time in the future.

  • someone

    @Jereme: She started dating Jared Murillo in HSM2, which means in 2007. So 6 years, 4 guys (IF you counted that rebound guy from Boys Like Girls). That is really not a lot. Really. Her relationships last at least one or two year each, that’s a lot if you look around you and see today’s relationships. So there’s nothing wrong with having 4 boyfriends in 6 years. Grow the f*ck up.

  • someone

    And for the last time, you guys don’t see what celebrities really do in paparazzi pictures. You think you “know” you idols because you see some pictures of them on their daily life, but that’s not all they do. Paparazzi aren’t always around. They go to places where they think they’ll find celebrities and once they spot someone they follow them around for a bit and they move on to the next.
    Stop being delusional.

  • someone

    As for Ashley’s work, Scary Movie 5 was 2 months ago. And since, I believe she started working on “The Great Migration”, not to mention her production company. And she starts shooting “Left Behind” in two weeks.

    I agree, she’s still remembered the most for The Suite Life and High School Musical, but that doesn’t change the fact that she’s working, hard. Scary Movie 5 did pretty well in the box office, and put her face on the big screen across the world, but it definitely wasn’t enough. Let’s hope she gets more exposure soon with her lined up projects. She deserves it, and has the talent.

  • Jereme

    @someone when I said she has been in 5 relationships with 4 different guys in 4 years I was referring to the fact that when 2009 started, Ashley was still dating Jared. That’s what I meant by that. Not all of her relationships last that long. After she broke up with Scott the first time she went straight to a relationship with Martin Johnson (from Boys Like Girls) and that relationship didn’t last very long because before you know it she broke up with him and went straight back to Scott. After she went back to Scott for the 2nd time that didn’t last very long either.

  • claudia

    @someone: its true, nobody knows these people personally thats why all we can do is assume and hope for the best. i dont wish ashley any harm in her life or career just the best for her. for all we know she could be very stressed in her personal life and can only do so much, or she just wants to relax and isnt really into showbiz. to each their own

  • Jereme

    Claudia everything you said was very well said. I am bitter towards Ashley and yes maybe now I am a former fan of Ashley and I have my reasons. Her broken promise that she made about not getting another surgery is a part of it as everyone knows by my posts about how I feel about that. Another big reason I am bitter towards Ashley is what happened in 2009 through the first week that It’s Alright, It’s Ok debuted and she was promoting it. The day that it premiered on the radio which if I remember correctly was April 14, 2009, she was asked questions about her relationship with Scott and why a couple of weeks before that she got flowers from him. Her answers to the questions that she was asked was that there was nothing going on between them, that he is a good hot friend, that they have a creative relationship, and that she was single and she wasn’t ready to jump into anything. Well that was a big fat lie because a guy only gives a girl flowers only for specific reasons and people who are just friends don’t just give flowers to each other for no reason. Another reason that was a big fat lie is that not even a week later they were caught by the paparazzi in his car in a major lip lock. Ok Ashley if you’re single and are not ready to jump into anything than why are you getting flowers from him and why were you making out with him in his car? She certainly looked like she was ready to jump on his lips. The thing that irritates me is that she lied to Ryan Seacrest and everybody else that works on his show who were gracious enough to have her on his show. I just don’t understand why she lied about it knowing that the paparazzi follow her around everywhere and that people would eventually find out anyways. I mean I understand that those were personal questions that they asked but she could have just not answered the questions or said that she would rather not talk about it. So the fact that she lied that day and that she broke her promise about the plastic surgery are the 2 biggest reasons why I am really bitter towards Ashley. I have the right to feel the way I do because I don’t think I can be a fan of somebody who lies and breaks promises like she has.

  • ellie

    @jereme look i respect ur opinion but if ur gna say mean things about ashley why bother coming on this page its just stupid. She does work hard she has some movies coming out also working on a album. its not her fault the paparazzi are always there snapping pics of her and her bf.its her life so she can do what she wants, dont be so judgmental. i think shes an awesome person who has inspired me in alot of things and a great auntie towards her niece. so just leave her alone seriously.

  • Jereme

    @ellie Im being judgmental because some of the things that she does are wrong and disrespectful things to do but she did them. At least to me those things are disrespectful and for some reason nobody else wants to see it that way. I think it’s because it’s Ashley and people want to believe that she is perfect and that she never does anything wrong. Well she’s not perfect because nobody is and she has done things wrong because everybody does. As I said on other websites and other posts i made on this site in other Ashley posts I never thought that Ashley would stoop to the lows of lying to people, of breaking promises, and getting more plastic surgery done because I really thought that she was a bigger and better person that that but it looks like I was wrong. Hey if all of you guys want to be a fan of somebody who is disrespectful, who lies, and who breaks promises than go ahead and be my guest. I’m not going to deal with or put up with stuff like that from her anymore. I expected better from her.

  • rob

    Her best bet is to go back to TV and do comedy..that seems to be where he strength lies. It takes a lot of determination and balls to make it on the big screen.

  • kelly martineau

    That’s all these people do when they aren’t working shop work out. And hang out with gross men.

  • kelly martineau

    And get coffee. Forgot that.

  • lol

    @Jereme: ur ridiculous

  • Christi

    imo, her chest looks almost the same.. expect it looks like her push up bras made her boobs look slightly bigger. I’m not sure if you’re aware of this (doubt it since you’re a guy..), but there is girls out there who grow late in that area. also, push ups can make boobs look bigger.

  • Christi

    And I don’t see why you’re soo worked up about her hanging out with her bf and going on vacations. I really doubt you’re a fan of ashley because if you are, you would know that she’s has roles after hellcats, well over 10 roles after that show.

  • someone

    @Jereme: You’ve been saying the same things over and over and over. You know nothing about her life. Absolutely nothing. You DON’T KNOW if she had plastic surgery, you’re just assuming since her breasts look bigger. And then, you have the balls to go ahead and judge her for something you assumed she did! Stop being delusional, you’re acting as if you know her in person, but again you know NOTHING about her, except the things you see in blogs, tabloids or stuff like that, which usually are just people wanting to sell.
    And PS: In 2009, Scott & her started dating, she wasn’t dating Jared at that time. Get your facts straight.

  • k

    Well most of those projects an an actress after Hellcats you’re talking about are guest appearances… (I just looked her imdb page)
    -Phineas and Ferb: A show she’s been doing for years so nothing new or exciting.
    -Toddlers and Tiaras: A youtube video no more that 10mins.
    -Before We Made it: Actually never even heard of it
    -Raising Hope: A very small guest appearance.
    -Sons of Anarchy: A very small guest appearance. I saw it and I doubt she said more than 10 lines.
    -Sabrina: A voice over series (once again)
    -Super Fan Night: A guest role as Wilson’s sister. Not a regular from what I’ve heard.
    -Scary Movie 5: A continuation of the Scary Movie series that stopped being funny years ago.
    -Left Behind: A remake.
    -The Great Migration: A voice over again
    Ashley surely has projects in order to make money but not one of them is offering her growth as an actress and she’s not doing something original. As a producer she may do good, only time will tell of course, but as an actress she’s been doing the same things over and over. Even Selena Gomez, who is 8 years younger than her, is being more original in her acting career. She should try a couple of indies in order to grow even if she won’t get much money out of it. Maybe she’s happy with where she is and what she does but her fans should realize that she doesn’t have an impressive career so far. In fact she’s no where near that.
    Now you can all continue fighting and say I’m a hater. Byeeee!! :)

  • Kylie

    I think it has to do with the fact that she’s not ready to star in big name films. I heard that she is in talks to star in 22 Jump Street, not sure if this is true or not.

    but.. anyway.. she does have the talent to do really good with comedy stuff, though she obviously doesn’t want to. it seems like she prefers doing tv appearances and voice overs. Hopefully, in the future she’ll be brave enough and take a chance with comedy films, which is what I think shes best with besides producing.

  • Jereme

    @someone I do have my facts straight. you are misreading what I post because I said when 2009 started meaning January 2009 that her and Jared were still dating and they were. Go to an Ashley fansite somewhere look up January 2009 pictures and you will see pictures of her and Jared. Her and Scott didn’t start dating until towards the end of March 2009.

    For everybody who doesn’t believe that she had a boob job this link is for you: that is not a push up bra and yet her boobs still look bigger. now if she didn’t get a boob job than how do you explain that 1?

  • quiinn

    @Jereme: I’m not sure what you’re implying with that pic… her boobs look small to me like usual…

    fyi, she has been in long term rels. expect for martin, that was a rebound . there is sluty girls who get with guys everyday, so why get all brothered about ashley? at least she isn’t with a new guy every week.

  • someone

    @Jereme: Either you’re dumb, or you just desperately want to prove your point. You can’t chose a date and count boyfriends like that! That way, I can count 3 boyfriends of Ashley in less than two years (Jared, Scott and Martin). But that’s not true, because she was with Jared long before 2009 and stayed with Scott long after 2011. If you want to count boyfriends relatively to the years, count correctly.

  • okbridaldress

    Everyone has his own private life, star, too, such reports to her is also a kind of hurt.