'Bunhead's Officially Cancelled

'Bunhead's Officially Cancelled

Sad news for Bunheads fans — the series has officially been cancelled by ABC Family.

Bunheads is a wonderful series that we are very proud to have aired,” ABC Family said in a statement (via Deadline). “The series had amazing storytelling, the most talented cast and a passionate and loyal fan base. Recognizing all of this, we took extra time to try and find ways to bring the series back for another season, but in the end it simply wasn’t possible. We wish the cast and crew the best in their future endeavors.”

Starring Bailey Buntain, Emma Dumont, Julia Goldani Telles, Kaitlyn Jenkins, Sutton Foster and Kelly Bishop, the show followed Michelle (Foster), a Las Vegas showgirl marries a man on a whim and moves to his sleepy coastal town where she winds up working alongside her new mother-in-law at her dance school.

ARE YOU SAD Bunheads is over?

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  • A

    Abc family needs to stop getting rid of all the shows people actually watch. Soon they wont have viewers for any shows. Why take out all the good stuff for the fosters and all the new crap they are coming out with. annoying.

  • RoseBud

    blah i never watched it anyway did watch the lying game though and am pissed they got rid of it, also enjoying fosters alot but not twisted so much.

  • Emi

    I totally see this one coming. Although I watched the show it wasn’t that goo and the stories were all over the place, I mean they didn’t follow like a real storyline that leads to something. So sad for these girls ’cause the are really talented :(

  • Pathfinder

    This was ABC Family’s best show by far. I couldn’t care less about any of the other bland teen shows ABC-F seems to specialize in. No one writes banter like Amy Sherman Palladino. The series wasn’t about hard driving plot lines so much as drawing interesting characters and character arcs …and of course funny, quirky banter.

    If they’d made the call a few weeks earlier we at least could’ve seen Sutton Foster sing “Television sucks!” at the Tony Awards (very funny bit).
    Again, great show – it will be missed. Bye-bye, ABC Family….

  • living in the box

    ABC Sucks!!! this show have better review than GLEE!!!

  • Jenna

    They cancelled Make It Or Break It to bring in this show, and this show didn’t even make it even half as far as it did. What a waste. Glad it’s cancelled, this was one of the worst shows that I’ve ever watched. Main actor was incredibly awkward and made me feel uncomfortable when I watched. There wasn’t a point to the story either, it was going nowhere.At least they have a couple new shows now.

  • http://www.okbridaldress.com/ okbridaldress

    bc family although dissolved, but I still like them, they all have good development. Best wishes.