'The Fosters' Recap: Is [Spoiler Alert] Dead?

'The Fosters' Recap: Is [Spoiler Alert] Dead?


Tonight’s episode of The Fosters ended with a bang – literally!

After Jesus (Jake T. Austin) and Mariana (Cierra Rodriguez) visited their birth mom, who was sadly living in a very dangerous situation, Mariana finally fessed up to her moms Stef (Teri Polo) and Lena (Sherri Saum) about everything.

Because Jesus was still missing and presumed to be over there, Stef and Brandon’s dad Mike (Danny Nucci) went over to the house to find him and check out the scene.

And in the end, all we hear are multiple gunshots before the episode abruptly ends! We hope everyone is OK! What a crazy ending!!!

WHAT DO YOU THINK happened in tonight’s episode? Who got shot?

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  • lspring

    This should be edited so that it carries through with character names rather than actor names…

  • Bella

    I think Mike is no more, and playing that sad song isn’t going to be so hard next week. Hope I’m wrong.

  • Mia

    I think its Cierra Ramirez, but I think Stef got shot

  • julie

    I think Stef, Jesus, and Ana and her boyfriend got shot. The other shot missed mike. Brandon is mad at Mariana when they showed next weeks episode so it has to be Stef and Jesus.

  • Melissa

    By this article I think Stef got shot. SPOILER alerts.

  • TruDivvva

    Definitely think the dad is Done…all those other shots were aimed at the boyfriend! I hope Jesus is not gone, cause I’m gonna stop watching:( sad to say…but the twin concept gives the show character!

  • TruDivvva

    Ok so after viewing the link in the comment above…I agree that Stef has been shot and obviously Mike was not, so that leaves the BF being the one that died! I refuse to believe that Jesus is gone!!!

  • Laura

    I’m 99% sure Jesus was shot. At the end of the episode, there was a preview for the next one; and Steph and Mike were fine. However, Jesus wasn’t in the preview, so I’m pretty sure he was the one who was hurt.

  • Ash

    stef gets shot in the stomach and lives. lena and stef get married in last episode. ana is arrested and mike tries to stop drinking

  • Meera

    according to this , Stef was shot and possibly Mike. In my opinon Ana and her boyfriend shot them and mike shot them in defense. Thats why there was so many gunshots. If you look closly at the preview you will see that brandon get’s into a fight with marieana claming that ” we took you into our family and this is what you do?” so i have a strong feeling that stef was shot.


  • Nicole_belieber2799

    Stef got shot. Shes in the hospital. She recovers. Brandon is mad at Mariana because his mom (biological) got shot and its her fault. Callie talks to brandon about it and tells him not to be a jackass (not rly in a mean way…) and tells him he doesnt doesnt know what it likes to feel unwanted and feel like u never have enough. Not knowing why the people who brought u into this world and were suppose to love u more than anyone else, didnt. Wyatt is mad at Callie because he thinks something is going on with Brandon and her (I mean there isnt but we know deep inside Callie does have feelings for Brandon, And we already Brandon has feelings for Callie… ) But he might be trying to move on because he went to the concert with Talia… Wyatt breaks up with Callie. But Brandon gets back together with Talia:”(. In the summer finale Stef and Lena get married. And I think something happens with Callie and Brandon, that may put Callie and Jude at risk of staying there or being adopted. Thats what Ik for the next two episodes:) Srry if all of it doesnt happen but this is what is basically gonna happen. Hope I helped :O XD

    OH AND Ana gets arrested.

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