Big Time Rush: Is The Show Really Over?

Big Time Rush: Is The Show Really Over?

Last night, Big Time Rush aired the final episode of season four, “Big Time Dreams” — but is the show really over?

“Thank you to all the fans who have supported me through BTR. It’s truly been an amazing journey. And it’s only the beginning. Love you guys,” James Maslow wrote on Twitter after the show.

Kendall Schmidt added, “Hope you all enjoyed #BigTimeDreams !! By the way, nobody said we were going anywhere ;)”

In a new interview with MTV, the guys cleared things up — the show is done, for now anyhow.

“As far as we know, this might have been the last season, fourth season. There’s nothing official,” James said. “But either way, we’re focusing on tour, that’s our next mission and I believe we’ll do something after that but what it is specifically we’ll figure out after the tour is off the ground.”

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Faith @ 10:12 pm on 07/27/2013

I Love Big Time Rush So No!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

big time rusher 4ever @ 3:45 pm on 07/28/2013

Big Time Rush can’t be over!
They have so many RUSHERS and they are mostly known by the TV SHOW.

alyssa tywlak @ 2:00 am on 07/30/2013

I’ve been watching big time rush since they started. I almost broke into tears when I saw the flash beacks. I really dont want it to be over. I really want at least one more season if they can do it. They may be in their twentys but do they really want to cancel the show this soon like they did with Victorious and let all their fans down? I’m 12 years old and I love there show and so does my brother. He is 15. Please do at least one more season for not only me, but all there other fans too.
– Thanks

John @ 2:47 am on 07/30/2013

There will be another episode. A statement from Wikipedia says

On August 6, 2012, Nickelodeon renewed Big Time Rush for a 13-episode fourth season. Production began on January 7, 2013. The fourth season premiered May 2, 2013.

It has not been confirmed nor denied that there is a fifth season. Nickelodeon will decide in August.

I’m so happy it is not over for at least one more week

camila @ 12:46 pm on 07/31/2013

la mejor serie que e vistvida
en mi

Jalen @ 4:00 pm on 08/02/2013

@alyssa tywlak: ME TOO, I hope its not over

Jalen @ 4:22 pm on 08/02/2013

73-74 12-13 [76] “Big Time Dreams”[77] Savage Steve Holland Scott Fellows & Lazar Saric 2.4[78] July 25, 2013[10] 995-60[10]

The guys are invited to the 24th annual Tween Choice Awards, where the boy banders are nominated and booked to close the show. But before the foursome can take the stage, they uncover an evil plot to brainwash everyone in the audience. So BTR have to take down the bad guys and make sure the show rolls on as scheduled.[63]

Special Guest Stars: Austin Mahone as himself, Mindless Behavior as themselves, Nick Cannon as himself, Karmin as themselves, Alexa Vega as herself, Ryan Newman as herself.

Songs Featured: Get Up, Run Wild, We Are, Big Time Rush

Notes: The Tween Choice Awards is a parody of the Teen Choice Awards. The goop that fell on Camille and Jo when they went up to present an award was a parody of the green slime used at the Kids Choice Awards. This is an hour-long TV special. It is possibly connected with Big Time Movie, based on simmilarities in plots (both contain spy elements and dream plot point).
Note 2: This is the final episode of Big Time Rush.
Found This on Wiki I guess its over :(

Christian @ 12:54 am on 08/14/2013

Big Time Rush i really like the way when you did the last season number 4. but for me i want to be add the member one that band becuase i have been watching your guys sinces the frist one in throw this year as well so alot of people are saying one or for me i will say 30 more season i just enjoy it BTR

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Derek @ 3:38 am on 09/05/2013

Is it just me or should they do a collab next season with one direction or the wanted; next season. IF there is a next season, hopefully.

Ariam @ 11:21 pm on 09/07/2013

yea sadly i was crying lol

Christine @ 9:39 am on 09/15/2013

hey, I’m 15 year-old-girl from Korea. I’ve been to Canada for a year and I really enjoyed watching and listening to BTR. I’m back to my country and I was listening to Korean singers, almost forgot about them. But when I heard that this show is gonna be over, suddenly I felt so sad about why didn’t I continue listening to their music and watching their shows. I really love BTR and feeling so sad about the final. Love you guys, and please remember that there are so many rushers around the world!

Dana @ 4:07 pm on 10/30/2013

Hi, I have to say that BTR is a good show, and it has made me laugh alot. Which is a good thing. And I just have to say I am kind of disappointed. Also, during the fourth season, I created eleven episodes that could go with the show. I have been learning screenwriting for two years and taught myself how to. The show has taught me to ‘live it big time’. And that you can make it anywhere. If any of the four boys are curious of my ideas(no kidding, they may be). I could make a copy of them on this website SimplyScripts. And also it has a little sister for Logan. The series really focuses on their relationship(his little sister is Lilliana. In real life it;s not, it’s for the show). And in the first episode she pranks the boys(she has been known to do that). And at the end of he last few episodes, the brother-sister bond grows. This ‘season’ of mine focuses on the friendship between the boys and has a Valentines day Episode, a Big Time Movie 2, and a show final. Hope you guys are interested!

dina @ 10:05 pm on 11/20/2013

i cryed and i luv btr they r all hot and talented

Jeana @ 5:19 pm on 11/22/2013

@Jalen: Wikipedia is user-edited, so it may not be accurate.

Jeana @ 5:24 pm on 11/22/2013

It really hasn’t been confirmed nor denied, but I’m pretty sure the show’s over. I really liked Big Time Rush (the show), but every good thing has to end sometime, right? And maybe the show ending could bring good things, too. (e.g. More time to focus on the band, more touring, etc.)

Jenny @ 7:26 pm on 11/23/2013

I love BTR. It is an amazing show and I think they should continue it. They have so many fans that love the show, and their music! PLEASE KEEP BTR ON THE AIR!!!!!!

BTR can’t be over! They have so many rushers! Without BTR I’ll die! :’( I LOVE them so much!

emily @ 5:34 pm on 12/04/2013

NO!!! the show can’t be over think about you’re fan’s big time rush think about what got you to be a boy band and why you wanted to be one also think about you’re screaming girl fans who love big time rush why they wanted you to be a boy band in the first place I don’t think the big time rush screaming girl’s will be unhappy if you were really done with the show think about it first none of the screaming girl fan’s would be happy if the show was over forever all of the screaming girl fan’s love you and are crazy about you and have faith in you. I’m a screaming girl fan and I don’t want the show to be over. if the screaming girls found out that that the show was over they be really upset and not to happy about it if it was on the front cover of the magazine

James meylor @ 11:56 pm on 02/01/2014

@alyssa tywlak: I think they should do another season and the fourth season is the best yet.

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