Logan Lerman: I'm Flattered by Selena Gomez's Crush!

Logan Lerman: I'm Flattered by Selena Gomez's Crush!

Logan Lerman and Alexandra Daddario answer questions at the Meet The Filmmakers event for Percy Jackson: Sea Of Monsters held at the Apple Soho Store on Monday (July 29) in New York City.

The 21-year-old actor recently opened up about Selena Gomez admitting she has a crush on him.

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“I’ve never met her before, but that’s really nice,” Logan said in an interview. “She’s very pretty. I’ve very flattered.”

FYI: Alex is wearing a Dolce & Gabanna skirt and top with Jimmy Choo shoes.

Watch Logan address Selena‘s crush below!

TELL JJJ: Do you think Logan and Selena would make a cute couple?

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Credit: Fernanda Calfat; Photos: Getty
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  • Liea

    NO to logan and selena. A big YES to Logan and Alex! Perfect together!

  • Lolenashipper

    I ship Logan ans Selena together just as much as the next Lolena, but I unfortunately I don’t think it’s possible. Selena is very, how should I say it without it sounding like an insult, ummm, she’s very outgoing and craves the spotlight and fame whereas Logan, despite being an incredibly talented actor, he is very shy, mellow and private. So despite them both being the same exact age(21), both being cute-as-a-button attractive and both being so talented, their different personalities would cause a problem. Of course, the saying goes “Opposites Do Attract” so you never know. They just have to finally meet each other first..lol

  • Lana

    Logan and Selena would be so cute.

  • Jenn

    I’m not a huge fan of selena but from what I know she’s a very sweet and humble girl, do I do think they would be cute. They can be friends if not though. haha

  • Nelia


    Alex is gorgeous and all but is also 27 years old… I am telling you it’s not gonna happen.

    I ship Lolena too, but like above has said Selena has become way too into the spotlight. I don’t know why exactly she chose that path, her previous laid back sweet nature personality was very attractive.

  • jENNA


  • Janire

    Selena is basically on the media because of her relationship with Justin Bieber. I know she was famous before him but all the ‘Jelena’ thing is what keep her more relevant, and she likes that. Logan and Selena are both cute but as someone already said, he’s a private person and I think all the media spotlight wouldn’t help in his career as an actor. He’s one of the most talented young actors if not the most. No matter the rest, he would be more known as ‘Lolena’ more than his career, imo.

  • Janire

    @jENNA: You’re so right. It would be strange that Selena or another girl hasn’t a crush on him; he’s an amazing actor, cute/nice/beautiful and has a great taste in music! ?

  • claudia

    yeah i dont see it happening. at first when selena was in the media less then there was a higher chance but whether her fans want to admit to it or not she is in the media much more than necessary and it has kind of damaged her reputation. not majorly, but it will be harder to recover from this because not only is she a disney starlet, but she still deals with justin bieber, she insists on putting albums out although it has been proving that her voice is weak no matter how catchy her songs are. and she still has yet to prove that she can act. i personally think she is believable however in spring breakers, those were real emotions so how would she react in scenarios that arent set up?

  • http://@iamlokiodinson one who shall not be named

    @Liea: yaaaaaaayyyy

  • niina

    “i’ll keep that a mystery”
    haha logan you’re adorkable!

  • Kim

    I feel like a lot of people tend to judge Selena without knowing much about her. Yes It’s true she’s been more exposed to the media lately, but what nobody mentions is that she is still the same sweet girl she was at the beginning, and she’s so down to earth. I’ve met her several times in the past years and she’s always so nice and genuine. She’s on high demand now and she’s working hard. Also I find these “ship” things amusing. Like come on the girl just said she has a crush on him not that she wants to marry him or anything.

  • Yasmine

    Can I just take a flight to LA, kidnap Logan and keep him with me forever, please? *swoon* :’)

  • Nichole

    Hell no! Logandra all the way!

  • Joeschmoe

    Uuh…all yor Logandra shippers do realize that Alex is 6-7 years older than Logan, right? Think about it? Logan was only 17 and Alex was 23 when they met and filmed the first one. If they started dating back then, do you realize she could have been arrested for statutory rape if they got it on in the bedroom? Even though he seems like a smart, mature dude, he’s a kid compared to her. So whenever they get into an argument, what’s Alex going to do?..put Logan over his knee and spank him?

  • Joeschmoe

    meant to type “her” knee.

  • Percabeth_fan


    Age is just a number. It doesn’t mean a thing if two people of different ages are in a relationship as long as they love and respect each other. Logan and Alex are both really attractive and share the same interests so it’s understandable if they are actually dating.

    By the way, the photos of Logan and Alex are beautiful, JJjr. Tanks for sharing.

  • sexychic22

    Logan Lerman, get in my bed NOW!

  • Anon

    All the overexposed young celebs should take a leaf from The talented and smart Logan Lerman “I don’t talk about my personal life. I’d like to keep that a mystery”. Selena if you want him, better tone down on the exposure. Logan is just a sweetheart such a huge difference from Bieber and other young celebs

  • Dino

    I would definitely go g a y for Logan. He’s one great looking dude.

  • H

    Logan Lerman could not be more charming in that interview. No surprise all these Hollywood starlets have crushes on him from Selena, Debbie Ryan, Bella thorne and Britt Robertson who said he’s dreamy in an interview. The best thing is that he seems so self- deprecating like he can’t fully grasp why they all like him.

  • maria


    Don’t forget Lauren Jauregui from the American group 5th Harmony, Alli Simpson and Jeon Hyosung from the Korean group Secret all have mentioned Logan Lerman as their crush as well. And I agree with your last sentence. That’s what makes Logan even more attractive to me, the fact that he’s totally clueless on how special he is.

  • Bianca

    Logan and Selena? NO WAY!

  • Maddie

    Honestly i think they would make a cute couple! And Selena has been a fan of Logan Lerman for a while! Back in 2010 Selena Gomez told Ryan Secrest to look out for Logan and that he is talented and will be a big star! When Ryan asked if he is replacing Shia or moving in close (crush wise) she agreed that he’s moving in close with Shia (crush wise).
    And Logan even said he was flattered by what she said when Bonnie Hunt mentioned it in the interview she had with him on her show in 2010!

    Seriously they should totally get together! They both talented actors, same age and well they would just look sooo amazing and cute together! And he’s a billion times step up from JB!

  • nicki

    There is no one or no thing as precious as Logan Lerman. *just saying*

  • Logandra shipper

    @Liea: I Ship LOGANDRA alll the way!! Thats why at the end, when they asked him if hes single he kept it as a “mystery” ^_^ Logandra is hiding something :)

  • http://genevarcheng genevar

    I have to say, they would look cute together. But the chances of them dating seems very small… Selena is very outgoing and always in the spotlight but Logan is very shy and tend to lay low. Logan might feel uncomfortable with all the sudden attention if he dates Selena. So, I don’t think he would consider that.

  • Dana

    Him being so shy and modest makes him even more attractive.

  • http://@iamlokiodinson one who shall not be named

    @Logandra shipper: OMG YES!

  • Stacy

    Logan is not going to date Selena. That is never happening.

  • mvasr

    selena gomez’s and logan lerman’s peronality are complete opposites. no offense to selena, but i think logan’s more mature in terms to what he wants in his life. he likes living a low key life in hollywood and he doesn’t seek for attention. he just wants to work with amazing people in the industry and become a filmmaker someday. i believe that logan and alexandra are compatible, for the reason that their personalities mesh very well together. logandra shippers know what im talking about. and logan did say in one interview that age doesn’t matter to him so deal with it people. let him pick who he wants. but i really hope it’s alex.

  • http://adsdf elena

    i will kill selena gomez

  • PJOfanforevs

    NO WAY!!! LOGANDRA ALL THE WAY!!!! selena gomez is pretty but she’s not suitable for Logan.. x

  • Ava

    HECK to the no! Logandra forever! <3

  • Stephanie

    Heck NO to Selena! and heck NO to Alexandra. The only one that can have that gorgeous boy is me! ALL YOU GIRLS OUT THERE HEAR ME? LOGAN IS MINE!!

  • suma

    heck no!!!! Selena is more in media like spotlight but Logan is very shy. i think it should be Alex and Logan.

    He is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://google+ Marnie

    I think Logan and Selena will make a perfect couple! They’ll be the hottest couple of the month! I hope they do date.