Zac Efron: 'Parkland' To Open September 20th

Zac Efron: 'Parkland' To Open September 20th

Zac Efron looks distraught in this first look pic from his upcoming movie, Parkland.

The 25-year-old actor plays Dr. Jim Carrico, the only doctor on duty the time President John F. Kennedy was brought into the hospital, following his assassination in 1963.

“One of the greatest things about Parkland is that a few ordinary men were placed under extraordinary circumstances,” Zac shared with USA Today. “It’s amazing to witness people defy the odds in the face of chaos.”

Parkland is set to open September 20th, after a premiere at both the 2013 Venice Film Festival and 2013 Toronto International Film Festival.

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Photos: via USA Today
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OK @ 1:05 pm on 07/30/2013

I’m so excited to see this movie. Look at that pic.

OK @ 1:19 pm on 07/30/2013

Love seeing Zac in a film like this. I love movies based on historical events. Just hope it gets wide release.

claudia @ 1:27 pm on 07/30/2013

@OK: it probably will, with the festivals and what not. this movie is sure to spark controversy, being the subject matter had a TON of conspiracy. some say the novel was great, others say that it was a method of, basically setting in stone that it was in fact oswald and oswald alone who assassinated kennedy. due to the quite bias approach of the novel, it will be interesting to see the responses. and i hope you zac fans arent just watching it because hes in it but are genuinely intrigued by the background story. its not just about acting. it is literally reliving history, well, at least the history we are told

OK @ 1:34 pm on 07/30/2013

@Claudia I would see this movie if anyone was in the role. Zac is just an added benefit for me.
Thanks for the additional info.

claudia @ 1:55 pm on 07/30/2013

@OK: youre welcome :) i just see many fans of various stars who will watch a movie and proclaim it is amazing only due to the fact that their fav star is in it. im very interested in this movie. but the problem i have is that i dont know whether the attention brought will be positive e.g. oscar nominations, or negative since it is a bias perspective of the assassination. the whole movie revolves around the physical evidence of the assassination, but how much of that are they REALLY going to reveal and keep hidden? the movie came at perfect timing, just as the parkland memorial hospital is said to having its 50th anniversary plus is doing pretty bad it will regenerate the energy it once had, bringing new visitors interested in the history…if the movie is executed well. nevertheless i am very excited:)

OK @ 2:24 pm on 07/30/2013

@Claudia Thank you again. I do see what your saying and your concerns. It is a disservice to ones fav. if that is the only reason one says it is a great movie.
I will say how good a movie looks but I give my honest opinion after I see it. (Fav. or not)
As far as Zac is concerned I have no problems so far. Just hope I can say the same thing next year.
Have to run but once again thanks for the info..

Sharona @ 2:26 pm on 07/30/2013

I would have gone to see Parkland regardless of who was in the cast, just for the background history of the people involved. The fact that Zac is in it is just the icing on the cake!

Cannot wait to see the trailer! And this better not be another limited release indie. I went through that with The Paperboy and At Any Price and that was damn frustrating! I want to see Parkland IN A THEATRE and not just on a DVD 6 months later!!!!!!!!

claudia @ 2:46 pm on 07/30/2013

@Sharona: it will probably be widely released. at any price and paperboy was limited but i didnt mind since it got good reviews on zacs part. it helped him grow and understand that its not just about the money, but the concept of drama and how you can really feel the character. now, he is ready :)

IMO @ 5:39 pm on 07/30/2013

@claudia: Hi nice to meet you . I love your posts they are very well written,articulate, and well thought out. I hope to see many of your posts and opinions in the future.
I agree with so much of what you said. I love the interest and excitement that Parkland is stirring up. I have such high hopes for this film and yes for Zac Efron. He is proving himself to be an actor to watch. He grows more with each performance and surprises many doubters. Not just because of his good looks but he brings a curiosity to his characters that you want to know more about them. I also would have seen this film whether Zac was in it or not but it just makes it all the better since he is an actor that I do think has the likability factor that is crucial to make it .

OK @ 10:00 pm on 07/30/2013

@Sharona it is looking more and more everyday like it will be in wide release.

OK @ 10:02 pm on 07/30/2013

@IMO I have to say know matter where you post I love the interesting things you say.

OK @ 10:21 pm on 07/30/2013

What more can I ask for? history and Zac both in one movie.

OK @ 10:44 pm on 07/30/2013

I hear zac does not have a big part in this movie but his story line is one of the most interesting.

OK @ 11:50 pm on 07/30/2013

I see at the Venice film festival it is one of the critics top pics. for viewing.

OK @ 11:53 pm on 07/30/2013

Once again Zac takes a whole new direction when it comes to choosing projects.

IMO @ 11:58 pm on 07/30/2013

@OK: Thank you and yes you hear right. As usual. Take care it sounds as if your very busy but these days that’s all good. Kinda like another young man we all know. LOL

nic @ 1:06 am on 07/31/2013

LOL… I saw from my phone on a break today that @IMO briefly got Zac up on top but Jonas’ selfie knocked him right off… until @OK got off work!

@OK I can’t wait to see this too and love the pic also!!!

OK @ 1:29 am on 07/31/2013

@IMO This last week is as busy as Award season. Another day or two and I can rest again. LOL Never as busy as he seems to be.
Just can’t wait for this movie.

OK @ 1:32 am on 07/31/2013

@nic LOL I did not know it was on top earlier. Not to take away from the movie but this is one of the best pics. from one of his movies I have seen.

OK @ 1:33 am on 07/31/2013

Sorry, I am so tired that should say I have ever seen.

OK @ 2:45 am on 07/31/2013

Just needed one more loo before turning out the lights.

nic @ 2:57 am on 07/31/2013

@OK one more look for me too. It is a great pic. And it was only on top for a sec earlier. I saw it on top when I checked the site, clicked in, read the comments and IMO’s was the last, clicked again and it was gone from top. LOL, but you took care of fixing that. A pic this good def deserves to be on top :)

yeah yeah @ 3:27 am on 07/31/2013

I hope it goes wide. Please!
Can’t wait for the trailer.

yeah yeah @ 3:30 am on 07/31/2013

You are right that AAP and The Paperboy got critical acclaim for Zac’s performance. But I wish this movie works for the critics, for Zac and the Box Office as well.

Rosalie @ 4:09 am on 07/31/2013

Honestly I disliked Zac during the High School Musical era, but now I love him. I like how he is exploring and taking on different and more serious roles. Can’t wait to see the movie!

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