Selena Gomez Earns First No. 1 On Billboard 200!

Selena Gomez Earns First No. 1 On Billboard 200!

Congrats, Selena Gomez!!!

According to Billboard, the 21-year-old actress/singer has officially earned her very first No. 1 title on the Billboard 200 chart with her new album Stars Dance. The record sold 97,000 copies in its first week!

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“I just want to say thank you all for an amazing birthday week. The success of this album has been the greatest gift!” Sel recently tweeted.

Selena celebrated her birthday that same week with a party, which was attended by her on-and-off boyfriend Justin Bieber.

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  • io

    The record sold 97,000 copies in its first week!


  • tea

    wow first number 1 and still sold 13 THOUSAND less than DEMI LOVATO DID THIS YEAR ON HER FIRST WEEK.

  • Tiffany

    Hey, 97,000 is nothing to be ashamed of! I think that’s really god. Especially since she’s only a part-time singer.

  • javi

    what i think is incredible that she sold more than jay z. i know is early in the year but i think she should do more promo if she wants to stay #1.

  • mxxm

    congrats Selena on your first number 1

  • lol

    I agree with Javi – “incredible” that she sold more than Jay Z & poor Demi sold more than 110,000 her first week and only made #3. sales must be in a slump if Selena can beat Jay Z !

  • jasmin

    @Tiffany: I agree.

  • javi

    @lol: i said incredible becasue im a fan of hers but also surprise becasue jay-z has a bigger record company i guess they thought his famous enough and dosen’t need alot of promotion but with all these young singers he and robin thick need to promote the albums more.and demi’s problem is she’s on her tv show and can’t promote her album like selena or ariana grande or robin thick. and her fans are right she needs to leave hollywood records.

  • Annie Vo

    @tiffany: absolutely agree, a part-time singer :D that is good enough :D
    i still fall in love with her movies, and 2 (or 3) more r coming up

  • http://RoaaJustin Dlooo000

    It’s distasteful and despicable because it resembles a monkey I love it hate hate

  • http://RoaaJustin Dlooo000

    It’s ugly and Lah to Sete wholesale but Qahbah the beauty of it is similar to a monkey that his hair is not this hair real hair it Ahiot

  • Iris

    congrats!!!! that’s awesome…. :)))


    She has not out sold Jay Z.Holy Grail sold 733,000 copies,Selena 97,000

  • jasmin

    The whole thing is that her album is #1 on Billboard 200 replacing Jayz album as number one on the charts.

  • claudia

    i dont get it is it fixed or something? and im not hating on selena because this is a great accomplishment for her but…she only sold 97,000 copies, jay z sold 733,000 and even demi lovato sold around 100,000. how did selena beat both of them with a lower amount of album copies sold?

  • Janey

    Miley got her first number one on billboard 200 at age 13

  • Meghan

    I have nothing against Selena but her new album is kinda horrible their are only like 3 good songs the rest really are terrible.

  • hedwiga

    Too bad she can’t sing.



    She beat Jay Z because he has already been #1 on the charts for 2 weeks.If Jay Z or Demi had released their albums at the same time Selena would not be #1.Selena is # 1 because no other major artists are releasing new albums this week.

  • Mila

    Nicely done for someone who only does this for fun…. I hope this tour ends soon and she can go back to making good movies. I love Selena but she should stop singing and be more of an actress, it will definitely set her apart from Demi and Miley who everyone seems to mention whenever Selena has a success. She should not be a musician, her face and voice and body scream actress…. While Demi and Miley cannot act to save their lives.

  • anonymous

    Good for her for getting her first number 1. 97,000 is a lot but its still quite low for a mainstream compared to what some other singers sell within a few days. Her new album has a catchy sound, but she still needs singing lessons for her live vocal performances because a lot of it is still supported by background vocals. She is an average singer at best and the sexy or edgy image does not suit her. Some of her songs are not bad though. Most of her success is music comes down to the talented writers.producers who make those songs for her which are catchy enough to attract young fans and teenagers.

  • miror22

    hahhaah funny

  • Leyra

    she sold 200k plus in total that 90k is only in united states proves shes famous more overseas!