Jonas Brothers Talk New Music & Tour with JJJ!

Jonas Brothers Talk New Music & Tour with JJJ!

Check out‘s brand new interview with the Jonas Brothers!

The guys – Joe, Nick, and Kevin – sat down with JJJ to discuss how the “First Time” video came about, which new songs they love performing, how interacting with fans is different now, and what life is like back on the road.

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Be sure to check out the video for “First Time” which premiered online last month.

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Just Jared Jr.: So where did the concept for the “First Time” video come from?

Joe Jonas: It was originally a bigger budget video that we had a concept for, and then the song accidentally leaked. So we had to find a way to film a video in a three-day span and try to beat the big push of the song. So we called all of our friends from west coast to east coast, and it was kind of our idea along with a younger group of guys that are doing some directing and cinematography stuff. We got together and just came up with this concept and flew all of our friends into Vegas and just hung out for a weekend. Obviously there was staged stuff so it wasn’t just us partying or anything like that, but it came out way better than we expected because we were just having so much fun.

JJJ: Tell us what makes V different from your previous albums?

Nick Jonas: I think the biggest difference in this new album is the fact that it started with us and it finishes with us as well as far as how we release it. We are our own label, we’re in control of our destiny, and it gives a lot of freedom on the creative side. But also, with how we release it, and what we can do there to have a better connection with the fans. To use this new age to release the music and it’s been great so far. And once we dive into the different sound of the record, I think that a lot of different inspirations over the three and a half, four years that we took off, and we kind of all brought our own inspirations and influences to this, it made it very different.

JJJ: Any idea what the next single will be?

Kevin Jonas: We have ideas, but we’re just really focused on “First Time” right now. But we’re playing a lot of the new songs on the tour, and we’re starting to feel what may or may not be the next one.

JJJ: Do each of you have a favorite from the new songs to perform?

Joe: There’s a song called “What Do I Mean to You” that we’ve been playing, it’s a little bit more of a rock song with a kind of dub-step influence. Or as Nick says, post-traumatic stress…

Nick: Post-traumatic dub-step.

Kevin: Dub-stress!

Nick: I think I’ve got a different song every week that becomes my favorite. “What Do I Mean to You” that’s one of them, a song called “Sandbox” is another one that I love. It really just kind of depends where my head’s at that week and I go for it.

Kevin: For me there’s one called “The World” that I really love. It’s really fun, we play it live. We’re gonna play it tonight!

JJJ: What’s the best part about being back on the road again?

Kevin: Just being able to be in front of the fans again and being able to interact and being able to make the music live. We worked so hard in the studio for the last year, year and a half, so to be able to be on stage performing those songs that we worked so hard for and seeing the response has just been incredible.

JJJ: Is interacting with fans different now as opposed to three years ago?

Nick: Completely.

Joe: Yeah. I think the biggest difference is that they’re a lot older, and it’s cool to see fans in every city. Not any city in particular, but the first twenty rows that we can see clearly, cause everything else is kind of difficult to see, but the majority of the fans have like beers in their hands or drinks. It’s nice to see that they are aging up with us, our core audience that has been supportive throughout time. But also we’re even asking people, ‘Is this your first Jonas show ever?’ and the majority of the crowd raises their hand. It’s nice to see that it’s not just a recycled group of fans, it’s new fans that are also coming to our shows. At this stage in our career that’s really great to feel.

JJJ: What’s the hardest thing about getting back on the road after so long?

Nick: I think the hardest thing about getting back on the road, to be honest, each of us outside of what we do together have our own world now, which I don’t think was the case three or four years ago when we were touring and all of that. So we’ve spent significant time the past couple of years building that world up and sort of building our circles of friends and our homes. I know I value now sleeping in my own bed way more than I did in the past. I think that’s just something that happens over time when you sort of set up your home. So being away from home can be tough. Luckily we get to be with our family, so that’s not so much the issue, but more just being in your own space. That’s hard to get used to. But it’s all good, we love what we do and we love being in front of our fans.

JJJ: What’s the best advice you could give a young artist trying to make it in the industry today?

Nick: Two things: I think the first is, it is true that practice makes perfect. It’s not even so much practice that you’re thinking about, where you say I’m gonna take an hour out of my day every day to work on my instrument. It’s more about, you know, finding ways to just grow and be better that are actually inspiring and fun for you. And surrounding yourself with people that are more talented than you so you can try to pull from them. I think the other part of it is that the minute you see a little bit of a success or something good happen, don’t believe your own hype. It’s way easy to get in your own head and think more of yourself than you should. It’s just good to keep it low-key.

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