Bonnie Wright: Italy Holiday with Mystery Guy

Bonnie Wright: Italy Holiday with Mystery Guy

Bonnie Wright plunges into the blue waters below while out on a boat with a mystery man on the Amalfi Coast, Italy late last month.

The 22-year-old actress, who just wrapped up a string of performances on stage in The Moment of Truth, was seen relaxing on Lovely Tim with her mystery guy.

“I learnt my lesson from the last time that it isn’t something I should talk about so openly. I am happy – I’ll say that,” Bonnie told The Telegraph earlier this year about keeping her romance a secret.

Bonnie tweeted about the end of her holiday, “Last day in Italy…luckily as my ever growing muffin tops I’ve had to re-name my pizza crusts.”

15+ pics inside…

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Photos: AKM-GSI
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  • Lupua

    Guys, this is her private holiday. Leave her alone.

  • http://Facebook Abdullah

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  • Mona


    Like. Yes, please.

  • Fernando

    Bonnie is very beautiful!!

  • Fernando

    I’ve always found Bonnie prettier than Emma Watson in Harry Potter franchise.

    Bonnie is incredible!

  • Danielle

    Bonnie is beautiful and this guy seems really normal, so I’m happy for her, especially after her last boyfriend.

  • Jorie

    Good for Bonnie.

    Let’s wait and see if Bonnie’s passive aggressive fan who always changes her name, but yet makes her appearance. She always comes sooner or later. Countdown, 3… 2..1…

  • lucy

    She is very plain and Boring!
    EmWatson is so much better tan this girl :P

  • Jorie

    @lucy: Different strokes for different folks. It’s called “opinion”. Everyone has one. I love Bonnie more, but I don’t hate Emma, nor do I feel the need to trash one to love the other.

  • Louise Metcalf

    @Danielle: But – this guy seems to be Simon Hammerstein, owner of The Box Club in London (and there is one also in NY I guess) – he has some doubtful reputation as far as I found. If it is true what one can find written on the web about Simon Hammerstein, Jamie is way more “normal” than the new guy. This connection would gain both parties a great deal of publicity. I wonder if they were just paparazzi victims, or if there is more to it. If Bonnie was so cautious about keeping her relationship low key, then why did she reveal sufficient information on twitter and instagram where and when she would spend her holiday – a perfect invitation for paparazzis.

  • Jorie

    @Louise Metcalf: Oh look, the passive aggressive fan is here.

  • Louise Metcalf

    @Jorie: You changed your name, too. And always come here, too, so as to judge other people’s comments.

  • Jorie

    @Louise Metcalf: I like how you admit you’re the passive aggressive fan. ;) Your comments can’t be taken seriously.

  • Danielle

    @Louise Metcalf: LoL, sorry… but I like this guy better than Jamie. I always thought Jamie was gay and I hated the way he dressed like a hobo. By “normal” I meant he isn’t an actor or a celebrity. I don’t really care about him beyond that.

    The fact the media remains clueless as to who he is shows that they haven’t been paying attention to her twitter or instagram, as she’s named him herself. :-) If you knew anything about Bonnie, you’d know she hates the paparazzi/attention and was clearly papped without her consent. But since you missed the minor detail of the press not knowing who he is (yet she’s named him), you clearly don’t know a thing about her and are this “passive aggressive fan” Jorie is talking about. I doubt the fact they’re dating is going to garner much press aside from what’s already been posted here and the Daily Mail. She named him and no one cares. That’s why I prefer him to Jamie; he’s normal. The Twilight/Harry Potter couple dom fiasco is over. Sorry to burst your bubble!

  • Louise Metcalf

    Read carefully – I haven’t admitted anything. What people post here is called “opinion”, using your own words.

  • Jorie

    @Louise Metcalf: You said “you changed your name” too, meaning… you knew what I was talking about. I read very carefully, hon. I know who you are. I’ve known for years.

  • Danielle

    All these comments got her to be the #1 story! COOL

  • Michelle

    I love myself a pale girl. Hope she packed lots of sunscreen, can see she’s burning a bit already.

  • cate

    She’s plain as a barn door but surely she can do better than the ugly guys she dates.This dude seems very sketch. His club has a dodgy reputation and isn’t he married? I remember reading a story about his wife.

    She says she doesn’t want to talk about her relationship but she posts personal pictures featuring him and his full name for anyone to see on her public instagram. If privacy was so important she could have left his name out of the pictures at least. She clearly wanted the attention.

  • Danielle

    @cate: He’s divorced and it was friendly. I don’t really care about this guy’s looks, I’m not the one dating him, she is. It’s her life, not mine.

    Posting him on her instagram is not exactly talking about the relationship in the public, either. It’s an instagram photo. Lighten up, dude.

  • Saffie

    I hope she loaded up on the sunscreen. I sense a bad sunburn coming her way.

  • Kristen

    she has great legs

  • marylou

    lol at anyone who thinks Bonnie would get her picture taken for attention. She rarely gets papped and she’s been with this guy for 5 months at least and this is the first anyone’s seen him. Try harder, trolls.

  • Mia


    But it gets your attention. You being here commenting nonsense gets your attention.

    Actually, most of her fans are not happy that this came out, enjoying how Bonnie is not as famous as others. Funny how you say those things, been following Bonnie’s life? Addicted to mock her anywhere? Were you from PS?

  • Mia


    well, not to Bonnie’s fans.

  • marylou

    @Mia: huh?? you seem more into her life than I am. Whats a PS?

  • marylou

    @Mia: I am not a Bonnie hater, by the way. I like her. My comments were directed at those who think Bonnie called the paparazzi on purpose for attention, when it’s verrrrrrrry obvious she’s not the type to call photographers.

  • okbridaldress

    This is a good girl, young people fall in love is very normal.There is nothing to fuss.

  • Homer Bean

    It surprises me she is with this guy. Not only that he is unattractive, even compared to Jamie, but a guy who runs a burlesque nightclub and having been accused of sexual harassment. I wonder how long this relationship will last.

  • Clementine

    @marylou: I guess you are right. She’d put on waterproof makeup and more fashionable swimwear.

  • Goose


    LOL you’re spot on that the passive agressive troll would come. I knew as well. Nice that you’re on time troll aka Louise Metcalf.

  • Jorie

    @Goose: they’re back as, but changed names. *points above* ;)

  • Goose

    @Jorie: It’s hilarious. You can count on them to be here anytime with made up stuff from their ass. He or she is back on as Homer Bean. Hi passive agressive person!

  • Jorie

    @Goose: It honestly makes me crack up to see what nonsense they’ll come up with in every post and it drives her post # up.

  • Katie

    Nooo bonnie this guy is not good enough for you :(
    I’m so sad, his reputation is not good
    Please get back with Jamie, he’s not perfect but at least he’s your age and doesn’t make his money by owning a seedy club :(

  • Danielle

    @Katie: Ew, I would never want her back with Jamie. He moved on within weeks. Why would she go back to someone like that?