Vanessa Hudgens & Ashley Tisdale: 'Inner Circle' Promo - Watch Now!

Vanessa Hudgens & Ashley Tisdale: 'Inner Circle' Promo - Watch Now!

Looks like Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Tisdale are hitting the small screen together!

The two BFF’s have teamed up for a brand new E! special called Vanessa & Ashley: Inner Circle.

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During the special, cameras follow Vanessa and Ashley as they go about their lives – grabbing lunch, twerking at the dance studio, and much more!

Be sure to catch Vanessa & Ashley: Inner Circle when it premieres exclusive on E! August 8th at 10PM!

Vanessa Hudgens & Ashley Tisdale – Inner Circle on E!

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  • Liberty

    My overwhelming thoughts on this is WHY,WHY WHY?
    1) This is cheap tv.
    2) Vanessa does not need to participate in this type of contrived rubbish.
    3)Yes this will be Vanessa and Ashley,but it will be the Vanessa and Ashley the cameras want you to see.
    4)I admire both women. Vanessa was fantastic in The Frozen Ground, she does not need to start doing stuff like this. Ashley is good at producing shows with her company and has starred in some good shows. Neither needed to do this show.
    5) Does it have a purpose? I think the fact it’s being aired on E! says it all.

  • IMO

    @Liberty: Pretty sure Vanessa did this because she is Ashley’s friend. Y’know to help out Ashley’s new show. Regardless I’ll be watching it.

  • Chris

    I can not wait to episode!
    in there is news about latest project of ashley! new animated Christmas movie Saving Santa!

  • Kittyfornia

    I so gonna watch it! Can’t wait.

  • Pam

    @Liberty: I agree and I do think that Vanessa is helping ashley with this, 1.- it’s the first episode. 2.- ashley is producing it.

  • Mll

    Now we get a first hand look at their lavish lives of privilege and overconsumption.

  • lilit

    Woohoo! Can’t wait!

  • kelly martineau

    I’ll watch it. Both of them are dessparted to work. So they had to make a t.v. show about llife.

  • kelly

    Only 1 episode is going to be about them. Each episode is going to be about a different group of celebrity friends and different interview questions. Ashley is just the first episode because it’s HER production company

  • Manuela

    I AM SOOOOO EXCITED, I CANNOT PUT IN WORDS HOW EXCITED I AM!!!! Vanessa and Ashley together are just amazing, but a tv show of both of them together is just perfect!!!!!!! CAN’T WAIT!!!

  • Whitney

    Lol, Ashley once said she would never do a reality show, but of course, then she actually had a career, now it’s whatever will get her some attention.

  • kelly

    @Whitney: I would hardly call doing one special where you interview your best friend “doing a reality show” it’s a series of specials created by Ashley and he production team AKA HER CAREER. And like I said, she’s not in ever episode… Maybe before you say things you should actually know what you’re talking about

  • claudia

    @Liberty: i completely agree with you. im a fan of vanessa now and its clear that this is just to help out ashley although it doesnt put her in the best light (she should have said no honestly but i think shes too nice). the same way selenas personal special with ryan seacrest didnt help her image. on the other hand it didnt really harm it either. i thought i was the only one that believes that this isnt the best move being that vanessa is finally starting to be taken seriously and shes gone and done this. i mean frozen ground is receiving good reviews about her acting thats why i find this unnecesary. as soon as she promotes frozen ground in the us and her other movie, i hope all this stops. the constant sightings, random events etc. because the sooner it stops the more likely people respect her. im not a hater, i just want the best for her and her career.

  • claudia

    and its clear that this is all for ashley since 1. its her production company 2. vanessa just said not long ago she doesnt like fame so why do this? hmmm and 3. lets be real here ashley isnt as relevant as vanessa is if we are comparing relevancy in regards to acting.

  • ann

    is nobody gonna point out that vanessa is probably the only disney star that can twerk and has an as$? nope? ok.

  • holly

    this makes them look cheap and their not. i mean the whole thing i just dont get the purpose. like everyone has said its for ashley cuz im pretty sure vanessa said she wouldnt want to do a reality show or anything like that just acting and maybe a hippie clothing line. this = dumb

  • Chris

    Ashley in new animated Christmas movie Saving Santa! confirmed by Mark Yaeger ! ashley in this movie will be voice of character and singing a couple songs !

  • Liberty

    I fully respect that as stated by others V probably did this to help A out, that’s admirable. But V also has to think of her own career and I don’t see how this will help her. The industry she is in everything she does is scrutinised.And can be used when people offer her work.Starring in some E “interview” style show to help her friend out is lovely. I just hope it’s produced well and does not make Vanessa look ridiculous.

  • Saffie

    Vanessa obviously did this show to help out Ashley. Let’s be honest: would anyone be interested in this if it weren’t for the fact that Vanessa will be in it? I’ll certainly be watching. One thing I can say is this: I know Vanessa is beautiful but I’m always awed how beautiful she comes off on camera….physically and personality wise. She is gorgeous.

  • just an opinion

    vanessa has what u call a golden tongue. after observing her, i feel that she is an extremely good liar (like me lol) which is what makes her an excellent actress because u believe her fully. this is actually helpful to her career but because she is so good on camera, this special will probably be pointless since is she good at concealing the truth so this stuff is just pure raw entertainment. i mean shes not gonna say stuff that will bring controversy, but she will say stuff that will keep people interested. the same way her $$ex song was for spring breakers, and people quickly forgot that because it was pure fun. chill guys this might turn out ok. vanessa seems to get away with a lot lol.

  • Another Opinion

    @just an opinion: I think just the opposite I think she is pretty truthful when she answers questions and that is what gets her into trouble. I think she knows when to keep her mouth completely shut yet she does answer some questions which it probably would best she didn’t. I do agree this is just to help out Ashley and it’s just for fun.

  • someone

    Anyone saying they’re too desperate to be on E!, remember that E! is a well-known and watched channel around the world.
    I guess Ashley had to make this first episode herself so that other stars will say yes to do the show, and Vanessa was nice enough to accept doing the show.

    Personally, I’d love to watch the episode, it would be a good look at their amazing friendship!

  • just an opinion

    @Another Opinion: hmm. interesting response. i think that in the past she was definitely a little too truthful about certain subject matters but i think it was only because it was around the time of her scandal so she wanted to just clear the air. now she understands that she needs to keep quiet which is why i thought she probably lies here and there and no one notices because shes that good. i find vanessa to be the complete opposite to selena (although they have the same team) who is very careful what she says yet vanessa just says what she wants but that doesnt necessarily mean its completely true. the way she fluently talks and the flow of her speaking is helpful.

  • IMO

    @claudia: I really do like Vanessa and think she is something special, and talented. I do agree that she is overexposed as so many people do. But I saw a very interesting article about paps and how they get paid. Yes , there are some people who call them but it said that some people that they have on their radar are people that have known schedules and are easy access. I think Vanessa falls into this category. she lives so close to Universal Studios and the Hollywood Hills . Her home is open the corner house on a cul te sac. Vanessa has a schedule that says she gets up at 7AM go to excercise goes home shower and then does errands. So that being said I’d say for the Pap that is on payroll she is a pretty easy target not to mention JJ /JJJ alone buys their agencies pics. I’m not saying there are not times she is ready for the paps as all stars even the A listers are but most of the time she is just living her life. She is money for the paps and when there isn’t a bigger fish to follow they know where to go .

  • Amanda

    This isn’t shocking considering they’re both attention whores.

  • claudia

    @IMO: exactly. its sad to say but i rejoice when we have a few weeks of nothing and only professional promo. i think she is really talented which is why i wish she was seen in a better light. when shes working properly, you barely see her and she did say that this is the end of her break. i remember that we didnt see anything for FG or GS so it will probably be the same for future projects.

  • IMO

    @claudia: I agree 100% it’s a tough call on her because with her Twitter I can see she is trying to let her fans in on her life. Unfortunately it can backfire when at the very same time she is being papped doing everyday mundane activities. Together they equal over exposure. She also has so much hate so she has to combat the negative comments , and unjust criticism for the many posts as well. I see it does affect people’s opinion’s on her acting which isn’t right and she has to work 100 times harder than another actress. I admire that she has that I don’t care attitude about the paps but at the same time people do think she calls them . It’s a double edged sword IMO. People judge and are unforgiving in this business, sad but true.

  • okbridaldress

    I am looking forward to the first hand look

  • Alex

    People on here are really stupid tbh.

    It is really easy to see why both participated in this.

    Ashley obviously did this because it is a show that she is producing and she was most likely told that she would have to participate in some capacity while Vanessa did it so she could promote The frozen ground (since ashley will be asking her questions concerning that film)

    People ove rcomplicate things

  • Jereme

    I don’t know about Vanessa but I do know that Ashley is an attention whore.

  • Jereme

    I agree with the fact that the only reason that Vanessa even did this was to help out Ashley. There is no doubt about that because of how good of friends they are.

    Yes Ashley is an attention whore. Anybody else notice that since the 3 High School Musical movies the only attention that Ashley ever gets anymore is from the paparazzi? Especially since Ashley has only done a WHOLE WHOPPING 2 movies and 1 TV show that got cancelled since HSM 3 came out 5 years ago. If that isn’t an attention whore I don’t know what is. Ashley doesn’t or wouldn’t have to call the paparazzi to photograph her because it’s easy for them to get pics of her since she does the same crap everyday over and over and over again.

  • someone

    @Jereme: Do you ever get tired?