Jake T. Austin: 'The Fosters' Post-Finale Interview!

Jake T. Austin: 'The Fosters' Post-Finale Interview!

We are still reeling from tonight’s epic finale of The Fosters!

So we just had to catch up with star Jake T. Austin about what went down in tonight’s episode and his hopes for the rest of the season, especially now that the show has been picked up for 10 more episodes.

While Jesus is unaware that Lexie (Bianca Santos) and her family are leaving for good, how will he react when he finds out? There are so many questions! Is this the last we see of Mariana (Cierra Ramirez) and Jesus’ mom Anna?

And what did Jake think of that shocking kiss between Callie (Maia Mitchell) and Brandon (David Lambert)?

Click inside to read our interview with Jake T. Austin…

JustJaredJr.com Interview – Jake T. Austin

JustJaredJr.com: Hi Jake! We loved the finale! Have you seen it yet?

Jake T. Austin: Usually, the actors and most of the crew and castmembers watch the show with the fans. The first time it’s airing on television is the first time we’re seeing it a majority of the time. Tonight, for example, will be the first time I’m getting a glimpse into the episode. And I’m really looking forward to seeing how everything turned out.

JJJ: Let’s talk about the big Lexie bomb first. How did you react to reading that script, finding out that her character was leaving?

JA: Initially, when I read the storyline for Lexie’s character traveling off to Honduras, I was surprised by the direction and the arc of that character. I was also really anxious to see where the creators were interested in going. As an actor, we follow the story as scripts are made available to us and in this case, we were filming weekly, consecutively, and then got scripts at the end of every week. When I got this, we had already been filming a majority of those scenes. I was just very excited. It’s a cliffhanger. The terms of Lexie and Jesus’ relationship are left undetermined.

JJJ: Jesus has had to deal with some pretty tough issues over the course of the first half of this season. Do you think he’s grown up a bit?

JA: From the first episode, Jesus has been faced with a few problems, such as when his mom reenters his life. Through a lot of the struggles, he became a more mature character. I think Jesus deals with these struggles and also learns the politics of love through these mistrials. And by the end of the season, he’s able to reevaluate himself and look into himself more, as a person.

JJJ: Definitely. With the fate of Mike’s job still up in the air, as well as where things left off, I’m guessing this is not the last we’ll see of Anna, right?

JA: Jesus and Mariana have been estranged from their biological mother. It’s also dealing with a lot of emotional agony that they’ve been going through for their whole lives. And hopefully, we’ll be able to get more closure with their relationship with their mom. I think Anna needs to be included in resolving that.

JJJ: We still don’t know anything about their father. Do you think that’s something that will come up at some point?

JA: Jesus and Mariana have never spoken, I don’t think, about what happened to their biological father, no. I can only infer that they have been estranged from both their parents and they had a turbulent relationship, resulting in both parents withdrawing their support and throwing their hands up, basically. So I don’t think they know their father any better than their mother, if at all.

JJJ: You’ve played a sibling before (Wizards, anyone?!), but is there a different approach to playing twins with another actor?

JA: My approach to the role and being twins with the Mariana character was just trying to build a connection and really build a good chemistry. And someone who is talented like Cierra makes it really easy. The fact that were the same age helps and we’re able to really connect with the story and step into the shoes of twins.

JJJ: Another big (but inevitable) scene was the big Brandon and Callie kiss. We’re guessing Jesus won’t be thrilled about this because of the effect it will have on the whole family.

JA: Bringing closure to their relationship by kissing, I think in turn, is going to affect everything in the family because rules and because of everything “forbidden” love kind of creates. That’s just one of the elements that keeps you drawn and keeps you guessing. It’s really going to change the dynamic going into the rest of the season, Jude seeing it happen.

JJJ: The wedding scene was such a sweet moment. Tell us about filming that.

JA: We filmed the wedding sequence in Long Beach on location. Getting to film that with everyone involved, was the first time you really see the entire family together with relatives visiting from out of town. In a lot of ways, it’s the culmination of what the show is about. The dancing sequence especially, really symbolizes the strength of the family.

JJJ: Speaking of that sequence, the music is amazing on this show!

JA: The music and the soundtrack just goes hand-in-hand with the creative people involved. And having someone like Jennifer Lopez creatively-involved, hand-picking, and inputting her taste into the series really shows.

JJJ: Definitely. So where were you when you heard news of the pick-up?

JA: I was in New York and I was really anxious to learn more about the direction of the story and reconnect with the cast, and to get back to work. As an actor and as a viewer, I’m excited to see more. It’s a great thing to be a part of.

JJJ: When do you start filming the back 10 episodes?

JA: We start filming in the beginning of the fall, so there will be a lot of new episodes! It’s a lot to look forward to.

JJJ: And finally, what’s your favorite part about playing Jesus?

JA: The challenge that every episode brings and the fact that I’m able to play a character with such a unique past and back story. It’s challenged me and given me depth, which is what you hope for as an actor.

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