Danielle Jonas Shares Baby Sonogram -- See The Pic!

Danielle Jonas Shares Baby Sonogram -- See The Pic!

Danielle Jonas gave fans a treat with her baby’s sonogram on Instagram on Tuesday afternoon (August 6).

“I can’t believe this is ours @kevinjonas and I are so blessed. Look at that cute nose !!!” the expectant mother wrote with the image.

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Danielle and husband Kevin announced her pregnancy last month.

“I was overjoyed,” Kevin, 25, told E! “It’s been the most exciting thing in my life so far. I’m excited and I’m nervous.”

Congrats to Danielle and Kevin, again!

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Credit: Dave Kotinsky; Photos: Getty, Instagram
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  • ek

    its so disgusting to share something that intimate and personal with a bunch of strangers..and for what? attention? an article on just jared jr.? its gross…famewhores! and its spread into our society now, go on facebook and some slutty girl you went to school with and barely know presents a picture of the inside of her womb..just right in your face!

  • LOL

    @ek: Dude don’t be such a bitter person.. if they want to share the sonogram or a picture of a cup of coffee with a bunch of strangers as you say, let them do it… why do you care?? and don’t say you don’t because obviously to waste time commenting about it says you do care.

  • WOW

    Wow her excitement over her pregnancy is much better to spread into society than your angry hate. WOAH! Hope you are feeling good about yourself after that!

  • martha

    They see their fans as family. Also, they are just being a normal couple. People share that kind of stuff on twitter and fb all the time. Most people don’t even know half the people that follow them or they are friends with maybe meeting them once. Its not like they sold it. They shared it because they know their fans want to know. Its not intimate or secretive. ITS A BABY. Babies are meant to be celebrated by “villages.” They are a blessing. Not every moment in life is meant to be shared alone with a small group of people especially if its good news. It’s not hurting the baby. At most, the baby will get more gifts.

  • beatrice

    She’s just celebrating being pregnant… Why can’t they be normal once? It’s ok for my sister to post to 2000 people about her pregnancy but they can’t because they are famous? It’s more happiness in the world. Babies always make people happy. Also, it’s not hurting the kid. The kid is not going to care that the parents shared the sonogram when its 15. If its a girl, she’ll probably find it adorable that they were so excited. Give them a break! P.S. I so can’t wait. They will be GREAT parents

  • heathergirl123

    It is beautiful that people can share their life events like that. If you don’t want to see it, get off social media and the internet. The womb is not disgusting. It beautiful that another life is bringing brought into the world and that the parents are actually rejoicing wand want to share it with everybody. It beats having a party and showing the sonogram where everybody can’t see it that you want to like my mom did in the 90s. Why you so mad about people being happy? It’s better than the ridiculous “beef” or bullying that takes place online.

  • stella

    @ek then i guess it’s the best people like you shouldn’t have kids

  • justonechance

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  • http://Kevypoo456 Jennifer

    @ek it’s not like they posted a picture of them having sex! They posted the pic of the sonogram! Us fans are like family to them and don’t act like you haven’t seen other people posting their sonograms.

  • Angie

    I’m so happy and excited!

  • lilit

    Awwww, I’m so happy for them :)

  • lilit

    Yes @ek, relax your slacks

  • http://twitter.com/christystarz Christine

    I am so happy for them.

  • lucy

    Wow, do every any a favor and don’t reproduce.

  • http://website demisdabest

    @ek: whats it to you? is it that bad i mean look at it you were a baby once too. so if i were u i’d shut up because everyone and i mean everyone goes through stuff like that in life and no there not famewhorez ur the only one here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://KjgroherRedlandsedu Kimberly Groher

    And dani, Kevin
    Congrats to you having a member I your family but they hope you wish you the best the best parents to it I think so If I was dani but I would do the samething to amd you are guys are very lucky to be around to be with each other but that sonogram is very adorable thing in the world when you are happy I’m happy for you having that buddle of joy amd please enjoy your piece of life with each other but I cannot wait to watch your show on E news

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