Emblem3's Keaton Stromberg Talks 'Nothing to Lose' (JJJ Interview!)

Emblem3's Keaton Stromberg Talks 'Nothing to Lose' (JJJ Interview!)

Check out our new interview with the adorable Keaton Stromberg of Emblem3!

The 17-year-old singer’s debut album Nothing to Lose – along with his brother Wesley and friend Drew Chadwick – is burning up the charts and we can’t stop listening!

JJJ caught up with Keaton about the band’s new music, their upcoming tour with Selena Gomez, what he looks for in a girlfriend, and more!

Be sure to pick up Nothing to Lose on iTunes now!

Click inside to read our interview with Keaton Stromberg…

JustJaredJr.com Interview – Keaton Stromberg

JustJaredJr.com: Hi Keaton! Congrats on the album, we love it! How does it feel to finally have it out?

Keaton Stromberg: It’s literally the best feeling in the world just knowing all of our fans are listening to the new tracks. We’re just so excited.

JJJ: Which is your favorite song on the record?

KS: My favorite song is “3000 Miles,” it’s a ballad track on the album. It really just relates to how I’m feeling right now being out on the road, and being away from home and feeling a little bit homesick.

JJJ: You guys got to work with some pretty awesome people. Who was your fave?

KS: Well, Max Martin is a genius. He’s written some of the biggest hits of all time. And Joel and Benji Madden, it was crazy to work with them and become friends with them because we grew up listening to Good Charlotte. They’re more like idols to us. And also Jack Antonoff, I’m a huge fan of .fun, so it was really cool to work with him. I don’t know, I was just so excited to work with everyone.

JJJ: Who are some of your biggest influences?

KS: Me personally, I’m really inspired by bands like Death Cab for Cutie, Relient K, more alternative rock/pop. The guys and I are also inspired by Blink 182, Sublime, Good Charlotte, all those guys.

JJJ: We have to ask because fans want to know – would you ever cut your hair?

KS: (Laughs.) I’m probably not going to cut it for a while. I’m letting it grow out.

JJJ: They also want to know what you look for in a girlfriend!

KS: I like a girl who’s very honest and someone I can trust, those are the biggest things probably. It’s hard to find people who aren’t trying to hang out with your for the fame. I’m just a normal kid and I just want someone who likes me for who I am. That’s pretty difficult, but that comes with the job and I just have to deal with it.

JJJ: You guys always seem very grounded and down to earth. How do you stay that way in an industry like this?

KS: I think it’s just being aware and knowing where I came from. Literally, less than a year ago I had nothing compared to what I have now. I just try to realize that I need to be really grateful for what I’ve been given. I always remember that.

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  • nicole

    Keaton’s 17 now, not 16 :)
    and didn’t he just get a hair cut?

  • http://@TRebbecca Tiffany Clem

    I just love Keaton. He’s just so adorable.

  • What erver

    But it says he’s 17, not 16 Nicole!
    Keaton, why so adorable?

  • http://twitter.com/2aHappyRachel Rachel

    I just want to be with Keaton and only Keaton for a day..

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    We are both born July 16, 1996 too!
    and ive watched lots of E3 interview videos to know that we are pretty much alike

  • nicole

    @What erver:

    Oh, they must have changed it

  • https://twitter.com/kayla_patti kAYLA

    I literally love Keaton and am so happy that he is staying true to himself. The album is awesome and thanks so much for choosing him for an interview. (:

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