Logan Lerman & Alexandra Daddario: 'Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters' Interviews!

Logan Lerman & Alexandra Daddario: 'Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters' Interviews!

It’s finally here – Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters is in theaters!!!

In honor of the release, we caught up with stars Logan Lerman and Alexandra Daddario to get the deets on the awesome sequel.

The film follows Percy (Lerman) and his friends as they retrieve the magical Golden Fleece.

Embarking on a treacherous odyssey into the uncharted waters of the Sea of Monsters, they battle terrifying creatures, an army of zombies, and the ultimate Evil.

Click inside to read our interviews with Logan Lerman and Alexandra Daddario…

JustJaredJr.com Interview – Logan Lerman

JustJaredJr.com: Hi Logan! Congrats on the film! Were you excited to do the second one?

Logan Lerman: This one came up kind of unexpectedly for me. I wasn’t really expecting it because so much time had passed in between the first film and this new installment. It got to that point where I was like, “I wonder if it’s going to happen again.” And then it came up and I was, “OK.” I was doing film and I found out Percy got greenlit, and I went straight from that film to shooting. There wasn’t really prep time, so I just jumped right into it.

JJJ: Was it fun reuniting with your cast mates?

LL: Most of us worked together in the first one. We were all tight and we didn’t really have anybody that we disliked on the first film. And then we had our new additions, Leven [Rambin] and Douglas [Smith], who were there like the whole time really. They’re good guys. We had fun together. It was fun and very light on set.

JJJ: This is very much an adventure film, but how do you keep those human elements in there?

LL: That’s my job, a little bit of my job. I get the script and I’m like, “OK, how do I kind of ground it a little bit?” It’s a give and take, and there’s a lot of work in between there. It was a lot of work.

JJJ: How do you relate to Percy in this film?

LL: Percy in this movie, he’s not the hero anymore. He’s dealing with a lot of issues of self-doubt and insecurities. At the core of what this film is about, it’s about the important of friends and family, and the stronger those relationships are, they can pick you up and get you through tough times. And I relate to that. Growing up, I’ve been through those times where I’ve had a lot of self-doubt and relied on those friendships, my close group, who I’m very close with today. And my family, who I’m very close with too.

JJJ: What was your experience like growing up. Did you ever have bullies?

LL: No, not really. I never really had bullies or anything like that. I was a little bit of an outspoken…type. We didn’t really have bullies in my school. I was the guy people would come over to and be like, “I want to punch you in the face.” I remember someone said that to me once. But I would use humor to get out of the situation and then we’d become friends. Then it was just over.

JJJ: What made you want to be an actor?

LL: I think we’re all products of where we’re from and I’m from Los Angeles, which if you look at it, the only culture there is Hollywood. I guess that probably had a big influence on the reason I like movies so much. I had a passion for film, but at that age, I didn’t know what the heck I was doing. I just did it. And then I quit. And then I got back into it. I quit after a movie I did. I just had a bad time. I was a kid. I didn’t know what I was doing (laughs).

JustJaredJr.com Interview – Alexandra Daddario

JJJ: Hi Alexandra! What would you say was the toughest part of filming the sequel?

Alexandra Daddario: The biggest challenge for me is that we shot in the summer in Louisiana for part of the film, and I was wearing a flannel, a jean jacket, and jeans. And it’s very hard to keep up that level of physical energy in that kind of heat. So I think that was toughest challenge for me, but making these movies is very physical and it’s a lot of choreography.

JJJ: How do you stay in such great shape. What’s your secret?

AD: I do a lot of hot yoga. I really got into hot yoga. I used to run a lot, but I found that it started to hurt my knees and my back, so I do a lot of yoga. I’ve become a little bit hipped out. I’m a very cliche actress with the green juice and taking my dog to Runyon Canyon, and all that stuff. And that’s sort of how I stay in shape.

JJJ: You’re blonde now! Why the change?

AD: I’m not sure. It’s the powers that be that end up making the final decision. And I was so happy to become a blonde, just as I was happy to stay a brunette in the first one. I think each person has their own creative decision. I think in the first one, they weren’t sure what they were going to do with my hair and I think the ultimate decision was that I looked better as a brunette. I think the fans, after the first movie came out, clearly really wanted me to be blonde. And I’m really happy to make the fans happy and be blonde. I’ve always wanted to be blonde, so it was cool to be that way for a few months.

JJJ: Do you feel more pressure with a role like this, which is based on books that have such a passionate fan base?

AD: I felt more excited than I felt pressure. I think reading the book helps you develop…you learn more about the character. I ultimately would stay true to the script, but you have some things that maybe aren’t in the script that you learn from the book. And I think that’s important, especially for the fans. And I was just curious to read the books. But stepping into a character that people already know and love, I found it to be more exciting and just made me want to work harder.

Be sure to check out Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters, in theaters NOW!

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