Vanessa Hudgens: 'The Frozen Ground' Exclusive Clip - Watch Now!

Vanessa Hudgens: 'The Frozen Ground' Exclusive Clip - Watch Now!

Vanessa Hudgens gets defensive in this brand new exclusive clip from her latest film The Frozen Ground!

The 24-year-old actress acts alongside her co-star Nicolas Cage.

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The Frozen Ground tells the story of an Alaskan state trooper who partners with a young woman (Hudgens) who escaped the clutches of a serial killer to bring the murderer to justice.

The film hits theaters and is available On Demand on August 23rd!

Watch Vanessa in the exclusive clip below!

Vanessa Hudgens – The Frozen Ground Exclusive Clip

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  • zanessafan

    I LOVE YOU VANESSA! I heard you did great here! Congrats!!! ?

  • OK

    Hoping this one is your big break.

  • Christine Derrel

    Looking forward to see the movie, I hope it will bring her fame and fortune!!!

  • evz

    I’ve read so many amazing reviews…can’t wait to see The Frozen Ground! So proud to see V acting with Nic Cage! So proud!:)

  • claudia

    @OK: same. Hoping Parkland is Zacs big break too( I mean cant they both be successful? ). With Ashley Tisdale, unfortunately I do not see her career exceeding at this point.

  • OK

    @Claudia I agree with you 100%. I have heard that Vanessa’s “Gimme Shelter” will surprise many critics and is her best work .
    I think they both deserve huge success in their careers.

  • claudia

    @OK: yep. i cant wait for the parkland trailer and the gimme shelter one too. i want to know if she cuts her hair in the movie itself or before the movie and its always like that. many ppl in new york saw it at an early screening but NO ONE is coughing up any info. the suspense is killing me.

  • IMO

    Vanessa has been getting some really good reviews here and after viewing the clips from this film I agree. With it’s limited release I don’t have high hopes for it doing great Box Office (Although I hope I’m so wrong here ) but it does give her more respect within the industry for greater opportunity in the future. I sincerely hope it will come to a threatre that is in my area since I don’t have VOD. I wrote about my thoughts on ZE on his last post so I won’t repeat it here but I do think that both Vanessa and Zac have a heavier burden to bear as far as acceptance . So it makes me proud that they are both taking chances in these eclectic roles and winning over the critics and doubters even if it is little by little.I do hope that by winning respect in the industry that will lead to that “lucky break” where all the stars align and they hit big.

  • OK

    @Claudia I know they said two weeks for the “Parkland” trailer but I hear rumblings that it could be early next week.
    Everything I heard about “Gimme Shelter” came from a few people who had seen it. (May of been the rough cut) but they loved it.

  • OK

    @IMO I remember your post there and you were spot on. It is so nice to see you are a fan of both and always have been. I know you already saw “Parkland” and do I envy you for that..

  • IMO

    @OK: I am and it just is, no matter what. LOL Thanks and hope your doing Ok , Ok Take care .

  • muse

    Thing I respect about Vanessa the most is that she goes with her gut. She takes on roles that are vastly different from one another. Looking at her characters their all different and so are the genres. She’s working for her career to expand and broaden but she also does movies where their fun and still for her younger fans and then goes to the extreme with Frozen Ground and Gimme Shelter for her growing and older fans.
    I like Zac, not his biggest fan, but I have liked some of his new movies but a lot of people wrote/said he was trying too hard and he didn’t fit right for some roles he’s done (not hating, just repeating what I’ve read), but with Vanessa, it was a gradual process. It wasn’t rushed and she made us grow with her. I think she’s made smart choices, and I love that she’s not sticking to just one type of acting, she’s doing kids movies, dramas and Kitchen Sink is suppose to be a comedy thriller, so it’s really amazing to see so many of her fans support her and to still stick by her and respect her choices, in regards to movies and relationships.
    I read an article, and the guy is praising her process as well and was shocked that she could do this, and thinks it’s only a matter of time that everyone will take her just as serious as her real fans do :)
    Cant wait for these movies to come to Australia :D

  • Mili

    this kitchen sink comedy thriller actually has a nice writter, a sxsw winner director, an art director who works at captain america, and the rest of the crew is just like that. Now with the frozen ground after seeing the movie, it was pretty intense, but i’m positive that gimme shelter will be her best job

  • IMO

    @muse: Thank you for your insightful, honest input. It was a a pleasure to read a well thought out opinion.

    @ Mili Your lucky you got to see the Frozen Ground and I agree with you about the Kitchen Sink. It has some very talented people attached to it. Like any film no matter who is the star is, and how big the budget it all boils down to it being marketed in the right way, then a whole lot of luck . In this industry ,films in the last couple of years you would have thought would be huge hits have flopped and vice versa for films you would think will flop are sleeper hits. It’s a gamble of sorts excepts for franchises that are a guranteed a returning audience.

  • YETS

    so ashley is engaged how about V.

  • Tiffany

    I feel like she just keeps on improving as an actress. Excited to see this film.

  • hermaione

    excited to see this one…i mean nic cage and v :’D

  • Manuela

    I am just so proud of Vanessa, she just keeps getting better and better with time. This movie and also Gimme Shelter are going to be a huge success, I just can’t see it going another way! She’s amazing.

  • Sahil

    Great Movie.. We enjoyed it.

  • John Barban


  • Vineetha

    wow.. really a wonderful clip.. I love it.