Vanessa Hudgens & Ashley Tisdale: 'Inner Circle' - Watch Now!

Vanessa Hudgens & Ashley Tisdale: 'Inner Circle' - Watch Now!

Did you get to watch Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Tisdale in their television special Inner Circle?

The thirty minute reality series featured BFF’s Vanessa and Ashley interviewing each other one-on-one as they take Los Angeles.

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During the series, we learn how Vanessa and Ashley really met, what they admire most about each other, and more!

In case you missed the good news, it was confirmed yesterday that Ashley is now engaged to her boyfriend Christopher French!

Watch Vanessa and Ashley‘s special episode of Inner Circle below:

Vanessa & Ashley: Inner Circle – Part 1

Click inside to see the second and third part of Inner Circle inside…

Vanessa & Ashley: Inner Circle – Part 2

Vanessa & Ashley: Inner Circle – Part 2

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  • joan


  • someone

    Love their friendship! One of the rare true friendships in Hollywood.

  • TauanG

    I just love *-*

  • IMO

    I thought it was really cute, and fun. Just the fact they are still friends is something in this town they work in. People are very cynical about them and even though I am way more of a Vanessa fan I respect her friendship with Ashley. I thought it was harmless entertainment and whether or not you like them or not they didn’t hurt anyone and for the fans of them both, they made them smile.

  • Joshuaalt

    Thank you for posting these videos. I love Ashley Tisdale.

  • Manuela

    THEY ARE SO PERFECT, MY GOD! Vanessa amazing as always!!!


    i love ashley sooo much and im starting to like nessa ?

  • claudia

    i didnt watch this, and honestly i had no intentions of watching it. a lot of people said that it didnt really change their outlook of vanessa but some said that it seems that she is this giddy cute girl who doesnt seem intelligent. of course i disagreed because not only is it common for celebrities to mask how they really are in order to protect themselves and have some sort of barrier, but in the interviews we dont see such as magazines, she sounds so smart. someone even pointed out that everyone viewed marilyn monroe as this sexy airhead when she turned out to be extremely intelligent but she kept it to herself to maintain her image.

  • http://@monaab Mona

    @RAFIK: same!!

  • tina

    @claudia: Love the way you feel you can speak for”many” lmao. Of course they all come to you with their opinions so you can bring them here, right? Giving your opinion is fine, but please don’t try to make out like you”know”what others think. I actually watched the show. What enlightening information was supposed to be gain by questions like what’s your guilty pleasure (which Ashley answered herself) I can’t phantom. Regardless of what you thought you were going to learn the questions were innocent and cute like who is your celebrity crush an when was your first kiss. They didn’t discuss world finances or global warming. So I think it’s fair to say Vanessa knows when her first kiss was.

  • claudia

    please re-read what i wrote because i dont think you fully understood what i was saying.
    i never said i was speaking for “many”. if you read what i wrote clearly, i specifically said that “some” thought that she didnt seem intelligent. however ” a lot” said it didnt change their outlook of vanessa, which is one of the reasons why i felt it unnecessary to watch it. i went some through tumblr posts, blogs and forums in regards to the inner circle pilot, which is why i noticed a trend in the overall opinions. this being that some , although very few, thought she seemed a little ditsy. like i already stated i disagreed then someone came to the conclusion that we all wear masks and she is most probably and extremely intelligent girl but has no intentions of flaunting it.

    i would class this statement as a compliment so i wish you wouldnt take my statement to heart.

  • kelly martineau

    I was bored with it at the beinging. All they did was consally laughing at everything they said. It was nice V wanted kids prombley with big lips the father