Ashley Tisdale & Christopher French: LAX Landing After Engagement News!

Ashley Tisdale & Christopher French: LAX Landing After Engagement News!

Ashley Tisdale holds hands with fiancé Christopher French as they arrive at Los Angeles International Airport on Saturday night (August 10) in Los Angeles.

The 28-year-old actress was proposed to on top of the Empire State Building during their trip to New York City!

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The day before, the newly engaged couple took a romantic stroll through the city arm-in-arm.

In case you missed it, be sure to watch the full episode of Ashley and BFF Vanessa HudgensInner Circle!

FYI: Ashley is wearing the AllSaints Virtue Beau t-shirt.

10+ pictures inside of Ashley Tisdale and Christopher French

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  • Jay

    Ashley made a huge mistake getting engaged to the tattooed piece of garbage.

  • claudia

    theres been a whole lot of hate surrounding the engagement of these two as well as her dropping the left behind project. now i dont proclaim to be a huge fan but thats just mean. even if people dont like chris u are not in the relationship with her to know how she feels and who is better suited for her. and with the left behind project, i personally dont think its that much of a downfall mainly because i think she is really scared of change and would rather stick to comedy than a drama but she doesnt really explore genres causing her to be one of the ex disney stars who were typecasted. i thought she was going to get the furthest out of hsm i mean it made perfect sense since she had the most experience and best resume at that point, but her career never really kicked off which is perhaps why she works behind the scenes in order to avoid criticism, confrontation and stay in a safe comfort zone. that way she cant really be compared to zac and vanessa (which im sure she has) since she has taken a different path altogether.

  • julie

    i always wonder what wouldve happened if she was still with scott. ash and chris have been together for only 7-8 months…but then again i’ve seen ppl who have together for years and years although only met and got married after a few months. i suppose its a growing process

  • marc

    So happy for her <3 Its earlier but if she's happy i'm happy.

  • kelly martineau

    Ashely boyfriend is gross looking. Wonder what their kids will look like.
    He’s nonthing to look at or V boyfriend either big lips. They don’t know how to pick boyfriends.

  • NBTT

    @kelly martineau: I don’t know how old you are and I also couldn’t care less about it, but looks are not everything. You are probably pretty superficial like a lot of other people too.

    Ashley has a thing for men who look like bad boys. As for the tattoos, you shouldn’t forget that she also a couple of them.
    And who in the world said that she wants kids. I never heard a single word from her in that direction. On the other side I heard and read that she kinda doesn’t want kids because she’s afraid to lose her body the way it is now. Why do you think she goes to gym every day. She doesn’t want to gain weight.

    And if Ash didn’t love him enough she would have said no.

    You sound like someone who picks a guy just because of his looks. Well, would be interesting to know, if you would stay together with a guy who could win “Mr. World” because of his looks, without any problems. But from the character he’s the biggest as*hole on the planet who just beats you up every day because he has nothing better to do and because he likes to do it. Someone who breaks your nose and ribs just because he feels like it to do. You can be sure, such men exist and also men who do even worse.
    Would you seriously stay together with such a men, just because he has the right looks. If you would really do that, well then I’m sorry that I’d have to say that you’re stupid.

    It’s nobody’s business but their who are they together with. If it’s Ash and Chris, or Vanessa with her bf or any other celeb out there. And the ones who want to single can also do that. It’s not your business, not mine, it’s NOBODY’S business.

  • .

    @NBTT: Ashley is the same as superficial as you said kelly is