Vanessa Hudgens: 'SuperStars For Hope' Hottie

Vanessa Hudgens: 'SuperStars For Hope' Hottie

Vanessa Hudgens braids it up for WWE & E! Entertainment’s SuperStars For Hope event held at the Beverly Hills Hotel on Thursday night (August 15) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 24-year-old actress highlighted her new ombre hair with an around the world braid.

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The Superstars for Hope fundraising initiative directly supports Make-A-Wish, and features chances to win once-in-a-lifetime experiences available to anyone who makes a contribution. For every $10 fans and supporters contribute through fundraising partner Omaze, they will receive five chances to win one of two packages donated by WWE and E!

FYI: Vanessa wore a Temperley London dress, YSL heels, Anita Ko, Coomi and H Stern jewelry and an Edie Parker clutch.

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Credit: Jason Merritt, Frazer Harrison; Photos: Getty
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  • OK

    Vanessa I love you but there is no hope for that dress!!! Hair????

  • OK

    The Charity is one of the best in the world, I give to it regularly.

  • penelope

    The dress is kinda meh but jeezus that mess of a hair.

  • Muse

    I think she looks amazing and the dress is very mature but she looks quite beautiful in it. It’s different to the many white outfits he wore while doing press functions for ‘Frozen Groud’ but its very stylish and unique. Which Vanessa very much is. From a fashion/style point of view, the style of the hair works well with the dress, because of the detailing on the shoulders and neckline, if her hair would have been let down, there’s no point in having a dress like that on in the first place, having her hair up was the best choice and a bun is too plain and boring, the braid works well, but the ombré makes it a little wishy washy. She’s done her hair in a braid casually before and it looked fine coz her hair wasn’t colored for ombré, but I think that’s the only thing that misplaces the look. The brai could have been a bit cleaner as well.
    But honestly, she looks amazing and very mature. It’s a beautiful dress on a beautiful growing actress :)

  • Mi

    She looks flawless. Love that hair and the dress.

  • Maja Juhl

    LOVE LOVE LOVE her dress and the hair!! So fabulous!!!!!! <3

  • BO

    what the hell is that dress ? and that hair do ?? she needs a qualified stylist

  • IMO

    Vanessa’s charity work is to be admired, her kind beautiful heart is what makes her the most beautiful inside and out. Sorry Haters but didn’t your Mother ever tell you if you have nothing nice to say don’t say anything at all.

    @ Muse I agree with you 100% your comments were nice with constructive criticism. It must be very hard to always try and be different and fashion forward for someone who is in the limelight. There are always people who will love the look or not love it. But Vanessa already is ahead just because she is a beautiful woman. I admire that she takes chances with fashion and does not always play it safe. Sometimes it works , sometimes not but I admire her
    for trying and one thing is for sure whatever she wears she looks better in it than most anyone.

  • OK

    No one loves Vanessa more than I do . I make it perfectly clear I think she is beautiful both inside and out. I always praise her for her fashion sense if it is casual or high fashion. If I happen to say I think one of her outfits is a fashion miss, that does not make me a hater.
    This outfit would look wonderful on a more mature woman but IMO not Vanessa. I only give my opinion in hopes she does not make the same mistake again.
    My Mom also taught me everyone has a right to an opinion if it is not done to hurt someone.

  • IMO

    @OK: Comment was not really directed to you. I don’t consider you a hater. You are entitled to your opinion but some people take it too far and I’m sure feelings are hurt from time to time with these celebrities .I’m sure they don’t go out thinking I want to look horrible. They takes risks so not to appear boring . So if you don’t care for the way they look at least you are polite . That was my point to say it constructively not destructively.

  • OK

    @IMO Thanks for clearing that up for me. Have to say I really admire you and your opinions and I was hurt a little bit.
    On the good side I will think twice before I insult others. something I have been known to do. Thanks again.

  • IMO

    @OK: BTW nothing is wrong with your opinion in your second post I get that and you said it more articulately and politely than your first post. Your first post set it up the Hater to come in and agree with you .With her it is not anywhere in the realm of being just an opinion or that she cares and is just criticizing her clothes and hair. You know that and if you want to back her up that is up to you. But in this life you just can’t pick and choose who to be kind to on the basis if they are just kind to you. Doesn’t work that way she should learn that quickly . I will not go on the other post to say this because it doesn’t concern him. But if she hasn’t learned by now to stay away from V posts, I don’t know what to say. There are plenty of people she riles up , call names and hurts. She knows nothing about who she is dong this too. They could have illnesses, or be disabled in some capicity yet she does this with hatred and malice. She also doesn’tt know about anything Vanessa and if she has friends or family with illiness and if she is in pain because of it. You want to give second or third chances go ahead but ask your friend to stay away from V posts. She offends me and shown me she has not changed in any way.

  • Tina

    @IMO: If you are talking about Bo I agree with you. She is one of the most hateful posters in the History of JJ. She hates America, Americans, and most of all anyone who is a fan of Vanessa. She calls Vanessa and her family horrible names . She brings over her idols to her posts and flaunts their good news just to aggrivate people.
    @ Ok if she is your friend heaven help you, I ‘m sure she is nice to you and Z fans but you don’t no her other side. She is a Hater and is proud about that fact. She says it herself so I’m not lying here.

  • George

    My Queen I love you!!!

  • Cyndi

    I think she looks gorgeous. I don’t like the blond braid though, I know it’s for her new movie but I hope she goes back to her dark hair it sets off her features better.

  • George

    Forgot to say I’m proud of her work with Make a Wish , reason 2 why I love her.

  • XX

    @IMO: She offends many people but I think she loves that and just does it more. She gets a high from hating so just give up asking.

  • XX

    @OK: I think alot of people love Vanessa more than you do , and that’s ok but it’s just that your friends with Bo now that puts people on the defense.

  • IMO

    @OK: I think we were typing at the same time so my comments after your last comment was supposed to be added to my first comments . Does that make sense LOL So I do understand what you were trying so say and I would never put you in the same category as a Hater.

    @ Tina and XX I would hope that you will never go down to that level . Hate is wrong period and to Hate on a celebrity for no reason is especially heinous. To go out of your way to make nasty, derogatory comments when they have done nothing is wrong. People hate on Vanessa’s ex BF just because he was involved with her and his fans hate on her just because they were together once. Why can’t people let them live their lives and just be happy. I am a fan of both and it does offends me when either fandom comment just to hurt.. So I will stick up for them both when either has a post . I am not talking about not being critical . Everyone should be able to voice their opinions , I’m talking about the ones who go out of their way to call them nasty names. I think we all know the difference and who comes on here just to do that. Two wrongs never make a right.

  • OK

    @IMO I understand exactly what you are saying. I do appreciate that you would not but me in that category.
    As you know I have been very “reflective” I felt the need to reach out I hope she stays away from post of people she doesn’t like There is no need to hurt others why like Vanessa.
    The reason why I reached out for another chance , how can I condemn someone for doing the very same thing I have been doing?
    Everyone pretty much knows there are a “Few” people discussed on the other post I do not like. Hopefully today was my last nasty remark on her posts. I have never been as mean as some I have seen but it was not right of me to do this.
    Thank you again for your explanation and always being so nice to me and others.

    I’m sure there are others who love Vanessa more than I do but with the exception of one project I support almost everything she does and I say so.
    As @IMO can tell you it doesn’t matter how much I love a person if I don’t like what they do or are wearing, I say so.
    I Love this charity and I love Vanessa for supporting it.

  • IMO

    @OK: Noted but that is the problem she didn’t reach out, you did, as did S. She never said she has grown up, changed, stopped the hatred, or even said she was sorry for what she put you and others through. Until I would see some sort of repentence I would be very leery. I’m all for forgiveness when the person is truly remorseful. But sometimes you can’t just act like none of those things in the past never happened and come back as act like everything is hunky dory when you hurt so many feelings. Just because she has a heart about S being ill doesn’t erase all the things she did. But it should have made her reflect to change but as of today it still hasn’t happened.
    You do what you have to do but I have not seen it stop I follow Vanessa posts here and on JJ and I have not seen anything to say she is remotely sorry and that the hatred is gone. BTW there is nothing wrong with a witty remark about the way a person styled . Fashion is to be criticized but only Joan Rivers can get away the the really mean stuff. LOL I don’t care for some people that have hurt someone I’m a fan of, but I usually chose not to comment because I backslide and want to say something mean. So I just don’t comment.
    except maybe to my friends in private. LOL

  • YETS

    this girl inspire me.

  • tina

    I don’t know who this new “Tina” is but it’s not me. I don’t hate anyone that’s just a lot of wasted emotion. I have nothing to say about her because she is nothing to me. I actually like this outfit. She looks like a doll.

  • IMO

    @tina: Guess there are a couple of people with your name . I was addressing the other one’s comments . So I notice she capitalized her T and yours is lower case so I will know which is which. I love your attitude of hate being a wasted emotion . I totally agree with that .

  • Liberty

    The dress is exquisite. Such detail, Temperley really do make some lovely dresses. This really suits Vanessa. I think it shows she is maturing . I think the hair piece does not lend it’s self to the dress. It’s a fun element but the piece adds nothing to the outfit.

  • mxxm

    lol at Aksana

  • claudia

    omg theres a girl worshipping vanessa what the hell. i have second hand embarrassment for vanessa you can tell she is trying to ignore it.

  • kelly martineau

    V dress in augly as her. The hair looks like a birds nest. V needs a new manager. One that give her better movie rolls.

  • LLuvU

    @kelly martineau: Gee Kelly tell us how you really feel . What a hater why don’t you saty of her posts.

  • LLuvU

    BTW I think she does look like a International Doll, just beautiful.

  • Agreed

    @claudia: Yes that is totally creepy and awkward.

  • Sarah

    @kelly martineau: Vanessa ‘s career is doing just fine, she is working in films she finds interesting. If you don’t like her , if you thinks she is not pretty don’t comment.

  • Tina

    For Vanessa fans she was with Brittany Snow yesterday . I ship them so much.

  • Dan

    My Hottie looks gorgeous no matter what she wears.

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