Ashley Tisdale & Christopher French Visit Vanessa Hudgens' Home

Ashley Tisdale & Christopher French Visit Vanessa Hudgens' Home

Ashley Tisdale and Christopher French head back to their car after visiting Vanessa Hudgens on Saturday afternoon (August 17) in Studio City, Calif.

The newly engaged couple met up with their friends to celebrate their impending nuptials before Chris picked up some things at Trader Joe’s.

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“Awesome celebration dinner, thank you @tomformanprod @Jess_Rhoades @jenkellytisdale! Such a fun night :)” Ashley wrote on Twitter night before after a dinner with some other friends.

Ashley and Chris got engaged on top of the Empire State Building in New York City earlier this month.

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  • Jereme

    I think that Ashley is rushing into things with him. They have only been together for 8-9 months with what I have been reading. That’s a little too fast for anybody to get engaged.

  • Jereme

    Remember when I said that Ashley is at best a D-List actress/singer, and that she wasn’t really that serious about her acting and singing career? Well Ashley dropping out of Left Behind just proves my point for me. So thank you Ashley for proving my point and proving that you will NEVER be a big time actress/singer and that you will NEVER be nothing more than a D-List actress/singer.

  • rick

    @jereme SHUT THE F**K UP!!!!She will still be sexy as hell and more famous than you can ever dream of being.

  • lol

    @Jereme: nice to see you again :)

  • Jereme

    @Rick famous for what? what has she really done lately? Scary Movie 5. Wow. Big deal. 1 movie. The only reason that she is still even relevant right now is because the paps continue to waste their time by taking pics of her. I don’t have to shut the f up because everything I say is true.

  • Jereme

    So I can see this is where she is going to start dropping projects that she is or will be apart of. The reason I’m hearing is because of a “Scheduling Conflict” What scheduling conflict? The only thing that Left Behind was going to conflict with is her going shopping all the time, going to the gym, going to get coffee, going to get her hair done, going on vacations to places like NYC, Mexico, and wherever else she goes, and doing things with Chris. Since that is the only schedule that she has. Oh and I forgot the premieres that she goes to just to keep up appearances. Now that she is engaged she is going to use this as another crutch/excuse for not doing anything with her career because she’s going to say things like “now that I’m engaged I have to start planning a wedding and that’s going to take up a lot of my time and I won’t have time to do anything else.” I can see it now. Than after the wedding she’s going to say something like “Chris and I want to start a family and have kids. Since I’m around my niece Mikayla all the time, we want to have kids of our own” just to give herself another excuse/crutch after the wedding as she slips farther and farther into irrelevance. Her fans deserve so much better than what she is giving them. I feel sorry for her fans that she isn’t a better role model and person to be a fan of. I’m surely glad that I no longer am. She only averages about 1 movie a year if that. Only has 2 CDs out and those are few and far between. She was in 2 TV Shows and 1 got cancelled. The biggest thing that she is doing right now is her voice over work with Phineas and Ferb. Come on Ashley give your fans more. They want and deserve better from you. Without your fans you wouldn’t be who you are or where you are today. The least you could is be grateful to them.

  • Erika

    I love Ashley she is always to stylish :)

  • claudia

    @Jereme: many ashley tisdale fans actually feel the same way. the amount of rants i saw on tumblr in her tag is amazing. but its only because they want her to get recognition the same as other fans of other celebrities. however it seems ashley doesnt want to leave her comfort zone and is happy living life and doing kids shows. maybe thats why she dropped left behind because she was scared of change since its quite a heavy drama. i think she either should move to a show like super fun night or just continue her production company since she cant seem to juggle more than one thing a year.

  • S

    Hello people? Since when all of you started to become clairvoyants?

    We/you DON’T know why she dropped Left Behind. The only reason we know, according to the Left Behind Facebook statement, is a “scheduling conflict [...] as she pursues a television opportunity”. They mentioned a television opportunity and scheduling conflicts. Do 1 + 1 and you’ll get 2. She obviously preferred going for this television opportunity, we DON’T know anything about (as for this genre, its cast, just anything), rather than playing in Left Behind.

    If you really want to start complaining, at least wait for this ‘television opportunity’ to come out so you can see if her choice was good or not. But don’t start playing the little childish brats since now. You’re getting more bothersome and bothersome day by day.

  • Mll

    @claudia: I keep hearing about this production company of hers but what has she produced?

  • Mll

    @S: Is that television opportunity another 5 minute guest shot on Sons of Anarchy.

  • claudia

    @Mll: i know all i have seen is the inner circle and i havent even “seen” that.

  • Mll

    @claudia: Sons of Anarchy is a show on FX about a biker gang in northern California.

  • Mll

    @claudia: Also, what is the inner circle?

  • .

    Zac Efron´s condoms and more

  • OK

    @.@ For your info. the bag was planted listen to the conversation twice one says to the other ,”See I told you …. was there” How would he know what was in a bag that he “never” went through before?

  • claudia

    @Mll: its a show she is producing about friends in hollywood but i think its a bit dumb. she got her and vanessa to do the pilot episode probably to get a bit of ratings.

  • Jereme

    I really don’t think that Ashley has any real drive, or any real passion about her acting and singing career. The fact that she has very few credentials in her acting and singing career is why. I mean only 8 movies, 2 TV Shows (Hellcats got cancelled), 1 Voice over role for Phineas and Ferb, a bunch of guest star appearances on TV Shows, and only 2 CDs doesn’t really show a lot of drive or passion to me, especially for being in the business as long as she has been. I really and truly think that she is only in it for the money so that she can keep living in the lap of luxury, continue to live the vacation lifestyle that she is living, and do whatever she wants because she has the money to do so. You can say what you want but that is what I truly believe.

  • claudia

    @Jereme: at one point she did have a drive but overtime she lost it. she will find it difficult to get back on track if she ever does because 1. she is getting married 2. her resume isnt the best in terms of roles and diversity 3. shes older now 4. zac efron and vanessa hudgens have taken the lead in fame after disney (HSM franchise). although people say its just zac, vanessa is slowly gaining a higher level of success too. i mean they were gonna cut her from HSM 3 but she was a valuable character in the movies so it may not have been one of the best musical movies of all time if the characters were swapped and changed.

  • Jereme

    @claudia I can’t and won’t argue with anything that you said because everything you said are all valid and very good points. I don’t think I could agree with you more. To be in it just for the money like it seems like she is right now is another thing that isn’t very fair to her fans and another reason why I feel sorry for her fans. she’s not really treating them as great as she needs to be treating them. I mean Selena Gomez has jumped way ahead of her in the success, fame and popularity department. She’s head and shoulders above Ashley now. She has 4 CDs out right now, which is twice as many as Ashley and all of which came out after Guilty Pleasure did. She has her own clothing line. She also shows diversity in her movie roles and isn’t afraid of doing more grown up roles like Ashley seems to be for some reason. Maybe it’s the comfort zone thing.

  • Mll

    @Jereme: In the long run I don’t know that she’ll be able to keep up this lifestyle because going to premieres, shopping, and doing a reality show about the lavish lives of celebrities can only last so long before the public loses interest. Eventually the paparazzi are going to stop answering when she calls to tell them where she’ll be shopping or vacationing.

  • Jereme

    @Mll Yeah I agree. I don’t think that she’s going to be able to keep it up. I also agree and think that eventually the paparazzi and the public are going to get tired of wasting their time on her. I don’t understand why they even still bother with her now. She’s already falling into irrelevance and the paparazzi are the only people keeping her relevant. I think that she is on a decline in her career and now that she is engaged it’s going to get even worse. She’s going to fall so far into irrelevance nobody is even going to remember who she is in 2 or 3 years.

  • Saffie

    The current breakouts from Disney are Zac, Vanessa and Selena Gomez. At the very least, they have a shot at longevity in their careers. If Ashley fades out of the limelight then maybe that’s what she wants. Her best bet is to stick to voiceovers ( she does a great vo in Phineas and Ferb) and TV. I could see her doing a more grown up role on the Disney Channel or Nick…she’s almost 30 so she could be close to getting cast in a mother role (sad but this is HW). If she marries, she will most likely start a family soon after.

  • kelly martineau

    Why does chris and big lips roll up there pants. and wear tennis shoes with out socks. He is just gross looking.

  • NBTT

    @Saffie: You’ve forgotten Miley Cyrus.

    As for the rest. I highly doubt that she’s planning to have kids. She doesn’t want to lose her figure and that’s happening when have kids. She going to the gym 7 days a week because she wants to stay the way she is.

    Well I didn’t know that some people seems to have an excellent look on her schedule. She’s hardly telling anything anymore what she’s doing or what is going to happen. And if she’s happy with Chris, people should be happy for her instead of trying to wear her out and get her down. None of you knows Chris or Ash personally and so none of you can tell something about their characters.

  • Jereme

    @NBTT With Ashley going to the gym 7 days a week it wouldn’t really take her that long to get her figure back if she did decide to have kids. I saw a 31 year old girl yesterday who has 3 kids and she doesn’t even look like she had any kids at all. You can always get your figure back after having kids.

  • claudia

    i mean she spends a lot of time with her niece mikayla so i dont know if she would have kids straight away nieces and nephews are very tiring as it is. the reason her fans get so upset in regards to her scheduale is because she has been doing the same thing for years. its not like its been a few months its just the same old thing. a few cameos here and there isnt enough to keep people going. at this point i dont think she cares and is just happy being with chris. i think thats why she said she hasnt ever been competitive with vanessa in regards to fame and roles. after seeing that interview i think she is happy for vanessa, but it was never for her. her sister was an actress first then they pushed ashley to the forefront and i have a feeling its never really been her thing. if she fades away its by her own personal choice, that way she can keep her dignity instead of doing some infomercials.

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