Liam Hemsworth: 'Paranoia' Worst Debut of 2013

Liam Hemsworth: 'Paranoia' Worst Debut of 2013

Liam Hemsworth unwraps his iPhone charger from his side view mirror after stopping by the gym in Los Angeles on Monday afternoon (August 19).

The 23-year-old actor’s new film, Paranoia, didn’t do that great at the box office over the weekend.

EW reports that the flick, which also stars Harrison Ford and Gary Oldman, earned just $3.5 million in its first three days. Eek!

Paranoia has a good lesson about always sticking to your values,” Liam recently shared, “and not conforming to what people want you to be.”

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  • AEM

    I don’t know what is so special about this guy. Even Empire State with Emma Roberts went straight to DVD. Hemsworth is only famous because of Miley. This guy has no personality and doesn’t let his fans know who he is. All I see is a guy that goes to the gym everyday. He is scared of Twitter and keeps to himself. Absolutely the most overrated actor now.

  • dee

    I actually thought it was pretty decent and I hate everything.

  • xyz123

    “Paranoia has a good lesson about always sticking to your values,” Liam recently shared, “and not conforming to what people want you to be.”

    Too bad Mileys been conforming to reach a wider and older audience. Nudity, less clothing, groping oneself, drinking, smoking..ya’ll know… all those lack of value things.

  • Jason

    This guy has had more flops than hits… when will Hollywood learn?

    Maybe his brother can throw him a bone and get him cast in Thor 3.


    So, not being on Twitter and spouting inanities 24 hours a day means you have no personality? Your sense of entitlement regarding people’s private lives is frightening… @AEM:

  • cam

    I don’t get these Hollywood big wigs – why does a move get rated on it’s first day or first few days of release? I thought the movie was really good & I did not have it “all figured out” I was finding out the story as it unfolded. I think the promotion of this movie was lacking. Very few advertisments on TV and where was the rest of the cast for the promos? I only saw Liam promoting it & one or 2 days Amber & only one day Harrison Ford. The key to a good showing at the box office is promotion. Also many people go by what a film critic says about a movie – I go by what I think I want to see & most of the time it’s the opposite of the film critic’s choice & most of the time I love the movie.

    & JJ – the title of this article is a bit unfair. I think Liam is a really good actor & I’m not a teen. I’m older than Liam and I think he is good – he has potential to be better & better. Go see the movie before you comment in the negative – most of the negative comments are from those who did not even see the movie.

    I do agree that he is a bit uptight and limits his interviews to “nothing personal” but that is because the media twists everything & stirs up trouble for these stars personal lives. An actor or singer, etc. wants to be known for their craft & their talent not their personal life.

  • amy


    I agree with you.

  • wow


    Liam may have gotten his break from his first movie with Miley, but Liam is talented. I think people judge his acting unfairly. Even in The Last Song he was good.

    This life of fame and paparazzi hounding him are new – he did not grow up in that world, unlike Miley who was born to a famous father so it must be unnerving to him. I actually think Liam is not really uptight & enjoys a good time with friends and loved ones but is not so trusting of the “fame, media world” & maybe that’s not a bad thing.

  • lol


    I guess you are not familiar with the “flops” many more seasoned actors have had. Even Johnny Depp had a “flop” recenly. Today the companies that buy these movies to release them only seem to want to release what they feel will be the ‘blockbuster” making 100 million in the first weekend & that is why I see so few movies, because most of thoes “blockbuster” shoot em up & kill em movies are not my kind of movie. I like these type of movies – with a story line & not just guns & bombs & fists flying.

  • obsessedxddd

    I’m sorry but just because he doesn’t twitter as much as those pathetic teenage girls these days who have no privacy, doesn’t mean he has no personality.

  • notosruu



  • Steph

    @obsessedxddd: TOTALLY agree! And I think Liam is a MORE talented actor than Miley Cyrus…and she’s been doing it longer.

  • wow


    I agree that Liam is a talented actor, but why bring Miley into it as if it’s a competition. Miley is actually quite good, but I think comedy is her best type of acting, however she is concentrating on music now & she & Liam are not in competition, she loves Liam and wants him to succeed and excel in his career.

  • jubjub

    @xyz123: actually is doing the opposite of conforming to anything. caus no one approves of her choices. conforming is pleasing people and not yourself

  • Ellie

    I swear some people here are total dumb asses. Let me tell you all the truth. Liam just CAN’T ACT. Stop denying and stop trying to throw shade at Miley Cyrus in the mean time. She is the sole reason he is famous and anyone cares about his movies.

    He lacks talent. He is only good looking and lacks personality and charisma. He does not delve deep into roles and give multiple dimensions. He is mediocre. If he hadn’t dated Miley, someone else probably would’ve gotten his role in The Hunger Games.

    I don’t care for Twitter, so, that’s not part of judgment. He doesn’t have the talent to be in this industry. Say all the garbage you want about Miley and her father, but she made a name for herself. I like her on her own and I’ve had the opportunity to see her perform live. She’s an incredible performer and deserves where she is. I can’t say the same for her boyfriend.

  • Miguel

    Well, we ALL KNOW he is a greaaat actor, not stiff at all, and obviously his looks are not *at all* the reason he made it to Hollywood… lol *cough*

  • sarah

    He’s hot and everything….but he has no personality….I don’t agree with the twitter issue tho.. for example the 3 guys who star in 21 and over …the script is sh*t on paper…the budget is only 13 million $…none of them is actually that famous nor they tweet that much…yet the movie grossed a respectful 41 million “more than 3 times guys “….only cause the guys had some personas…BTW I think America is getting tired of Ryan Reynolds too


    I totally agree with you…I think that this spring/summer season was full of surprises..some movies I expected them to be a huge failure “like 21 and over” and they turned out to be a success “not huge” but at least decent,while some movies shocked me like R.I.P.D ,Turbo and Girl Most Likely…they were total disasters..P.S I think America is really starting to get tired of Ryan Reynols,at the end of the day he managed to screw up a lot of big budget movies,the Hemsworth brothers only succeed in blockbuster movies “it’s really the movie’s success not theirs”, like HG for Liam and Thor, The Avengers,Snow White And The Huntsman for Chris,but their independent movies always fail: Love and honor,Paranoia for Liam and Red Dawn for Chris