'Pretty Little Liars' Interview: Ryan Guzman Teases Jake & Ezra's First Meeting

'Pretty Little Liars' Interview: Ryan Guzman Teases Jake & Ezra's First Meeting

Check out this brand new interview with the talented and gorgeous Ryan Guzman!

The 25-year-old actor currently appears on Pretty Little Liars as Aria’s (Lucy Hale) new boyfriend Jake.

Now that Ezra (Ian Harding) knows Malcolm isn’t his son and he’s reaching back out to Aria, how will this affect her relationship with Jake?

JJJ caught up with Ryan to give us some insight on what we can expect!

Be sure to watch Ryan on Pretty Little Liars TONIGHT @ 8PM on ABC Family.

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JustJaredJr.com Interview – Ryan Guzman

JustJaredJr.com: Hi Ryan. So first of all, what was it like coming on to such a beloved show with such passionate fans – especially ones that want Aria and Ezra together?

Ryan Guzman: Being on the show has been awesome. I get to work with some friends and I’ve made some new friends. In the beginning, with the first couple of episodes, it’s pretty much me and Lucy hanging out all the time, which is cool because I knew her before the show. We were friends before. It’s a good time. I did not know the following or the fans, and how that was going to actually happen. I didn’t prepare myself for that. I didn’t know how big Ezria fans were. I definitely heard it from them the most. “Hey, get out here. What are you doing? You’re breaking up our couple.” So I had to actually ask people like, “Did I actually break up the couple? What’s going on?” They were like, “No, they broke up. You’re just the new guy and people don’t like new right now. They want the old couple back.” So I learned a lot within my short period of time of filming.

JJJ: It seems more Jake fans are emerging over time. What is it about Jake that people are starting to like?

RG: It’s a catch 22 for Jake because I think it the Pretty Little Liars world, people aren’t used to genuine person and that’s what Jake is. Usually when someone like that comes in to Rosewood, they’re working for “A” or they have some other scheme up their sleeve, but that’s not the case with Jake. He’s just looking to be a good guy and help out Aria. That’s why he’s taking it so slow and letting her come to him on her time, when she’s available. That’s why I believe the relationship has started to bud a little bit more, and blooming into something better.

JJJ: Do we know Jake is NOT part of the “A” team though? Has there been any talk or inkling that he could have ulterior motives?

RG: Fans keep on catching things, actually. They catch more stuff than I would ever care to pay attention to. For instance, last episode, there was a scene where Aria was going to see me at my competition and I pop out real quick, and say, “Hey Aria, I’m up in five.” Right when I say that, right above my head is a big old “A.” I didn’t notice that and I don’t know how I didn’t notice that the whole time I was filming. The fans caught on to that and we’re like, “Oh well, he’s ‘A.’ That’s for sure.” And then they look at my name Ryan A. Guzman on Twitter and they go, “Why is there a big ‘A’ in the middle? You’re definitely it now.”

JJJ: Haha! Well, now that we know Malcolm isn’t Ezra’s son, will that drive a wedge between Jake and Aria?

RG: Yeah, the kid was kind of a big separation between Aria and Ezra. But now that we found out the kid isn’t his, I don’t necessarily think that means that she’s going to run back to him and help him out all the time. Because technically, he did still have the chance to have a kid. There’s still a lot of issues between them that need to be fixed before they get back together. But I think Ezra’s been through a lot and he’s going to play the pity card. He needs a shoulder to lean on and the only one he can think of is Aria. So he will reach out and continue to reach out, until he gets what he wants.

JJJ: Jake and Ezra are finally going to meet. What can you tease about that?

RG: This upcoming episode, you’ll see the first interaction between Ezra and Jake and how they’re going to coincide in this girl’s life. Obviously, she can’t leave school. She’s going to see him all the time and she’s dating my character. I think Ezra and Jake will be feeling each other out in the beginning and then we’ll find out how they are going to deal with each other later on.

JJJ: Ezra isn’t much of a physical fighter. Would we ever see them come to blows?

RG: Yeah (laughs), actually me and Ian have talked about that. I don’t think Ezra would think about going after Jake just because it wouldn’t be a fair fight. Jake would mop the floor with Ezra (laughs). Here’s what would happen though. We planned it out. Jake and Ezra would fight. Jake would win. Erza would get really beat up and go back to Aria, and she would love him even that much more.

JJJ: What about a fight between Ryan and Ian? Have you guys ever talked about that? (laughs)

RG: I think it was a two second conversation (laughs). He was trying to find out what I had been doing, what I trained in. He came to the consensus like, “Yeah, I had no chance.” He’s such a nice guy. I call him Clark Kent because he looks like him. We enjoy each other’s time.

JJJ: PLL fans are so diehard. What are you diehard about?

RG: Martial arts is definitely my top. I still train and teach to this day. It’s something that changed my life for the better and leveled me out. But I’m also really creative. I write, I draw, I dance – just something to stretch the mind a little bit and continue to grow.

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