Ariana Grande & Nathan Sykes: New Couple!

Ariana Grande & Nathan Sykes: New Couple!

Ariana Grande has officially moved on from Jai Brooks and is now dating The Wanted‘s Nathan Sykes, sources tell!

“It’s very, very new,” a source also revealed to Us Weekly. “Nate sends her flowers everyday.”

Ariana and Nathan recently teamed up for the romantic duet “Almost Is Never Enough” off of The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones soundtrack.

Be sure to check out Ariana and Nathan in the “Almost Is Never Enough” video!

TELL JJJ: Do you think Ariana Grande and Nathan Sykes make a cute couple?

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  • cmonty

    LOL she moves on pretty quickly damn. poor jai

  • tia

    Cute couple

  • l

    oH God, don’t fall for it people! This SCREAMS promo!!

  • Alecsa

    oohhh!! they are ADORABLE! i LOVE them. just seeing the Vid made me SHIP them!! <3Ariana and Nathan

  • Alondra

    wow she moved on very quick

  • http://@brvnobutera Queen Jessica

    Where’s the proof that they’re dating? it just says “Nate sends her flowers everyday” that’s a statement without back-up. Also, your “source” can be completely made-up…You know, since there’s no proof you even had this conversation with said “Source” Nevertheless, Ari & Nathan would make an adorable couple.

  • RITA

    I think she deserved to move on and be happy no matter how quick it was. They look really cute together:-)

  • LOL NO


  • Nadia

    they’re not dating.. neither of them have confirmed it and your source isn’t liable. nice try

  • mxxm

    if it is true I think they look really cute together and atleast they can see each other more than she saw Jai. I have never been in a long distance relationship but Australia and US that is pretty huge. Atleast Nathan spends a lot of time in the US. And is it just me or do Jai and Nathan kind of look alike?

  • Sophie

    I ship them because how can you not they are both adorable people!!
    BUT I don’t think they are dating! They were spotted out last night but you can have opposite sex friends one of my best friends is a boy! Also they’ve only known each other for a few weeks I doubt a relationship would go that quickly! But whatever the situation is I don’t mind!! :)

  • ivan

    If this is true, this obviously was the cause of the breakup not Bieber who is blamed for everything unfairly including global warming.

  • kim

    the fu*k what?????? he deserves way better ew

  • Erika

    I wonder if they are really together or if this is just to promote the single :)

  • Ashley

    I call bs. She just broke up with her BF. Nathan has stated that he doesn’t want to date right now. Also anyone who know Nathan would not call him Nate. It’s Nathan or Nath. This is just a huge publicity stunt.

  • Laiza

    omfg, i ship so hard. they make a very cute couple. :)

  • lyndz

    I mean if this is true that’s great for them, but like I don’t think it is because her and Jai literally just broke up and these rumors probably started because they did that song together. It could also be publicity for the song as well so I guess we’ll see what happens and if either of them confirm it.

  • Liz

    They aren’t dating. Get a better source.

  • um?????


  • lauren


  • Taylor

    Oh my god lmao. This is comedy. This is clearly a lie with no proof to back it up. “A source” told you he sends her flowers everyday? What source exactly? And her and Jai just broke up like a week ago. Such BS.

  • diane

    Even though I do have a tiny liking of them together, I don’t think it is true. Ariana just broke up with Jai! I don’t think that she would rush into a relationship this fast. I think this rumor has been spreading because of them sighting together along with the release of their duet, ‘Almost is Never Enough’. Besides, no one would refer Nathan as Nate. It’s either Nath or Nathan.

  • lol wut

    WHAT? She has just broke up with Jai.

  • .

    What a slut.

  • Ben

    Good 4 her that she move on but damn that was fast happy 4 her and Nathan

  • ok…

    i highly doubt that they’re dating cause didn’t ariana just break up with jai like a couple days ago. Also, ariana really loved jai..

  • vampiredolli

    I think they would make cute couple personally for me. If it’s true or not that they are dating and I seen pictures that she post bunch of flowers that he gave her. I think its true because there no way ariana grande gushes about nathan sykes about his singing and same thing with him too. I know how jai brooks feel that he nust devasted about her and nathan sykes are together. If I were in there soluation tried to kept the long distance relationship, I would give up our relationship even though he lived crossed the country and be with some guy that lived so close. I’m fan of The Wanted and Ariana Grande because they have beautiful voice and talented people. I just simple loved together for cute couple. I have to say he is so nice guy to sent her flowers everyday that means he loves her.

  • TIA marie

    They make a cute couple she moved on quickly I LOVE ARIANA GRANDE!!

  • fan

    ASDFGHJKL no way. I like Jai Brooks. Ughh. And this The Wanted guy? Oh no!

  • Crystal

    They look adorable together but you also gotta question the timing– their new duet just came out,right? It maybe just a PR stunt..

  • Unknown

    None of these articles or comments made by Ariana or Nathan prove that their together. My how quick people are to accept whatever tabloids, and gossiping folk feed you!

    Unless they come out and say so point blank, its all tabloid BS!

  • Unknown

    @Queen Jessica: So true, and just a bunch of tabloids twisting their statements to make it sound as if its about each other. But the two people in question don’t say that out right, so how is that a confirmation!

    And I don’t believe that its something that either one of them cooked up, because they are both talented enough to get that attention other ways. And they have been doing that since before they ever met each other, so why make start pretending now. People are just to cynical these days to know any better!

  • Unknown

    @LOL NO: RIGHT! People will believe anything, if it gives them another celeb couple to fantasize and gossip about!

  • http://steve004ellen ELlen Stevens


    Actually they have confirmed their relationship.. Nathan wrote: ‘So, I guess it’s obvious now thanks to everyone who is being so lovely. Im so happy ?? #butweareterrified #pleasedontkillme #orariana.’

    I disagree completely with your comment.

  • http://steve004ellen ELlen Stevens

    @Queen Jessica:

    Nathan wrote: ‘So, I guess it’s obvious now thanks to everyone who is being so lovely. Im so happy ?? #butweareterrified #pleasedontkillme #orariana.’

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