Miley Cyrus: MTV VMAs 2013 Performance of 'We Can't Stop' - WATCH NOW!

Miley Cyrus: MTV VMAs 2013 Performance of 'We Can't Stop' - WATCH NOW!

Miley Cyrus wears a bear swimsuit on stage at the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards held at the Barclays Center on Sunday (August 25) in Brooklyn, N.Y.

The 20-year-old singer hit the stage to perform her new song “We Can’t Stop” before teaming up with Robin Thicke on “Blurred Lines”.

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In case you missed it, be sure to check out Miley‘s red carpet look from earlier in the evening.

Check out the full performance at

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Credit: Neilson Barnard; Photos: Getty
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  • Susan

    What does she think she has to prove? That she’s a freak? smh Daddies proud….

  • Maddie


    I know right! She looked horrible, sounded bad and danced like a retard! I swear the way she was dancing and then taking off her clothes it was like she thought she was at a strip club doing a show!
    And the fact that her mum stood up after her performance and clapped shows how messed up her family is!
    Obviously her mother would be proud runs in the family mum a slut and daughters are sluts!

  • Maddie



    I know right! She looked horrible, sounded bad and danced like a ret*rd! I swear the way she was dancing and then taking off her clothes it was like she thought she was at a strip club doing a show!
    And the fact that her mum stood up after her performance and clapped shows how messed up her family is!
    Obviously her mother would be proud runs in the family mum a sl*t and daughters are sl*ts!

  • javi

    ok nothing that anyone have seen before. gaga does the same shock and aw on every performance i was specting something original you know its the vma’s

  • Joeanny

    Omg, I really think she is a beautiful woman, but this performance was complete trash, and believe me I’m not a hater but I have a younger brother who thinks miley is cool, and he is young and wreck less too . I can’t take her anymore. Where are her parents to straighten her out?

  • good-one

    Sure it’s a guess, but Miley’s performance seemed droll burlesque; a parody, a caricature. It appeared in stark contrast to Shailene Woodley’s teaser commercial for her coming young adult sci-fi dystopian picture, Divergent, where to be different, risks life itself.

    Thank our lucky stars that artists still have freedom to push the envelope, creating their art.

    Miley’s skin-tone two-piece body-cover was latex, not spandex, (supposed to be skin?), perhaps even suggesting it was maybe cleverly costumely alluding to Gillette Venus’ modern social media tie-in to the VMAs:

  • ZAid


  • stella

    MILEY YOUR PERFORMANCE WAS OUTRAGEOUS! It was so so vulgar! Not to mention the grinding in your underwear. I know you “Can’t Stop” but pleasee stoooop. Don’t get me wrong, i was one of your fans. But i kinda lost my respect for u.

  • Srishti

    I am ashamed to admit that I used to be A DIE HARD FAN of this girl…i cannot connect to her anymore.

  • Summer

    OMG What is happening to her !! I don’t want to hate her because I really do like her …. What would Liam say after this o.O

  • Summer

    She has changed

  • jieuhhuairka


    ANGY MCCOY il y a 2 minutes

    I heard people say that LGs performance was as embarrassing as Miley’s.

    I think LGs was absolutely appropriate, regarding the “character”,? her previous shows, etc. Shes 27, she is a woman who knows what she does, and her performance last night wasnt shocking at all. For a come back I think it was great.

    MCs performance was just VULGAR, we never saw LG doing all that stripper things, sticking out her tongue like a sl*t. Dont you agree with that ? OKAY we get it, MC is not Disney anymore, but all that moves,? it was so innapropriate. Im almost 22, and I think that if I had seen this with my parents, I would have been SO embarrassed.

    Apologies if i made mistakes, i’m french.

  • Spiderman

    cant say I am a fan of gaga but I do understand her antics and attempt at artistic expression and even to certain extent appreciate it, but Miley is… just how do I say it… tacky? all over the place and disorganized? this is a horrible performance, one she should be really embarrassed about. I mean whats she really trying to prove? that she really really really does lack talent? because really proves it.

  • lillian

    Ok, I don’t care how she dresses. Frankly, is a common thing to go almost naked on stage now days. But the way she acted and the way she moved was pathetic and disgusting. Gaga was almost naked on that stage too, but the difference is abysmal.

    I don’t know what is wrong with her lately, but someone needs to tell her to stop and think. She didn’t even sounded good. And i have seen her sing live before and she might not be the best one out there, but at least she sounded good.

    At this rate she is going to end like Britney before she turns 25, and the sad thing is that I don’t think she is going to be able to come back up like Britney did.

    Come on Miley! Snap out of it girl!!

    Isn’t there anyone, in her family or friends that tell here she is doing all wrong? No one?

  • http://jastjared amna

    whats wrong with you miley,fame has changed her so much,i don’t like her now….

  • Erika

    She’s just being Miley…. she grew up, people get over it!

  • Janire

    So being Miley is to have a sl*tty attitude? She can act sexy and spcy but it was embarrasing to see, she went far trying too hard to be a non-Disney girl anymore.
    Liam Hemsworth… are you ok? xD

  • tia

    Enough with the negative comments I have seen way worst leave her alone and stop spreading hate live your owns lives and stop minding peoples business. There is enough hate in the world already stop adding to it.

  • —-

    Miley Cyrus stimulating anal sex with the singer is not normal.

  • wow

    Some pretty nasty comments & judgements here – people should not be so shocked at an almost 21 year old at the VMA’s no less giving her performance. I bet alot of you have some things you have done at that age that would make Miley look tame so get off your judgement horses people & get over it!

  • amy

    Of all the celebs commenting on Miley at the VMA’s I find the “shock” that Brooke Shields spoke of the most amusing and most insincere – this shock coming from the then 15 year old bare chested and almost naked Brooke shields herself in the film The Blue Lagoon & then also again as the teenage Calvin Klein model posing very sensually and stating “nothing comes between me & my Calvin’s” – what a buffoon she is and Brooke should be ashamed of herself for adding fuel to the fire about Miley when Brooke is such a hypocrite. She should go explain her nudity at age 15 to her 2 kids and leave Miley who is almost 21 years old alone!

  • Tiffany

    @Erika: Growing up doesn’t mean dressing provocatively and doing vulgar moves. It’s the opposite, actually. Growing up is having class and maturity. She has neither.

  • Jason

    @Erika: This isn’t “grown up”. This is a child trying to act older, but just looking like a fool.

    Grown-ups don’t sing about drugs like they’re proud of taking them. Not in this day and age, and not after all of the deaths involved with drugs in the music industry.

    Miley can be Miley, but she’s not… she’s out to prove something. I guess she really hates the big break Disney gave her. Jerks. How dare they jumpstart her career like that.

  • Em

    There’s tasteful nudity… doing it for the sake of art…but the way she goes about it is not tasteful- it’s just vulgar. For the people commenting ” she just grew up” – that’s all fine.. It’s ok to try to be sexy, mature, even baring skin for a movie ( that has artistic purposes) – but her antics just make her look more immature. Also, yes, 20 something’s can get pretty bad at a club… But the point is that it’s not advertised on national TV for people and fans to see. It’s fine to get raunchy at a club.. Thats part of the scene… But to do that in front of The VMAs where it’s about music and artistic expression is such an insult. There’s a time and place and grinding up an older guy on national TV is NOT it.

  • —-

    Being in your 20′s nowadays isn’t compared to 30+ years ago. Twentysomethings in the 21st century are still acting like teenagers, because of technology.

  • cam


    Is this the first time you have seen the VMA’s? There have been some real nasty things on that award show in the past. I think if it were not Miley people would have less to say. People really like to hate this girl & I think a lot of it is the comments I’ve seen about how wealthy she is. She earned it – Disney worked that girl like a slave & took her for every penny they could make off of her, so if she is wealthy – she earned it mostly all before the tender age of 18 when most of the commenters her were still living off of mommy & daddy & probably many still are.


    she is like a pool dancer


    It seems Miley has forgotten who gave her a break, what was it that made her famous. . . Her actions shows her as ingrate, not only to Disney, her fans. . . but to the parents of her millions of fans. She should look at Hillary McDuff “Lizzie Mc Guire” and Selena Gomez “Wizards of Waverly Place.” They’re still famous and decent and classy, going to stay in the business for a long time. What about you Miley. I pity Liam, man, that’s the girl you’re going to marry?!

  • Em

    @cam yes I have seen the VMA’s. And that doesn’t mean all the other antics of those artists are acceptable also. Lady GAGA with the mean thing… that was weird. But the fact is that SHE IS ON THE NEWS NOW! Years ago, if it was Britney Spears… I would comment on Britney Spears… but this is a MILEY CYRUS post so I commented on her antics. —- anyways

    yes. yes. it sucks that she’s a childstar and she’s been manipulated — like we haven’t seen that before… there are plenty of child stars who have been hooked on drugs doing stupid things— falling rock bottom. ie. Lindsay Lohan. It doesn’t mean that she has to do it too. If anything it should give her an idea of WHAT NOT TO DO when you’re a child star.

    & yes, 18 years old – already making a lot of money — that’s what she wanted to do, that’s what happens when you get in the business. You can’t honestly criticize on the fact that kids were living off their parents when they were that age… OF COURSE THEY DO!! That’s the norm in the U.S., usually ( AND I SAY USUALLY, NO ALL CASES) if you were under age of 18 and you’re making money ( not as an actor/actress) and it usually means you’re either 1. family is poor 2. parent’s refuse to support you.

  • Em

    cont… and I don’t care about her wealth. It’s how she handles herself … what a waste of that wealth. Instead of using that HARD EARNED wealth and putting it to something substantial, she reduces herself to that performance.

  • Em

    clarifying my last sentence of the first post: if you’re under the age of 18 and you were working — usually meant that 1 or/and 2. There’s some extreme cases where the teens were wealthy usually they are entrepreneurs,developing software etc and not from music/modeling/movies

  • katie


    don’t be mean she is nice

  • Sil

    JustJared I swear you shouldn’t post this video here… what example are you showing when younger kids come to JustJaredJr… I swear this girl should go get some mental treatment….

  • hey

    Excuse me? So you think that acting like a sl*t and growing up are the same thing? Can you get any more stupid. honestly.

  • elahe

    she wore foam hand wrong it was for left hand.
    and i believe she should explain the reason why she did the performance that way? what did she mean of it all? before losing big number of her fans.
    because honestly after being a fan for years, i’m confused & disappointed of her.

  • anka

    co ona sob? reprezentuj??
    przecie? wida? ,?e to na si?? robi ;/

  • —-

    Miley Cyrus was pretending to have anal sex with the singer. Plus, anal sex is only for homosexuals!