Ashley Tisdale & Christopher French: Food Truck Twosome

Ashley Tisdale & Christopher French: Food Truck Twosome

Ashley Tisdale walks with fiance Christopher French after a bite to eat on Sunday afternoon (August 25) in Toluca Lake, Calif.

The newly engaged couple picked up something to eat from the Kreation Organic food truck. Yum!

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It was just announced that ABC Family just green lit a new comedy from Ashley‘s production company, Blondie Girl Productions.

Titled Young & Hungry, the show revolved around Nick, a well-off young tech entrepreneur, who hires Gabi, a feisty young food blogger, to be his personal chef.

20+ pics inside…

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  • Erika

    Good looking couple :)

  • Jereme

    Everyday she just proves my point over and over again. That she absolutely doesn’t really care that much about her acting and singing career.

  • Jereme

    Yes I am repetitive with what I say but it’s not entirely my fault when Ashley keeps doing the same damn thing over and over and over again, day after day after day. Since she’s not going to start doing something else or something new than I won’t have anything new to say.

    So I can see this is where she is going to start dropping projects that she is or will be apart of. The reason I’m hearing is because of a “Scheduling Conflict” What scheduling conflict? The only thing that Left Behind was going to conflict with is her going shopping all the time, going to the gym, going to get coffee, going to get her hair done, going on vacations to places like NYC, Mexico, and wherever else she goes, and doing things with Chris. Since that is the only schedule that she has. Oh and I forgot the premieres that she goes to just to keep up appearances. Now that she is engaged she is going to use this as another crutch/excuse for not doing anything with her career because she’s going to say things like “now that I’m engaged I have to start planning a wedding and that’s going to take up a lot of my time and I won’t have time to do anything else.” I can see it now. Than after the wedding she’s going to say something like “Chris and I want to start a family and have kids. Since I’m around my niece Mikayla all the time, we want to have kids of our own” just to give herself another excuse/crutch after the wedding as she slips farther and farther into irrelevance. Her fans deserve so much better than what she is giving them. I feel sorry for her fans that she isn’t a better role model and person to be a fan of. I’m surely glad that I no longer am. She only averages about 1 movie a year if that. Only has 2 CDs out and those are few and far between. She was in 2 TV Shows and 1 got cancelled. The biggest thing that she is doing right now is her voice over work with Phineas and Ferb. Come on Ashley give your fans more. They want and deserve better from you. They definitely deserve way better than you. Without your fans you wouldn’t be who you are or where you are today. The least you could is be grateful to them.

  • Aly

    @Jereme: Her production comapny just sold another project. This one to ABC Family. She is busy producing.

  • Aly

    @Jereme: You are right. She shouldn’t eat lunch. how dare she.

  • Jereme

    @Aly That’s her production company that has nothing to do with her acting or singing career. She has lost all of her passion and all of her drive for her acting and singing career for whatever reason if she ever had any. I really don’t think she is serious or even cares about her acting or singing career anymore.

    I wasn’t getting on her for eating lunch. I was getting on her because her days only consist of 7 things and that’s it. It’s all she does and it’s all we ever see her doing. The 7 things that she does are:

    - Going to the Gym
    - Going shopping at Planet Blue or somewhere else
    - Going to Coffee Bean to get coffee
    - Going to the Hair Salon to get her hair done
    - Going on vacation to places like NYC and Mexico
    - Doing stuff with Chris
    - Going to Premieres to keep up appearances

    That’s all she ever does and that doesn’t seem like somebody who is serious at all about her acting or singing career. Her fans want more and want better things from her and they deserve it. The disappointments are just starting and they’re just going to keep coming 1 right after another especially now that she is engaged. Since they have been engaged they have been attached at the hip and it’s kind of hard to get things done when you’re attached at the hip to somebody. No longer being serious about her acting or singing career is no way to treat her fans, the people who put her where she is today if she even cares about them anymore.

  • S

    Why. Are. You. Even. Here.


  • Victoria

    the sad thing here is that Ashley ‘s posts only get more than 3 comments because of Jereme.

  • Jereme

    @Aly She is only in this for the money. She only does what she does to give herself enough money so she can do whatever she wants, so she can keep living in the lap of luxury and living the vacation life style that she is living, and not care about it because she has the money to do it. She is not in it for the fame or for the fans. Here’s why I say that. Since HSM 3 came out on October 24, 2008 she has done a big whopping total of 3 movies since than. So that’s a total of 3 movies in 5 years and if I do my math correctly that’s not even an average of 1 movie a year. She hasn’t done a CD in 4 years and she only has a total of 2 CDs. Selene Gomez has 4 CDs out and all of those came out after Guilty Pleasure came out. Does doing only 3 movies in the last 5 years and not doing a CD in 4 years really seem like somebody who is serious in any way about hers/his acting or singing career?

    @S I am here because I am pissed off at Ashley to the point to where I hate her. I am an Ashley hater and no longer a fan of hers. I turned my fan card in and will never get it back. She doesn’t deserve me to be a fan of hers or anybody else for that matter. Her actions or should I say in-actions as of late is why I now feel the way that I do. Now that she’s engaged it’s only going to get worse because she’s not going to be doing much since her and Chris are now attached at the hip since they got engaged. I am going to do nothing but say bad things about Ashley and treat her like crap because that is what I feel that she has been doing to her fans lately. I wonder how many fans she disappointed for dropping out of Left Behind. I hope 1 day that they all come to their senses and see what I see. That she isn’t worth the time and effort to be a fan of her.

  • Jereme

    @Victoria whether that is a good or bad things against me I tend to agree with that. I have noticed it that most of the Ashley posts on here have no more than maybe comments if I don’t post anything on them.

  • Jereme

    Everybody who comes to Ashley posts on here may like me or may hate me. You may like what I say or don’t like what I say. All I can say is that you have a right to feel the way you do about me or my posts. I am just honest with what I say and how I feel.

  • kelly martineau

    Augly boyfriend pitchures. Close the eyes. Good they are getting heatly food.These girls V and A think they know how to act and produce shows.



    I got to agree with you. She’s been slacking.

  • Been there done that

    @Jereme: Seriously man, what does it matter what Ashley does careerwise? Dude you are the only one who actually cares. Maybe she’s comfortable sticking to producing. That movie she just dropped out of wasn’t exactly going to make her career. What does it matter?

  • S


  • Jereme

    @Been there done that: It matters because Ashley has fans who want her to do more than what she has been doing lately with her acting and singing career. She has fans who want her to do more CDs, and want her to be in more movies. Since her fans are the ones who put her where she is today, they deserve more from her and deserve better from her. No, maybe the movie Left Behind wasn’t exactly going to make her career but it would have been something for her fans to see her in and to be happy about. Since she dropped out of it for whatever reason/excuse she wants to use, now her fans are upset and disappointed with her because they expected to see her in it and now they’re not going to. She needs to stop being so damn selfish with her time and start thinking about the important people, the people who actually put her where she is today and if it wasn’t for them she would be a nobody. She needs to spend less time shopping, going to the gym, going to coffee bean, going to the hair salon, going to premieres, going on vacations, doing things with Chris and spending more time actually doing movies making more CDs and doing more things that her fans want and deserve from her. The fact that she has only done 3 movies in the last 5 years and hasn’t done a CD in 4 years, I feel like is a slap right in the face to her fans and I really don’t think that she even cares about it. She’s going to care about it even less now that she is engaged and since they got engaged they’re attached at the hip now. You say I’m the only one who cares which isn’t true because I’m sure she has fans out there who care what she does career wise.

  • Gonzalo

    I totally agree with Jereme. I am a fan of Ashley, but I think she is not spending much time in his career. Everything he does makes me think that she is not interested in his fans, really. And that’s a shame because it values ??the daily efforts made ??by all his fans to try to keep it current. But the reality is different, she is not in force. Today there are many celebrities who are excelling more than she and who are younger than her.

  • believe.

    @Jereme: I may understand where your frustration and disappointment come from. I suppose you see a potential in her and it just makes you sad/mad to see her not making the best out of it and just stick to a few small projects in her acting career and just focus on the producing side. I understand that…

    What I don’t understand, is the request you’re making as a fan. I mean… I’m a fan too. But I didn’t become a fan because in the future I knew I would see her starring in big major projects and stuff. Neither I would ask her that if that’s not what she wants (like, if she prefers TV rather than movies – which is just her real case). Being a fan does not always pay you off, but no one ask you to be one. If you’re a fan, you know what decision you’re making and what it’s going to be like. I don’t think we’re in the position to expect and pretend her to do certain things – but as you’re saying, we’re totally free to stop being fans of someone. But if we keep being fans, then we mustn’t be complaing cause we know what we’re doing and what the situation is like.

    If you just come in here to burst off your frustration, ok, I get that. But I’ve seen posts of yours a lot here, day after day, so what’s the point now? If you’re a fan of hers, all you can do is wait and be positive. There’s not that much you can do (as a FAN). If you’re not a fan anymore, then ignore her. Cause hate won’t solve anything and won’t make you feel better. Just my opinion…