Win a FREE Gift Bag From Olivia Holt's Sweet 16!

Win a FREE Gift Bag From Olivia Holt's Sweet 16!

Olivia Holt celebrated her 16th birthday with an Old Hollywood-style party earlier this month in Hollywood.

After partying the night away guests — which included Luke Benward, Hailee Steinfeld, Debby Ryan and more — took home a fun gift bag with lots of goodies inside.

JJJ got our hands on one of the gift bags and we’re giving it away to ONE lucky reader!

What You’ll Get: Carmex Moisture Plus Lip Balm, a PlayMG Corp. handheld gaming system, Primma Donna jewelry and scarves, Hint Water, Sanrio Hello Kitty Compact Mirrors, Justin’s Peanut Butter Cups, Duck Brand Duck Tape, Glitter Tattoos, and OCD Experience.

UPDATE: Winner has been notified. Thanks for entering!

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Photos: Sara Jaye Weiss
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  • http://@OliviaPaxson Olivia

    Justins Peanut Butter, Hello Kitty, and glitter tattoos? What more could you ask for for a fun night? Love this gift bag, so fun.

  • Jennifer

    I want to win this! I absolutely love Olivia. She is gorgeous!

  • Danielle

    This would be cool to win.

  • Sahara R

    I love Olivia!

  • http://@livsingh95 Olivia

    I would love to win this! So many awesome goodies included in the gift bag =)

  • http://@fashion_nexus Shannon Moody


  • Wendy

    This would be amazing to win! Love all of the fun stuff in this bag! :)

  • Luv2Win

    I would love to win this bag!

  • http://@LOVE_Arianator Dana


  • http://@LOVE_Arianator Dana


  • http://@LOVE_Arianator Dana

    This seems like I Great bag I would love to win it!!!!!

  • http://@LOVE_Arianator Dana

    I hope Olivia had a great sweet 16!!! I would love to win this incredible bag????

  • http://Mandy215 Mandy? olivia holt lover

    I really need to win!! If I don’t ill die olivia please!???????????????????????

  • http://Mandy215 Mandy olivia holt lover


  • http://Mandy215 Mandy olivia holt lover

    I need to win @olivia

  • http://Mandy215 Mandy olivia holt lover

    @Olivia: I love u! My olivian insta is @real_olivian_love and twitter is mandy215

  • http://Mandy215 Mandy olivia holt lover

    This would be the best to win no one loves olivia more then me!!!!????????????????????????????????????????????????

  • http://@iolivian_ileo Zhyana Robinson

    Omg Olivia is the most beautiful talented person. She inspired me so much. I wish her the best of luck in life. I love you so much Olivia xo

  • joey

    i want that bag

  • Jennifer

    I would love to win this! Love her!

  • http://prettysese3198 sierra.a

    !! I would love to win those prizes oliva u r amazing talented and beautiful I watch kickin it all the time on disney XD !!!! I would really to win

  • http://prettysese3198 sierra.a loves oliva holt

    Please!!!!!!!!!!!! U are like great at every thing u do :)


    I Love Her

  • http://@alexisgabel1 alexis gabel

    I would love to win something this cool. :0 Its just a cool opportunity.

  • adoringmyholt

    Omg I’m an Olivian for two years now, I can’t imagine how much I wish I could win this. Olivia is such a great inspiration and role model for me, I love her with all my heart. It hurts really bad that I’ll never be able to meet her and thank her for everything. If I ever won this bag I’d be screaming and jumping all over my room, because there is a chance that she, my flawless idol HAS TOUCHED IT. I’D ACTUALLY HAVE SOMEHING THAT SHE HAS TOUCHED. It’d be like a dream come true.
    PS. I’m in love with your site, it’s so amazing, I’m obsessed with it <3

  • adoringmyholt

    Please, I’d do everything in my power to win this, Olivia is my idol, my role model, my lifesaver, my everything. Winning this bag would be like a dream come true…

  • http://prettysese3198 sierra.a loves oliva holt

    Oliva u r truly amazing and of course very Gorgeous and u are very talented I really love to have a gift like that speacially beacuse held it in ur HANDS it would really be amazing to have something that u olivia holt held!! :) it would just be fantastic. I have a some pictures of u in my room. And I even made a beaded bracelet with ur name on it !! Because u are just so amazing! :) and I made one with the name kicking it as well :) !!

  • nicole

    i want to win

  • PT

    Cool gift bag

  • http://@KAylaDeveney Kayla Deveney

    Olivia Holt is my life an I’m not just saying that. She is my all-time inspiration and has had a HUGE influence on my last few years. When I saw her on Kickin’ It for the first time on the first episode, I noticed something different about her. Cliché I know, but her acting seemed unparalleled to anyone I had ever seen before. She was part of the reason I loved Kickin’ It more than any other famous celebrity. As time went on, I decided to make a Twitter (and later an Instagram) dedicated just to show my respect to fellow fans and others on how much the KI cast means to me. While I used to be like any other average kid and watch tv and go to the movies, I soon found a hobby that has stuck to me like glue to this day. While on twitter, a random person suggested that I try writing and asked me to write fan fiction one-shot for them… (both something I didn’t know what they were) Because I didn’t want to say no, I tried it, warning he/she that I have never really written anything besides a school-required assignment. So because I didn’t want to disappoint, I did and since then, I found my joy for writing in general. To this day, I write story’s just for my pleasure and really the only time I watch tv is when Kickin’ It’s on… and I’m not kidding. Not only was that the huge changed she partially caused on my last few years, but she has been an icon to me. Just like everyone has someone to look up to, she’s the person I look up to. Every time my birthday has rolled around, I always wish to be noticed by her. Every Christmas, I always wish for me to be noticed by her. I’d honestly do anything to meet her and whether its in a year, or in thirty years, it’s the top priority on my bucket list to meet her an the KI cast. With my birthday approaching (Sept 13) and after seeing this, I knew I had to enter. If I had a chance to win something like this, It would be the best gift I could ever receive. Whether I win or not, I know I did this for myself.

  • http://@oliviafever Arianny

    Omg I really want to win this AMAZING gift bag! Hopefully I will have luck and win. :)

  • Lena nguyen-vo

    It would mean so much if I could win this, especially since Olivia is my inspiration and I’m an Olivian. To have this bag would mean everything, I would cherish everything in it with my life, it’s just that special. I don’t have much of a chance, but I’m still gonna hope that I do. If I don’t win it congrats to the winner :)

  • Ashlyn

    It would be super awesome to win this goodie bag I am a big fan

  • Taylor Nolan


  • Taylor Nolan

    Please please please pick me you won’t regret it!!!!

  • Taylor Nolan

    I NEED THIS IT WILL MAKE MY WHOLE LIFE 50000% better please choose me

  • Taylor Nolan

    you won’t forget choosing me! I promise I really want this

  • Taylor Nolan

    I want this so much more than anyone ever wants anything TRUST ME I DOOOOO

  • Taylor Nolan


  • http://gymnast123 terra


  • Arianny

    I love Olivia more than anything in this world. She is not just my inspiration, she is also my hero. She saved my life. I’m struggling with depression and she is one of the little reasons I’m still breathing at this moment. I love her so much. There’s not a word to describe my love for her. Even at my old school my friends used to call me “olivia’ because I always used to rant about Olivia and kickin’ it and girl vs. monster and Olivia’s music. I’m not ashamed to call Olivia my inspiration. I am more than proud. I am very happy to be able to see Olivia’s career from the beginning to the end. This is just the beginning of Olivia’s singing and acting career. I know that telling you guys how much I love Olivia won’t make me win the amazing gift bag they gave at her birthday but, I just want to let everyone know how much she means to me. Obviously being the winner would be more than amazing and it would make me the happiest girl alive but I prefer someone that you guys think deserves it the most to win. I will be happy for the winner. :) I just have 1% on winning out of everyone else who entered this contest but I will still pray and keep my fingers crossed that I win.
    By the way good job on this amazing website. You guys always keep me updated in all the events and celebs that I love. Keep up with the great job!

  • biggestoliviaholtfan

    I would love to win this bag ! Olivia is my role model !

  • momofholtfan

    Hi JJJ !! My daughter is a HUGE Holt fan and I thought I would enter this contest for her !!!

  • kelly


  • Kara lee

    I love Olivia Holt. She is my everything. I absolutely love Kickin It and loved Girl vs Monster. I’m so excited for “I Didn’t Do It”.

  • Kara lee

    Olivia is such an amazing role model and idol. Her singing and acting is perfection. I’m so happy for the way she has grown from 2011 and I am proud to say I was a fan from the start. I would be so honored to win and excited for the opportunity/chance to try to win.

  • Kara lee

    Olivia is my everthing. Cliché? I know…but I’m serious. Olivia was the first celeb that I’ve ever been so obsessed with. She’s such a great role model. She can sing and act flawlessly. I can’t wait for her journey in the media, with an upcoming Disney Channel Original Series, “I Didn’t Do It”. I am so proud of her accomplishments since the summer of 2011. It would be such a honor to win the gift bag and I am happy that I have a chance to win. Thank you.

  • http://jevgamer jevaughn

    love you Olivia your a great actress

  • http://jevgamer jevaughn

    your awesome Olivia

  • http://jevgamer jevaughn