Tiffany Houghton Talks 'High', Austin Mahone & More with JJJ!

Tiffany Houghton Talks 'High', Austin Mahone & More with JJJ!

Check out our brand new interview with one of‘s favorite up and coming music artists, Tiffany Houghton!

JJJ caught up with Tiffany on her recent trip to New York City to discuss her songwriting process, musical inspirations, and we even got her to reveal her celebrity crushes!

And who would Tiffany like to work with one day? Another artist we love – Austin Mahone! See what she had to say about his career below.

In case you missed it, be sure to check out the super fun music video for her latest single “High”!

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Just Jared Jr.: We LOVE “High”! Can you tell us what inspired the song?

Tiffany Houghton: So this song, I had more fun writing and coming up with this whole concept for this video than any other song I’ve ever written before. I wrote the song and right after I had written it I was like, ‘This is a special song. This is super fun!’ And I usually write, like at the time I had been writing these sad break up songs, and I was like you know what? No! It was a happy song, and I had just started dating somebody, and I was on the phone with my friend and I was like, you know actually, it’s weird ’cause they call it falling in love, but I feel so high! So then I’m like wait, I have to go, so I hung up the phone and starting writing down these ideas and that’s how the song came about.

JJJ: And what about the music video? It looked like so much fun!

TH: I knew I wanted to have a beach in there with a gorgeous boy which we accomplished! And then I wanted to do like a fifties’s kind of beach bingo throwback kind of a theme because I’m really into that fifties and sixties old fashioned kind of look, I think it’s adorable. So we had a really, really good time on the shoot. I came up with some of that choreography. And honestly, everyone that was cast we all just got along. The chemistry was there, so it made it a lot easier to get along and make it look like we were all friends because we really were. It was awesome.

JJJ: As far as songwriting goes, what’s your process like?

TH: I always say that I write because I can’t not write. It helps me get through a lot of different things, whether it be happy or sad, I like to get things down on paper. I’ve been writing in a journal since I was six years old, and so it’s something that’s just been a natural progression as my love for music and love for writing have joined into the same world. I would say it’s all honest stories and real life experiences. I write a lot about my parents, I write a lot about family, I write a lot about guys, I write a lot about friends, just different observations.

JJJ: What sort of music did you grow up listening to?

TH: I was a huge sing-in-the-mirror in your closet kid, like Avril Lavigne. Oh my gosh, LOVED her! Loved Kelly Clarkson. I grew up on a lot of that 90′s country music that’s pretty much pop music with a little country tinge to it. Shania Twain is my idol, I love her. And then my dad would always play Stix and Queen and Three Dog Night, so I definitely say there are a lot of different influences. I’m a fan of good, honest music.

JJJ: What are your plans for an album?

TH: Right now we’re recording different songs now and we’ll be releasing singles throughout the year.

JJJ: Is the album more upbeat songs or emotional ballads?

TH: I would say it’s more pop music like “High”. There are a couple of ballads in there, but a lot of them are upbeat and fun. There are a few vulnerable songs that are slower. Gotta keep it realistic.

JJJ: Do you prefer performing upbeat songs as opposed to ballads, or vice versa?

TH: I was a dancer all growing up so I love getting up on stage and moving around, there’s something to be said for that. There’s also something to be said for like, here let me tell you this story, everyone come in close and let’s slow it down for a second so I can tell you about this, you know? So I think there’s definitely room for both in a great live show.

JJJ: You have a very heavy fan base across social media. What’s interacting with them daily like?

TH: Oh my gosh, I would say that’s one of my favorite things about my career. Nowadays you can really be in touch with your fans. Recently I’ve been SnapChatting with a bunch of my fans! I’ll Instagram and Twitter and do that whole thing. Really, honestly, there’s nothing more rewarding than hearing from somebody that they love your song or that they covered your song or that they relate to you. I would say that my favorite part about all of that is just that close relationship that you can have with your fans so that I can know what they want, know what they like, know what they don’t like, see how they’re receiving different things I’m putting out. I love that.

JJJ: Who is another young artist you would love to work with?

TH: I’m a huge fan, as of right now, I love Austin Mahone! I’m such a huge fan of his, he’s such a sweet kid, such a good kid, and I’m big fan of his music. He’s really come so far, he’s doing great things, so I really respect his career and his music.

JJJ: And what about your celeb crushes? Dish, please!

TH: Oh my gosh. You could say any guy in One Direction! Any one of them. But I’ve also always been in love with Channing Tatum. Ever since Step Up. I can’t, I love him!

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