Ariana Grande Talks Relationship with Nathan Sykes!

Ariana Grande Talks Relationship with Nathan Sykes!

Ariana Grande has opened up about her relationship with The Wanted‘s Nathan Sykes in a new interview with Mojo in the Morning‘s radio show!

The 20-year-old starlet was asked to address the rumors regarding her new found romance with her “Almost Is Never Enough” duet partner.

“Here’s the thing, the thing about it is that we’re both twenty years old and we’re trying to figure it out, and we’re in the public eye so it’s like, it’s hard for us to live our lives and do what we’re doing when we don’t even, you know what I mean? We’re not ready to answer the question yet,” Ariana explained during the interview.

Check out what else Ariana had to say about Nathan below:

Ariana Grande Discusses Nathan Sykes Relationship Rumors

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  • Crystal

    I love how honest she is…no beating around the bush,no denial.. she seems to actually say what she feels without leading people on with anything..

  • Majestic

    yeah she still can’t say that they’re a couple and u’ve already confirmed it…funny!

  • soe

    it’s cause she’s smart unlike another mexican disney chick and doesn’t milk it ;)

  • http://chaaaaanx7 chanhernandez

    @soe: watchit.

  • Sara

    Seriously the stupid stuff idiots comment on here…she’s from nickelodeon and I’m pretty sure she’s not mexican. Get your facts straight!!!

  • mark


    nobody is saying she’s from disney or mexican.. this is an apparent knock at selena gomez..

    now who is the idiot?

  • Aleeyah

    Omfg ariana I love you but she’s an idiot for breaking up with Jai and going out with Nathan

  • Matilda

    Love ariana so much but i think its too soon :( it’ll break jais heart

  • http://N/A eduardo

    she goes out with faggot looking guys !!! LMFAO
    i bet when she was singing with Nathan Sykes his eye brows distracted her lmfao

  • Unknown

    @soe: Or because they aren’t a couple! Being young and trying to figure things out, is what any 20yr old has to do. Even more so in a business like that, with so many rumors and lies floating around. That doesn’t mean that they are together. It just means that they are trying to live life under a microscope and figure out how to get through all the drama that comes with it! The writer is just twisting their words to make it sound differently.

  • Unknown

    @Aleeyah: You have no idea what caused that breakup, so trying to judge it, makes you the idiot! Let them live and figure out what is best for themselves!

  • rumors

    @Matilda: Rumors! That’s all anyone really knows, people. Do you really need something to gossip about that bad, that you’ll just believe any story that’s put out, without anything to support it?

    Seems to me, that she hasn’t said anything more about Jai, or Nathan, because she’s starting to understand why people keep things private. You share a little with fans, and suddenly everyone thinks that they are an expert on the in’s and out’s of your love life! BS!

  • more friends than anything

    You know what I know for sure…..

    We always saw her with Jai, in photos and videos. Both of their videos, up front or hearing their voices in the back ground, and figuring out that they were together.

    We almost never see Ariana with Nathan, unless their doing something that pertains to the music they made. And fan made photos and videos are misleading. Cutting off Jai’s head and putting Nathan’s head into photos, Bieber’s head also. Most of the men in her life, are guys who are gay, guys that she works with who are older (to old) and guys that are more like a part of her family, because she’s been friends with them for years. She worked with guys in the theater, and on Victorious, but they were mostly just friends.

    Ariana and those guys were younger and like she said, it is possible for them to be nothing more than friends. More friends than relationships, in her life, and people want to judge how fast she moves from one guy to another? More friends, than boyfriends and people are quick to bash her, when their is a lot worse going on in Hollywood!

    By the looks of the way she lives and has lived for most of her life, friendships far outweigh the relationships, so let her be!

  • Sandra

    I really hope she doesnt go with NAthan Sykes, even though I love him…..


    I hope Jai and Ariana get back together

>>>>>>> staging1