Nick Jonas Kisses Olivia Culpo at US Open

Nick Jonas Kisses Olivia Culpo at US Open

Nick Jonas gives a kiss to new girlfriend Olivia Culpo while watching the 2013 U.S. Open in the LACOSTE Suite at the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center in Flushing, Queens, New York on Tuesday afternoon (September 3).

The 20-year-old musician snuck in a sweet kiss to the current Miss Universe, 22, while sitting side by side with brother Joe and his girlfriend Blanda Eggenschwiler.

“US Open was so fun. Good people. Good tennis,” Nick wrote with an image of the group at the event.

Late last month, Nick joined Olivia in Rhode Island to meet her family.

10+ pics inside…

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Credit: David Lobel; Photos: INFPhoto
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  • l

    he has become such an attention sicker…

  • hI

    I love Nick and Olivia together, they’re cute but guys, please stay away from that nasty drug dealer from Switzerland.. or you guys will lose my support

  • A

    aww he looks so happy :)

  • i love Nick, but…

    What’s happening to Nick? This is not the person I remember, if I’m correct, they haven’t been dating long and yet they’re kissing for the cameras. He honestly needs to stop being an attention seeker, it’s not cute! Joe and Blanda have been dating for possibly year now, and they’ve never done a stunt like this, and yet they get so much hate for doing nothing wrong. I DON’T GET IT!

  • Dawn

    An attetion sicker? Because he is kissing HIS GIRLFRIEND? OH REALLY? Excuse me but that’s such an stupid comment… Nick is a talented musician (he is so underrated btw). He just went to have fun with some friends and her girl and he kissed her… what’s the problem? Let him alone for god’s sake!

  • i love Nick, but…

    WTF? Nobody’s saying Nick isn’t a “talented musician,” cause he is, I agree 110%. All I’m saying is, if you read what I wrote correctly, is that this isn’t the Nick I remember! I respect his relationship, but his attention seeking has been going on for a while, even before Olivia came along, and I don’t like it.

  • christina



  • Eva

    @i love Nick, but…:

    and how do you know that it was her that said to him kiss me , and you dont say NO to your GF or BF and he is almost 21 years old so its not bad that he is growing up a little

  • i love Nick, but…

    @Eva: Then she’s an attention seeker too. And so what if he’s almost 21, what he’s doing isn’t being a grown up, it’s being immature. I get he’s the more popular of the band, but you have to see that it’s going to his head. He’s so big headed lately, and it’s a disgrace!

  • shanghai

    Well that’s the most relaxed and happy that I have seen Nick when he is with a girlfriend so just stop with the negative comments and left him be happy. Nick is kind of on the serious side usually so looks like she is good for him.


    @i love Nick, but…:

    are you ignorant or what? The swiss fame whore and Joe always are walking in front of the paparazzis to get photographed every day. That older woman with manly face has given interviews USING the name Joe to promote her irrelevant garbage from the beginning of her relationship with Joe. She is the biggest famewhore and not only that, she and her friends are bad influence on the boys. They are drug dealers and satan worshipers. They mock the entire Jonas family, or you forget when they called Papa Jonas, a thief? Joe became a loser since FAST LIFE flopped so hard. Joe lost respect for himself. He became a druggie, you did not notice why he began to have girlfriends that do drugs? Natashia Ho was a stripper from Vegas and one of the biggest pot head, now Blanda is a 29 year old parasite, hardcore smoker / pot head and drug dealer. Look at her friends, they’re nasty druggies. That is Joe’s world now. Sadly, Joe has no professional aspirations, just a wasted talent! but because of his bad choices.

    At least Nick is a workaholic!, he’s talented but he also work so hard .. Now, Nick has the right to have a girlfriend and thanks to god he got a decent girlfriend, he’s happy and we can to see it. Olivia isn’t a famewhore like blanda. Nick is smart, he has a girlfriend but he cares about his career too unlike his brother Joe.

  • i love Nick, but…

    @CHRIS: You’re a ratchet b*tch! Where is your proof of any of that? They weren’t mocking the fan, they were be sarcastic and messing with the haters head, and you all fell for it, cause you all don’t have any humor. You’re all bitter. You idiots waste your time hating her, when you have no valid proof that she ,or her friends, are “hardcore smoker / pot head and drug dealers.” You’re all superficial idiots judging her look, when that’s not important! Please explain to me why Nick’s allowed to be happy and Joe’s not. And I don’t know why you spewed so much irrelevant crap?

  • Anon

    Olivia’s only with Nick for publicity. If anyone’s an attention seeker, it’s her and her family. Have you seen the isntagram pics and the E! news article? Sheesh.

  • anon

    how can you say that. olivia has not said anything about the relationship. that was all on her family. she did not even comment on it, so if that is what pr is i do not know what a real relationship is.

  • cami

    wow. so. my thought is that this is weird. it’s weird because this just shows Nick is growing up. he never did this with Miley, Selena, or Delta. (there was the one picture but that was it) I think he’s feeling more confident and doesn’t feel pressure from whoever it was before that made them keep their relationships underwraps.
    at the same time, I don’t like PDA. never been a fan of it.
    also, Nick deserves to be happy with a girl, as he is happy with his professional life. don’t understand all the hate that Blanda and Olivia get. Blanda seems sweet, I really like her and I’m sure Olivia will grow on me. I just feel incredibly insecure that a guy that looks like Nick will never go for a girl who looks like me. he’s dating miss fucking universe. people voted on her beauty. yeah. that’s my issue.

  • PrimaDonna

    @i love Nick, but…: seriously he’s now an attention seeker for kissing his gf in public?! Wth is wrong with a guy kissing his gf?! and maybe this is not the Nick you are used to but guess what?! people grow up. and now he’s probably not caring much about what people think about him. Olivia seems like a sweet girl, you fans should be glad she makes Nick happy. This is coming from a 2007 fan.


    @i love Nick, but…: are u fo real?

  • Jen

    Umm is that an engagement ring on her hand!!??

  • hI

    Olivia is so beautiful. I’m happy for Nicky. This is a real couple

    Joe lost his good taste in girls. He was cute with Camilla, Ashley, Demi but now is just ewwww .. It makes me sick to see Joe with that swiss grandma. She looks like a man and too old for Joe. Besides she has more wrinkles than Joe’s mom.

  • http://@monilovesthejb monica Mata

    I’m in tears this is toooooooooo!!!!!! Painfull to see (snif snif) why why !!!??? Lol

  • Fran

    Ohh, Im tired of the “DRAMA” They are so adorable and looks so good together! Fans need be care about her own lifes.

  • megan

    now that i had time to process all this heartbreaking pictures i must say they r cute together and i’m jealous

  • megan

    blanda haters are f u c k i n g pathetic

  • Sandy


  • Jude

    His is the only Jonas that matters.

  • Stich

    Love him so much.

  • Laura

    I think she is good for him . It’s about time too.

  • Cat

    I agree I’m just so glad he didn’t stay with Miley . He got away from that in time for sure.

  • i love Nick, but…

    I hope all of you haters realise how much comments like this hurts them, and people who support their relationships. I don’t hate Nolivia, (they need a new couple name,) I’m so glad he’s in a relationship and he’s happy. I just wanted you all to realise how stupid some of your comments are. Joe’s happy with Blanda for year or so now and yet there so much hate towards them, even when they look happy. Joe only looks unhappy sometimes when paparazzi are in their faces. Nick’s been with Olivia for a few weeks, and yet when there’s hate towards them, people jump down each others throats to defend a couple they don’t know anything about. And funny that, nobody knows much about Joe and Blanda’s relationship either, but that’s ok, Joe and Blanda don’t have feelings or emotions, right? This isn’t a fan base, it’s just a joke! We have no right to interfere in their relationships! They’re human beings, just like us. They don’t tell us how to live our lives, and even if they did, it would be in a respectable way. PLEASE GROW UP!! Isn’t it sad that I had to use hate to get people attention, cause that’s all everyone cares about these days!

  • Claire

    @Jen: I saw that too! It definitely looks like it.

  • K

    Most of the Jonas fans are happy with Olivia, good choice Nick. Olivia is pretty, young and has made a name for herself not like the man called blanda.

    Olivia has Italian parents like Danielle Deleasa and Denise Jonas . good sign!! Olivia is 21 just like Nick. I’m sure Mama and Papa Jonas are happy about that fact, because Denise does not like girlfriends much older than her sons. Denise’s favorite girls were: Samantha Barks, Demi Lovato and Ashley Greene.

  • Chloe

    @Jen That’s the first thing I thought! Like, hello, huge looking rock on her left finger. JJJ usually notices this stuff. Anyway, I really like them together, such a stunning couple.

  • lisa

    wow what an attention whore he is. and her too. this showmance has got to go. what a joke.

>>>>>>> staging1