Ashley Tisdale: 'They're Real-volutionary' Awards Winner

Ashley Tisdale: 'They're Real-volutionary' Awards Winner

Ashley Tisdale keeps it cute as she steps out at Benefit Cosmetics’ 2013 They’re REAL-volutionary Awards on Wednesday night (September 4) in New York City.

The 28-year-old actress was honored with an award during the ceremony.

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“Thanks @benefitbeauty for my “breaking blonde” award. @msmorganashley #REALvolution #GNO #nyc,” she later tweeted. Congrats, Ash!

Earlier in the day, Ashley was spotted out grabbing a cup of coffee with a gal pal.

10+ pics inside of Ashley Tisdale out and about in NYC…

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  • Whitney

    She gets an award for….constantly getting her picture taken while getting coffee and going on vacation?

  • Jereme

    @Whitney Hahahahaha. That’s funny and that’s the exact same thing that I was thinking.

  • Jereme

    She hasn’t done a damn thing lately that is deserving an award. I have never seen any celebrity go shopping as much as she does or goes on as many vacations as she has. Everyday it is becoming clearer and clearer to me that she doesn’t care about her fans anymore and that she isn’t serious in any way about her acting or singing career.

    Ashley if you don’t care about your fans anymore and you’re no longer serious in any way about your acting or singing career than quit and leave the business and stop giving people false hope that you’re going to do more music or be in more movies. It saves everybody the trouble. You’re not even worth the attention or the time that the paparazzi’s are giving you.

  • living in the box

    Realovution award winner!? what did she do? nothing!!!

  • someone

    @Jereme: Please, go through all the Ashley posts here and take a while to read all your comments. Even you will get bored before you reach your third comment. Stop posting this c r a p!

  • joan

    She is producer and is has made a lot of recording for “Phineas and ferb” And a new movia about “Santa clause”. Just because she isn’t in front of the camera doesn’t mean shis isn’t doing something.

  • Lol

    @someone: Hahahahaha. That’s funny and that’s the exact same thing that I was thinking.

  • Jereme

    @Joan 1 of these days she is going to lose all of her fans and I am going to laugh my a$$ off when she does. Eventually they’re going to get tired of the constant disappointments from her of wanting to see her in front of the camera more and not getting too and wanting her to do more music and her not doing it. They’re not going to be too happy with her about that. Like I have said in previous posts I know they’re not too happy about the fact that she dropped out of Left Behind for whatever reason/excuse that she wants to use and from what I’ve read on other websites I know that they’re not too happy with her about the fact that she hasn’t done another CD in 4 years when they want her to do a 3rd album.

    Ok yeah producing stuff and recording for Phineas and Ferb is doing something, but again I truly believe that she is only doing it for the money so that she can continue to live the vacation life style that she is living and so she can do whatever she wants because she has the money to do things. It would be kind of hard to live her life the way she is living it, doing only the 7 different things that she does on a daily basis working a normal job somewhere else and getting paid a normal amount of money like most of us have to do. If she wasn’t only in it for the money and really and truly cared about her fans than she would be in front of the camera more, and she would make more music. She wouldn’t just stick to producing and stay away from being in front of the camera for whatever reason.

  • —-

    Ashley Tisdale is the “Diana Nyad” of teen idols!

  • Lol

    @Jereme: your problem is that you think all of her fans pretend stuff from her. What movie she’s supposed to do, what company she works for, etc. Theres fans who just support her for who she is and does. Whatever she does and whoever she is today. You might not like her, but some people might. Luckily, we r all different and have all different opinions. Ours may not match with yours, get it. But mostly, RESPECT it.

  • Jereme

    @Lol My problem is that Ashley changed. She lost all of her heart, her passion, and her drive for being in movies, for being in TV Shows, doing more music. She became somebody who is only in it for the money and a selfish little attention wh0re. She only goes to premieres so that she can keep up appearances, get herself the attention that comes with attending the premieres and to keep herself relevant. Going to premieres, going to awards shows, and the paparazzi are the only things keeping her relevant right now because she certainly isn’t keeping herself relevant by anything she has done lately. It’s really hard to keep yourself relevant when you’re being selfish with your time and only doing 7 different things on a daily basis. I can’t believe that people would even like somebody like that. Somebody who is selfish, who is only in it for themselves, and is only in it for the money. She doesn’t deserve to be called a role model or an idol. Just like her not doing anything to deserve an award, she hasn’t done anything to deserve people to call her an idol or a role model.

    No I don’t like her. There is no may or may not about it. Yes I used to like her, and used to be a fan of hers but not anymore because slowly but surely over the past couple of years I have been noticing that her behavior is getting more and more selfish. I’m not going to like or be a fan of somebody like that. Somebody like that really doesn’t deserve me or anybody else for that matter to be a fan of hers. Something that really irritates me about her is when she tweets stuff on twitter saying stuff like off to another adventure for a much needed vaca. A vaca from what? From doing nothing but going shopping everyday, going to the gym everyday, from going to the hair salon, from going to get coffee, from going to premieres, and doing stuff with your boyfriend? Yeah if that’s all I did everyday than I would need a vacation too.

    By the way on a separate note has she even made her video yet that she promised that she would make for getting to 10 Million twitter followers? It really wouldn’t surprise me if she hasn’t.

  • ~tisdale rocks!

    Your life revolves around one thing Ashley Tisdale.

    Always saying in EVERY POST from JJ the same,
    day over day.. You’re need to relax.

    Her Tizzies (the real fans *Always with Ash | Whatever happens FYI*)
    we want to see Ashley Happy, and nothing else.

    Obviously we want more music, movies or projects,
    but she confirmed a new album and we’re so excited!

    Stop criticizing her, she don’t deserve your hate because;
    All you know about Ashley, is what JJ has posted.

    She is producing new projects every day,
    and doing castings for new roles.

    But you can’t see her the 24h.
    Only can you see is 3-4h for day while paparazzi made candids
    like shopping, on vacation, doing her hair and leaving the studio.


    Stop being weird.
    Get a life, because you have some serious problems with MY idol.

  • Avril

    @Whitney It seems so :S then we ask ourselves why the world is so f*cked up… sorry for my expression.

  • Avril

    I agree with every single word @Jereme typed. She/he is right! I used to be a fan of her too but I’m not anymore. I can’t support a person so she can keep living her relaxed life while drinking coffee and going on vacation. She should start taking her job seriously and care more about her fans. I know it mustn’t be an easy job being in the bussiness industry but it doesn’t seem like she’s trying hard.

    @Jereme just spoke for a lot of us so stop telling her/him to shut up ‘cos there are a lot of us who think exactly like her/him.
    We are not bashing her or insultin her, we’re just saying what we think with respect. I, personally, respect all your opinions so please respect mine.

    And my advice for Ashley would be to keep working in her acting career, not to get herself in the music again for the following reasons:
    1 – She hasn’t had much success with her previous albums
    2 – There are a lot of powerful competition in music nowadays like Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber or 1D, wether you like them or not, you have to admit they’re powerful and it’s hard to have a successful career in music compiting against them.
    3 – If she’s gonna “work” as hard as she is “working” now, I doubt she can make it somewhere.

    Maybe I’m wrong, maybe she’s doing more stuff than we think but we never get no results from her.
    Anyway, I wish her the best and maybe this is just a phase she’s going through… (a very long one, it seems).

  • Jereme

    @Avril Thank you and I’m a guy.

  • Jereme

    @~tisdale rocks Ashley Michelle Tisdale born on July 2, 1985 in West Deal, New Jersey to her parents Mike and Lisa Tisdale. She has an older sister named Jennifer. She has a niece named Mikayla Dawn. She has 2 dogs named Maui and Blondie. Her most prized possession is her Louis Vuitton Bag. Her hidden talent is horse back riding. The day that It’s Alright, It’s Ok debuted on the radio in 2009 she said that her favorite color is turquoise. I don’t know every single detail about Ashley but I do know quite a bit about her and that’s stuff that’s not posted on here. So don’t sit there and tell me that I don’t know Ashley.

    Really? She has confirmed that she is doing a 3rd music album? Ok how long before she drops out of doing that like she did with Left Behind and disappoints you guys once again. She did disappoint you guys and leave you hanging with Left Behind didn’t she? Im thinking that the only reason that people said a scheduling conflict is why she dropped out, is so that it doesn’t look bad on Ashley for dropping out of it and so her name doesn’t get dragged through the mud for it.

    That’s the main problem that I have when people say that she is working. She hasn’t done a CD in 4 years, she has only done 3 movies in the last 5 years, and she has only been in 1 TV Show since she left The Suite Life. So exactly what is she working on and like Avril said where are the results of what she’s working on? Why doesn’t she have that much work to show for it than? Why does it seem like she can’t do more than 1 or 2 things a year? If she really was working than we would or should see more results from her but we haven’t. So she can’t be working that hard. If she really and truly cared about her fans than she would stop being so damn selfish with her time and give her fans more than she has given you guys over the past 5 years.

    @Avril some of the stuff you said in your post is worded better than the way I said it in my post so I give you credit where it is due for that.

  • ~tisdale rocks!

    1) Ashley wasn’t ready to record an album, she get announced on twitter and an interview, because she didn’t give her 100%.

    2) If you saw her Facebook, she explained that about Left Behind;

    For problems with the calendar, the scheduled recording was in April,
    but arrived August and the movie hasn’t started so he went.

    [You really think that the producers would let it out just like that, at the last moment? NO!]

    3) What the hell gives you? Ok you know something.
    But you’re not a fan. Just an obsessed guy.

    If you were his fan before and now not.. get over it.

  • Avril

    @Jereme You’re welcome :) Thanks for clarifying you’re a guy! and yes, I feel the same way you do about her.

  • Jereme

    @~tisdale rocks! I am having a little trouble trying to understand what you’re saying or what exactly you mean. I can tell that english isn’t the main language that you speak.

    You say that Ashley wasn’t ready to record an album? See that’s just more confirmation to me that she lost all of her passion, all of her heart, and all of her drive for the business that she is. It also shows me that she doesn’t really care about her fans, that she doesn’t take her job very seriously, and that she doesn’t work very hard. Somebody who has heart, who has passion, who has drive, somebody who cares about their fans, and somebody that takes their job seriously and actually works hard is always ready to make an album no matter what. Especially when you have fans that have been waiting the last 4 years for you to make another album. Knowing that her fans want her to make another album so bad should be something that gives her motivation to do another album but I guess that doesn’t really matter to her.

    Anyway you want to look at it Ashley doesn’t truly care about her fans anymore and really doesn’t work that hard. I’m sorry about that and I know that’s not what you want to hear because your a fan of hers and you call her your idol but that;s the way it is. She’s too damn busy living a relaxed vacation life style to work hard or to work at all. She’s too busy going shopping everyday, going to the gym everyday, going to the hair salon, going to get coffee, going to premieres, going on vacation, and doing things with Chris to want to do more movies, more albums, and more TV shows. Plus now that she is engaged and has a wedding to plan and get ready for, her work and projects are going to become less and less frequent.

    I’m not an obsessed guy. I’m just an angry former fan of Ashley who doesn’t like her anymore because somewhere down the line she stopped caring about her fans, she stopped working hard, and she stopped taking her job seriously. I have the right to feel the way I do because when I first became a fan of hers I thought that she’s not a big name now but she’s going to be a rising star and she will be a big name someday and it looks like I was wrong. She’s not even going to be as big of a star as Selena Gomez is right now. She’s not even going to come close. Selena Gomez is by far, head and shoulders better than Ashley and is a bigger star now than Ashley will ever be. Selena has 4 CDs out, that’s twice as many albums as Ashley has and they all came out after Guilty Pleasure did. She has also been in at least twice as many movies as Ashley has been in over the last 5 years. So to me it looks like you made the wrong choice and picked the wrong person to be your idol. Selena Gomez is a big star and a person who works hard and somebody who cares about her fans as opposed to Ashley who is somebody who doesn’t care about her fans and somebody who doesn’t work that hard. She only does enough to give herself enough money so that she can keep living her relaxed vacation life style life the way that she wants to.

  • kelly martineau

    Ashley doesn’t deserved an award. She hasn’t been doing much of anything. She could of gotten that award in la. She flew to n.y. herself. Does that person live in n.y.?

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